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PotterCast Favorite Moments

The first episode of PotterCast was released in 2005. Since then we have released more than 250 episodes of the show, including combo episodes with MuggleCast (LeakyMugs) as well as dozens of episodes from tour locations all over the United States. We’ve done live events in England and at conferences; we’ve interviewed cast and crew, and even J.K. Rowling herself. That’s more than 300 hours of Potter content. It’s all currently available for download on our iTunes Feed

Some of you have been with us from the very first show, when we didn’t know what we were doing or how long it would last. Plenty more have found us somewhere along the way. No matter when you started listening, we thank you for being a part of it.

It has been an incredible journey for us, filled with moments and memories that will stay with us Β for the rest of our lives. However, life and work has changed our availability and news in the Potter community has become less than enough to sustain a weekly show; this podcast has been inactive lately is because none of us wanted to make a decision we all knew was coming.

We are now faced with wrapping up this era of PotterCast, and we’d like to do it properly. We are working on anΒ episode including giving shout-outs to many of those favorite moments – maybe even revisiting some of our earliest theories prior to the release of book seven, and adding final conclusions to what were previously just canon conclundrums.

We have some ideas of our own, and a few surprises, but as always we would love your help and input! Let us know here in the comments on this page what some of your favorite PotterCast moments have been: favorite interview, a discussion, a silly moment, or an entire episode – we want to hear from you!

We’ll be leaving this page open for at least a week before we start compiling things, and will keep it up as we work out producing the final episodes.

This may be the end of PotterCast as it has been currently known, but it’s not the end of podcast collaboration between your hosts (cue Jo: “Melissa, John and Frak!”). We are still trying to figure out the best way to collaborate in the future – and on this feed – and will keep you updated here as that takes shape. We do know that the days of our podcast being fully devoted to Harry Potter will end with the final PotterCast (date to be announced).

Finally, we want to take the opportunity to thank you, the reader/listener, especially if you are with us this far into this blog post. Even though we haven’t been releasing new episodes we have been reading all your emails, tweets and Facebook posts. We are very sorry for the wait and for the silence. A goodbye like this does not come easy, and is not something any of us has ever quite had the opportunity to do before. To put it bluntly, we have all been trying to avoid it.

With your help though I know we can produce an amazing episode 250 – worthy of you and of this amazing journey with Harry we’ve all taken together.

131 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast Favorite Moments”

  1. Josiah Says:

    My favorite memories over the years would have to be listening to all of the theories up to book 7. I first started listening on a long road trip about 7 years (wow I can’t believe that). It has been a fantastic ride and I am very happy that I was able to watch the live show at LC11. Thanks for all the memories.

  2. Dawlishfan Says:

    I like the part with Dawlish from Book 5. Talk about him, and that part.

  3. Kim M. Says:

    British Dogs….in FUZZY HATS.

    Jo Rowling is NOT for porn.

    Also, thank you so much for this podcast. When I first found it a few years ago, I felt like I had friends in all of you guys! Thanks for making some somewhat lonely years not so lonely. <3

  4. Roslyn Says:

    I loved the potter pundits discussions about Luna and all the bit by bits, highlighting the clues and links that sometimes you miss. It’s been great listening to you and will miss it, but it’s time for the next big adventure. Hunger games trilogy anyone?! X

  5. kelly w Says:

    How about the outtakes from Jo’s interview that y’all promised, at the time? I’ve always hoped to hear those.

    And (wishful thinking) sure wish you could get Sue back for the last one. I miss her.

  6. J. P. Says:

    I’ve been meaning to send this to you guys for FOREVER! I guess nows my last chance. I’m sad, but I totally understand.

    I have 2 CANNON CONCLUNDRUMS for you.
    1. Do you think Voldy was incapable of feeling love because he was conceived under the effects of a love potion? Do you think that could’ve been why he was the way he was? Because it was completely fake between Merope and Tom Riddle Sr?

    2. The way Snape’s memories POUR out of him when he’s dying made me wonder if this happened because he was always suppressing them from Voldemort. Some of the memories seemed really creepy that he would have them “prepared” for Harry. Like I don’t think Snape would want Harry to see him creeping on Harry’s mom. These were just the memories that Snape kept hidden from Voldemort and at the time of his death, he couldn’t muster any more effort and they just came pouring out. What do you think?

