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Roselinde Heddes is a 21 year old, Dutch student at the University of Utrecht, majoring in Earth Sciences. She has been a great Harry Potter fan since 2000, but only switched to the international fandom in 2008. She has read the books many times, and spends much of her time reading fanfiction, which messes up her recollection of canon facts. Besides that she also likes to read up upon random facts and reading Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

In the future she will move to Sweden for her masters degree and hopes to stay there, or in Norway, permanetly

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| August 8th, 2006 | Posted in Staff |

One Bit of Feedback for “Roselinde Heddes”

  1. Red Says:

    I am so glad someone is on the team who is Dutch! Wow! I myself am Dutch, and hugely enjoy listening to the Pottercasts, whether sitting in the sun in my backyard, or during the night in bed.

    Thanks for making Pottercast international!

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