Rachel Proudfoot

Rachel Proudfoot is originally from England but now lives in the sunny state of Florida. She is an undergraduate student at Florida Atlantic University where she is studying for a degree in English. She first got involved with Pottercast in 2008 as a member of the Acting Troupe as a member of the production team and providing the voice of Scorpius Malfoy. This left her with a soft spot for Slytherin despite being a dedicated Ravenclaw. She found the Harry Potter series in 2000. She is obsessed with Doctor Who, sci-fi, fantasy, reading, and cosplay.


Michael Beckett

Michael Beckett graduated from the UT with a BA of Fine Arts. His focus is educational publishing, working for The McGraw-Hill Companies where he produces programs for Kindergarten to college level students. He is a devoted, loving husband and father and enjoys reading the Harry Potter books (with voices) to his two young children. This has lead to his roles on the PotterCast Acting Troupe (Particularly, Hagrid and The Portrait of Professor Dumbledore.) He is a PotterCast lead audio editor and a co-host Filkcast: Potter Style He has been a fan of the books since 1997. His hobbies include collecting Star Wars LEGOs, playing french horn, and creating ambigrams.He is very pleased with the way the series was completed, but is very happy when new information comes out about his favorite characters.
Thanks Jo!


Roselinde Heddes

Roselinde Heddes is a 21 year old, Dutch student at the University of Utrecht, majoring in Earth Sciences. She has been a great Harry Potter fan since 2000, but only switched to the international fandom in 2008. She has read the books many times, and spends much of her time reading fanfiction, which messes up her recollection of canon facts. Besides that she also likes to read up upon random facts and reading Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

In the future she will move to Sweden for her masters degree and hopes to stay there, or in Norway, permanetly

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Joanna Schuckert

Joanna is an 18 year old Biology major at the University of Central Florida, where she is goalie for the Women’s Lacrosse team. She has read the Harry Potter series over 10 times, and is also enthralled with the True Blood and Hunger Games series. She has been a vegetarian since 2004, and her future plans are to join the Army after college as a veterinarian and hopefully travel the world. She is addicted to the beach, texting, going to concerts, Universal Studios, and shopping. She’s a Gryffindor.


Cheryl Studdy

Cheryl is a 28 year old actor, comedian, writer, and film maker.  She’s a big fan of epic stories like Harry Potter, LOST, and Dexter.  Cheryl is a Harry Potter Alliance staff member, which is epic in itself and brings great joy to her life.  She’s a hardcore good Slytherin, and a PotterCast fan from way back!


Melissa Anelli

Melissa Anelli is one of PotterCast’s Three Co-hosts. She is the New York Times Best Selling author of Harry, A History. A former NYC news reporter, she joined the Leaky staff in 2001 and has had a ball serving as its webmistress. She is a graduate of Georgetown University, and currently writing her second nonfiction book.

Her first book, Harry, a History: The True Story of a Boy Wizard, His Fans, and Life Inside the Harry Potter Phenomenon, has been (or shortly will be) published in more than eight countries and four languages. It is also available as an audiobook in English and German. You can find more info at www.harryahistory.com.

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John Noe

John Noe is the Executive Producer of PotterCast and has also co-hosted the show since Episode 3. He is a 25 year old Potter fan who’s been with Leaky since 2003. Keeping up with Leaky life can be a little crazy, not to mention the weekly PotterCasts, of which he is the main producer and mindless co-host. How did he ever get into this “Potter stuff?” The thanks/blame lay with his sisters: Anna and Allison, who found Harry first.


Frankie Franco III

Frankie Franco III or more commonly known on the show as “frak” is from Southern California, got his BFA in Illustration from California State University Fullerton, and is of the house of the noble and distinguished Rowena Ravenclaw. When he is not obsessing over Potter, Frak works as a freelance illustrator and a High School Substitute Teacher. On his free time he draws, draws, and sometimes draws. Frak was honored to join the staff of the creative team back in the summer of 2006, and was flabbergasted and excited to join the ranks of the OG PCTrio as a show host in early 2008. And yes the rumors are true, he does enjoy a nice chilled glass of Pellegrino.

Lorrie Hayes

Lorrie Hayes

Lorrie is a 17 year old computer engineering major at the University of Memphis.  She currently tutors but one day hopes to work for Google.

She has been a Harry Potter fan since she saw the first movie when she was 9 years old.  She has been a PotterCast fan for a few years and was lucky enough to be chosen to play “Are You Smarter than John Noe?” for PotterCast 157,  and was able to challenge Frak in FRIENDS Trivia.