    Fav episode was definitely the Jo interview. I’m sure thats the case for most. Loved your movie commentaries and live events. Finally, thanks for so many wonderful years of PotterCast. I’ve enjoyed them immensely and look forward to all your future endeavors!

  7. cicatrixtwigs Says:

    I still laugh about “Bombarda Bird Body!” / “This is the ghost of Heeeeeeedwiiiiiiiiig…” πŸ˜€

  8. Heather Says:

    What an emotional week in the HP fandom πŸ™ πŸ™

    Love you guys! I’m glad you’re doing this now–a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have been able to handle it, but now I’m excited for a big last shebang rather than crushed. I started listening at Episode 18 and at the time I felt like I was so far behind and look where we are now πŸ™‚ I was in high school then, now I’ve graduated college!

    If this means you are thinking about doing other content together, I find that SUPER SUPER exciting!

    Favorite moments–Sue and John bickering–if we could get some Sue in the last episode it would be really wonderful.

    I’d also love a compilation of every time John predicted something that actually came true in DH–knights of Hogwarts anyone?

    Other favorites–the inside jokes of course–Mr. Blood, Mr. Hammer, etc etc.

    Here’s a great opportunity to go listen to some old eps and enjoy some nostalgia πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for everything!!!!

  9. M-M. K. Asenbauer Says:

    I was a listener from the very first PotterCast (I deleted the link from iTunes just last week).

    I want to thank you and all your guests for a brilliantly great time!

    Wishing you all the very best as you each go on to your individual projects.

    “All was well”

  10. Kaylie Says:

    I can’t see a Chipotle without thinking of John, or hear the word Conundrum without thinking of Canon Conundrums, or listen to people talk about Hufflepuffs without thinking of Sue! These podcasts were such a wonderful pass-time and a great outlet that allowed me to quietly obsess over Harry Potter in parts of High School and College. Love you guys, I sadly haven’t listened in a few years now I think, but the wonderful experience of feeling connected to other potter fans through Pottercast hasn’t left me!

  11. Niphai Says:

    My favourite memories are from the Pottercast Ustream episodes. I would stay up until 4 in the morning, so I could listen live and participate in the comments. It was always great fun with all the other commenters who were there each episode. Made some great friends in the Ustream chat with who I still stay in touch.

  12. Dan Says:

    Outtakes of Jo’s interview!

  13. Emily Says:

    Mostly I just want to say Thank You! I don’t know many people who love Harry as much as I do so listening to your show has given me a sort of community. I am sincerely grateful for all the work put into this just for the fans and the fun of it. I wish you all the very best. (Just make sure Sue is on this last one, please!)

  14. hpbruin Says:

    Sue! Sue! Sue! Please bring back Sue!!!

    And you have to talk about Dawlish from Book 5.

    And you have to talk about “Dobby is freeeeeee!”

    John and Sue fighting about Hufflepuff and giving out “Hufflepuff points”.

  15. Elizabeth Says:

    I just have to say that if you do not include the Mr. Blood thing from ages ago, I will never forgive any of you.

  16. Niphai Says:

    Also, I just recently listened to episode 249 ‘Shooting for my own hand’, as I thought it would be a Brave review. Having just seen the movie I could FINALLY listen to the episode without getting spoiled. Instead, it was about blue catpeople.. Laughed my ass of the entire episode.
    That reminds me, I used to listen to Pottercast while at the gym. Laughing aloud while doing sit-ups isn’t really working xD

  17. cristiline Says:

    You should bring Sue back!

  18. Corena Says:

    It has been a blast transcribing episodes! Will miss the Potter-chattering, but some memories will last forever…

    The LeakyMug at the very first LeakyCon in Boston was a blast. I am grateful for the opportunity of being part of so much awesome.

    Melissa and John’s singing Christmas carols in that sort of jingle spells episode was amazing!

    And I remember a little shout out to your own fan-podcast LeakyFanCast, featuring some of Leaky’s closest friends (Andy and Lizzie, for example :D)

    Great times, and will be continued!

  19. Flitzy Says:

    Awww! πŸ™

    Sue should come back because HUFFLEPUFF! :3

    Also Cannon Conundrums and more of the Mods. ^_^

    I was just thinking I wanted to go back and listen to all the episodes again, too. You should totally do Leakycast and cover all the fandoms like on Leaky News! πŸ™‚

  20. Bridget Says:

    I think I stopped listening some time before book 7 came out, but I did see you guys in Boston when the trailer was released for HBP and got to meet the four of you. My favorite memories are Daaaaawlish and I remember a lovely little Filk of “Voldemort’s Outside” from way back in the day. But those are only the memories of an early listener who spent way too much time in the MuggleCastFan chat where PotterCast was also much discussed and Jon was much fangirled.

  21. Cassia Says:

    This is so sad πŸ™ I’m gonna miss this show so much. You guys have given me so many laughs. Potter was only half of it. You guys made the show by being so hilariously funny. I’ll never forget PotterCast. I’m as sad to see this go as I was when I finished book 7. You guys are awesome for making it!
    In the final podcast I’d love to hear again the time when John ate that expired hot dog when it had turned white, that made me laugh and also when you rang someone but they didn’t answer the phone so John left an answer message pretending to be Hedwig risen from the dead haha that was hilarious. And really anytime that you guys couldn’t stop laughing. We were all laughing just as hard with you.

  22. Brad Ausrotas Says:

    The ‘Jo Rowling Is NOT For Porn!’ episode of Pottercast was the first I ever listened to, and thus holds a special place in my heart. Looking forward to seeing things go out with a bang. A big one.

  23. Katie Says:

    By far my favorite moment was during the show “We Fly of Course” when Sue, John, and Frak discussed the last battle scene of the 5th movie and it was just so hilarious what with the Pokemon references and such. I was beside myself laughing during that entire episode! I remember listening when I was a freshman in high school and now I’m in my second year of college! It’s been a great run! Thank you!

  24. Jocelyn H Says:

    Although I had heard about it before, my first introduction to Pottercast was in late 2010/early 2011 when you guys interviewed Brian Holden, Dylan Saunders and Joe Walker about the upcoming Starkid show, Starship. I loved it and from that point on I made a goal to go back and listen to every single Pottercast that had come before. Well, I did it. Before Leaky Con 2011 happened in July, I had listened to all the episodes…out of order, may I add. Walking, biking, and cleaning my room, I listened and learned so much about the Potter fandom through those podcasts. My favourite was the one where Melissa was giving us all a sneak peak about the WWoHP. This was still a few moths before Leaky and none of it seemed real yet. I remember hearing Melissa talk about how magical it was and I was literally squee-ing with delight. Having been to the park it still doesn’t seem real but I remember listening to that episode and being in awe that such a place could exist…that Hogwarts was indeed real.

    I should also mention the live LeakyMug that happened in Orlando only hours before Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released. The tears! We all sang “End of an Era” and cried and tried to hold on to those last moments of happiness. Before it all changed.

    Basically, I haven’t been with Pottercast since the beginning, but it was a part of my everyday life for a long, long time. You guys were almost a part of my inner voice for a while… my brain was Melissa, John, Frak and Sue way more than you could imagine!

    Thank you guys for the laughter, and see you at Leaky Con Portland…the next password is “MAGIC!”

    Love Jocelyn

  25. Jaktheparrot Says:

    One of my hardest laughs was Hedwigisnotdead.com and why Helga enslaved the house elves. And a qoute from the tour when Sue observed that the Sun is a Hufflepuff. PC will be missed.

    Thanks guys.

  26. Margaret Lion Says:


    I love your podcast and use it in my class. I teach Microcomputer Applications in Kinesiology and have students listen to your episode introduction. πŸ™‚ If you visit http://www.indiana.edu/~hperp200/resources.html#podcasting you will see that your podcast is listed as a great example.

    So hmmm…. what topics might be good for your podcast and/or how has Harry Potter grown in the world? Well I use your podcast in my class and some wizard rock as well. Perhaps talking about how Harry Potter is a cultural reference for many people in the world.

    Plus why not also discuss J.K. Rowling’s new works. I loved “A Casual Vacancy.” Pure Rowling how everything wrapped up in the end.

    Or hey, just do whatever you want. But please know that your podcast is great, I love it, and am proud to share it with my students.

  27. janspach Says:

    I haven’t listened to a pottercast in ages, and if we’re being honest, I kind of fell of the wagon after Sue left (HufflepuffsFTW). That said, there is nobody in my life who is fan of Harry and you guys gave me an outlet and made me feel not so alone.

    Thank you all for your dedication, funny stories, and sharing your friendship with all of us.

  28. Becky Says:

    1. Are you smarter than John Noe.
    2. All of the pre book 7 tour episodes
    3. The Harry Potter duelling game
    4. British Dogs in Fuzzy Hats
    5. Please bring back Sue for one last bit of news!

  29. Kyle Says:

    Sue Upton must return! (SQUEEEE!)

  30. ZoeRose Says:

    Two words: Dobby’s free.

  31. Caroline Says:

    I have to say, just as I started reading this, my Pandora started playing A Thousand Years… I find it very fitting, because listening to Pottercast was a source of GREAT enjoyment. I really really loved the one with Jo, I loved pretty much all of them, because in the first ones John and Sue and of course Melissa all bantered around, and then later Frak came in and that was also amazing. I would really love to have Sue back for the final episode because I missed her SQUEE’s and her avid loyalty to Hufflepuff. I also really loved John’s outlandish predictions. Really though what made the show was all of you being such good friends and nerding out. It was quite a relief to listen to instead of my non-potterhead friends.
    Thanks for everything!

  32. Megan Says:

    I loved when you guys talked about Avatar the last air bender. Maybe you could make some ties between Korra and Harry potter?

  33. Jeremy Limbach Says:

    This is all I wanted from you, an explanation. I know none of you know me (though we did meet at a live show and youve played a few of my voicemails) but I have known all of you since 2005. I do regret my comments on facebook but I was understandably upset by your apparent abandonment without explanation. I truly wish you all the best and look forward to your future activities πŸ™‚

  34. Mera Says:

    This makes me so sad, yet I too knew it was coming. Looking at this picture makes me happy and sad, I’ve missed Sue and all her squee-ing!

  35. Jim Says:

    You have got to have Sue back for this episode, if nothing for one last “Squeeeeeeee!”

  36. Danny Dubner Says:

    You guys are awesome! And it’s honorable that you want to make a dignified goodbye instead of just letting it die because of fear and sadness of having to let it go.

    I have been listening for a little more than a year now, and i’m glad to say I did. With your past episodes, I made up for all of the lost time away from the books, and the times that I wish I was with and in the fandom.

    I’d enjoy if Sue would come back in the last episode, it would be very cool… I loved all the random moments like the british dogs in fuzzy hats and Gollum speaking.
    I liked “Are You Smarter Than John Noe”.
    And other than that, i’m sure you all will have an awesome approach.
    Thanks for the dedication all those years, and thanks for making me laugh, and think about the books in a greater depth.
    Thank you.

  37. Clark Says:

    Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment! By the way, I hope Sue is doing well!! I missed her when she left, and now I will miss the rest of you. Thanks again!

  38. Katharine Says:

    I’m so sad it’s ending but I understand that it had to eventually. You’re the first podcast I ever listened to and you’ll always have a special place in my heart. πŸ™‚
    Some of my favourite moments off the top of my head are, Dawlish (of course!), Ben from Mugglecast sending in his impression of Ron, Frak as Gollum, Mr Blood, Dobby is freeeeee!!! I could go on and on!
    Thank you for making such an amazing podcast, I’ll miss you!

  39. Danielle Says:

    Thank you, all of you, for making me laugh when nobody and nothing else would (alone on the bus, walking to class… ugh, I got so many strange looks ahaha). Thank you for keeping the fandom united and very much alive when news were slow. Thank you for treating Jo’s books with respect, maturity and excitement. Thank you for your hard work. I can’t believe it’s been that long since I stumbled upon a Pottercast episode back when the movie for GoF was premiering. I didn’t even know what a podcast was and suddenly I was frustrated that the Brazilian fans didn’t have anything like that. So much so, I even found a few people and created one myself… which died 3 episodes later, as soon as other Brazilian podcasts appeared because, yes, it is a lot of hard work!!!

    Too many memories, they all became a blur all of a sudden and I just can’t come up with favorite moments. Sorry!

  40. Steven Finkle Says:

    Thank u for everything guys just hearing your voices one last time is enough πŸ™‚ can’t wait to listen in

  41. Katharine Says:

    Also, the Voldemort interview with Melissa and John. I couldn’t stop laughing!

  42. nebka Says:

    I will always be a PotterCast Elf.
    Grandpa Elf.
    There since PC #001.

    Elf rules!

  43. GinnyRose Says:

    I remember sitting in the u stream when you did the show live I meet some fab friends via pottercast so I like to thank you all for that
    Some fab time’s that I find myself turning too just to listen to when I am on a long bus ride
    The best one in my book is PotterCast 142 – British Dogs and Fuzzy Hats! Just thinking of that one makes me cry with laughter
    Oh and the one when I was on are you smarter than john noe πŸ˜‰

  44. Jamie white Says:

    I’d just like to say I’m really going to miss you guys. I joined pottercast somewhere around the 40-50 mark and listened to it religiously. You were also one of my first podcasts that id ever downloaded. for this you will forever be a loving memory.My favourite moments were always the “oh John” moments and his constant battles with moochka. Good luck to each and every one of you and to all the team behind the scenes. Love you all πŸ™‚

  45. Erica Says:

    So happy to see that you guys are sending the podcast off with a bang and not just podfading. My favorite moment was in an early Pottercast when Mooshka hissed at Jon and got everyone laughing so hard they could barely talk. Loved the JKR interviews and you guys introduced me to my favorite fanfic The Seventh Horcrux. I have loved listening to you guys and you have been a huge part of my Harry Potter experience. Tears will be shed while listening to # 250 but I will be happy that you gave us a finale. Thanks for the moments and memories! (Also loved Melissa and Sue’s special ep about the book 7 cover art!)

  46. Valerie Says:

    I can’t talk about Pottercast without talking about your interview with Jo. It was by far the most epic moment the fandom has ever witnessed. I second the need for those outtakes πŸ˜‰

    That said, Pottercast has been there to cheer me up during my saddest times, and to further brighten already glistening days – everything from Broadway filks to Duff the Cake Decorator – I am THRILLED to have access to it all again.

    Thank you so very much. I will treasure these episodes for many years to come.

  47. Celeste Says:

    I was with you guys from the first podcast, and I’m sorry to see you go, but I completely understand why. Life has also interrupted the amount of time I get to spend with Harry. I can’t point to any particular episode as my favorite. However, I have many good memories of sitting in my dorm room, listening to Pottercast through my head phones to avoid annoying my roommate. Inevitably, someone, often John, would say something hilarious and I’d bust out laughing. I’m pretty sure my roommate thought I was crazy.

  48. Valerie Says:

    I’m feeling a little verklempt!!! I would listen to your podcast w/my earbuds at work and it was all I could do not to bust out laughing. LOVE your passion for Harry Potter; you either get HP or you don’t. And it was great to find a great group of folks who really really got it. I loved when you guys did the Skype-type episodes while watching a new HP movie. I remember Jon getting so excited and emotional; it was a beautiful thing. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on all things HP. Here’s to the end of an era (sniff sniff)

  49. James Gilmore Says:

    I guess it was inevitable but God I’m not ready for this… PC was with me at so many stages of my life and I’d just like to give the biggest love and thanks I possibly could for everything from getting me involved in online fandom communities to giving the lonely boy at the new school something to listen to in lunch breaks.

    (Also…did all the commentaries ever get finished? ;P)


    Thank you thank you thank you all so much, and forever proud to be a listener of the podcast whose fans had more than homework to do when we got home πŸ˜€

  50. Clara Says:

    I started listening late, but Pottercast got me through my hour and a half journey to work experience. Listened to the episodes at least twice! My favourite episode was “Good Ship Bad Ship” but my favourite moment was when Evanna was talking at Leaky Con and she said that she’d shipped Luna and Dumbledore before Jo told her that he was gay. Will miss you all especially as I never got to be at a Leaky Con show (being in England sucks), looking forward to the last episode even if it is good bye :'(

  51. Justblue73 Says:

    I so enjoyed listening to Pottercast. I fell in love with the show before I read any of the books in their entirety. I have so many favorite episodes but the one that sticks out in my mind is Fun in the Sun (for some) Pottercast #30. And I remember laughing out loud when John said it would be cool if all the knights in the castle come alive to fight in the final battle in an early episode, and low and behold Jo made it happen. LOL.

  52. Jonathan Says:

    Wow. I truly don’t know where to begin. Been there since episode 1. Listened without fail each week during my college commute. Had a question answered on one episode that was so out there, the hosts rolled with laughter. Met you guys in Louisville (I won the dueling game!) and wrote the cheesiest thank you letter, which filled the entire card.

    To this day I’m still working on my own novel and hope to mail Cheryl a query letter with “Chipotle” written on the envelope. You guys inspired me to create my own podcast (just recorded the 50th episode of the Two Tone Crew, a Tennessee Titans podcast). Oh and so much more….

    Best memories? Jo interview. Horcri. Dawlish. Mr. Blood. “Hott Cheryl.” Dobby is free!!! Meeting you in “Loo-ah-vull.”

    Others have already made great suggestions.

    -Definitely get Sue back
    -But Frankie has to be there too πŸ™‚
    -An intro montage/mash-up of all the intro music used over the years
    -Plans for another book Melissa?
    -Is Pottermore the definitive answer to “What House Are You In?”
    -What spell did Dumbledore attempt on Voldemort at the end of book 5? Been wondering that for years.
    -Don’t have to get too personal, but maybe a “where are they now” update on what’s going on in your lives (as general as you need to be).
    -Finally…if there were any chance at all…getting Jo back on for a small interview would be icing on the cake.

    Oh and for the future…Game of Thrones podcast please?!

  53. Maryadine Washington Says:

    This is the second worse piece of news I have received today. I could sob. I was privelaged to see two of your podcast live. Thanks for the good times and memories. You all were part of my Potter Journey.

  54. MamaWeasley Says:

    Will miss you guys. Hope Sue can join!

  55. Gavin Thomas Says:

    I listened to the podcasts since 2006 (#33). I really enjoyed the filks!! The 250th and final episode should be a grand blow out of all filks with a montage of the top 10 moments from the podcasts. How about a re-run of all the pre book 7 release tour episodes. Beinf from England myself, HP has been a huge part of my old (er) life. I miss home and HP has made this a little easier.

  56. JeremySolo Says:

    One of the really early episodes, Jons imitation of Sirius Black as a ghost. Oh and lets not forget “I cant, your hands all sweaty!” Those moments had me rolling on the floor!

  57. Alejandro Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring Sue back for this final episode. I am sure the whole Leaky and PotterCast community loves and misses her as much as I do.

    Thank you guys for making HP even more special with PotterCast.

    God.. so many favorite moments: Hedwig’s phone message from beyond the grave, Chipotle Monopoly, “they’re magically delicious”, all of the ModCast conversations, any time Sue would die from laughter, DAWWWLISH…

    So many memories! You (have been and) will be missed!

  58. Carrie Says:

    “Dobby is free!”

    And bring Sue back!!!

  59. Lysh Says:

    Oh geez, I can’t even think of all the great memories with PotterCast. It was kind of my friend at a time when I had none. And I’ve made a lot of friends through that, so I’m genuinely forever thankful for Leaky/PotterCast with that.

    Every time it’s cold outside I think of “Voldemort’s Outside” with John and Melissa. The DH theories (and John being right about most of them) and “dawlish” and “Cedric’s ghost” and “Dobby is free.” I loved the first live LeakyMug. Lose the tone. Man, a lot of great memories. I knew PC was gone but I can’t believe it’s officially happening. Thank you all the good times! <3

  60. Megan Groh Says:

    You guys were the ones who reawakened my love for Harry Potter and introduced so many other things that I am now a fan of, (Example: The Hunger Games, The Last Air Bender, A Very Potter Musical, etc.) You made me laugh out loud in public where no one else knew what was so funny. There is just something about your personalities working together and bantering in the best ways that made your show completely fantastic! Thank you for the years of memories!

    My favourite moments: When Melissa talked about her sneak peek of the Wizarding World, when Frak fell into one of his laugh attacks, when Joe was a sarcastic genius, and whenever Sue said SQUEE! ~8^)

  61. Ben Says:

    Please bring back the people from ModCast!!!!!!!
    ESPECIALLY Asphodel Wormwood & Guru of Sloth!

  62. Rachel Says:

    In addition to what has already been mentioned above, one of my favorite moments was Evanna Lynch showing us the extent of her fangirl side with her trivia knowledge.

  63. Chris Says:

    Things I’d love to see included:

    *ModCast segment (Where are they now? Didn’t Asphodel Wormwood go to Cambridge or Oxford? I’ve have been wondering about this for YEARS!)

    *Some coverage of all the “fan”-fan clubs: Melissa and the Anellis (http://www.myspace.com/mtaband), SQUEE, MAFIA and whatever John’s one was πŸ˜›

    *The dream team (JOHN, SUE, MELISSA!!)

  64. Todd Says:

    Although I’ve only been listening the last few years, I’ve gone back in your archives, so I kinda feel like I’ve been with y’all from the start.. I’ll miss your new episode, but with the archives, you’ll never truly be gone!!

  65. Sandy P. Says:

    You guys were the first podcast I ever listened to, as Harry Potter was my first obsession series; I couldn’t wait for each new episode! I thank you for taking us on a spectacular journey through the wonders of HP! It will be a very bittersweet Episode 250 ~ but I wish you all nothing but the best in your future ventures!

  66. Frog42 Says:

    Listened to most (all?) of your episodes. Great show and fantastic resource during the months/years waiting for books 4 – 7.

    You should put together a whole string of Sue’s “Squee’s”

    John’s prediction of the knight statues being used to protect the castle in book seven ala ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ – best prediction ever!

    ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’

    Some of your interviews with cast members (Matt Lewis comes to mind…) and the live show where Evanna Lynch participated.

  67. Jane Says:

    Are you smarter than John Noe?

  68. Hufflepuff65 Says:

    This is very sad news. I loved Pottercast and have really missed you guys.

    Some of my favorite episodes were the live ones with the duels. They were a lot of fun to listen to. All of them were great, but those were my favorites.

    I just remembered! I about lost it when Frak imitated Gollum! I would love to hear that again!

    Thanks for all the fun and thank you Melissa for the autograph you gave me at the Cincinnati Public Library. I will never forget any of you.

  69. Adriene Says:

    I actually cried at first reading this news and it took me a few minutes to compose myself enough to write you all a decent message. Here goes:

    I didn’t start reading any of the HP books until 2007 and didn’t really become part of the fandom until 2009. By then, things already seemed to be winding down and I felt that I had missed out on so much. It is honestly my biggest regret that I wasn’t able to be a part of this amazing, beautiful community until so late. Listening to all the old Pottercast episodes has filled me with so much joy, it’s almost like I was able to be there from the very start of it all.

    While Potter Mania has died down quite a bit, and we start having to say goodbye to the things like Pottercast that made it so great, I hope we can all find new ways of staying connected and keeping the community alive.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to Pottercast. You don’t know how much it’s meant to me.


  70. Linda Says:

    I want to hear Melissa and John sing “voldy baby” one last time….every Christmas I sing it while putting up my Christmas tree with Harry potter decorations….while my husband looks at me in a weird way…lol….

  71. Nate Says:

    This question has bothered me since I read DH.

    What did the Lovegoods get Bill and Fleur? Stupid Ron interrupted Luna and we never found out.

    Like actually. This has bothered me a lot. I even wrote a short fanfic about it because I wanted to know so bad.

    Please discuss.

    Btw I want an edible dark mark and I want Frak to steal as Smeagol for the entire show.

    Thank you. That is all.

  72. jason u. Says:

    i have been listening to potercast snice i came across it when they had ep. 40. i have enjoyed every bit cant think of any good or funny moments. cuz they all have been funny or great could not wait for the next one every week. end of my seat laughing at what john had just said. or hear sue getting mad at john about house elves. on a side note i like frak i do but i miss sue she made me smile a lot. i do have one request tho how can i got the full story of Albus Potter and the Founder’s Fountain” that came out in Dec 15, 2008.

  73. Kiralay Says:

    Oh my gosh, what can I say? I spent hours listening and downloading and labeling every single PotterCast episode, joining in at about episode 140ish. You guys became my best friends and companions – I’d often be home alone, cleaning, blasting PC from breakfast to bed time. It was from you that I first learned to critically read, and to grapple with mind blowing ideas (ie there’s not just “good” and “bad”).

    I’m going to miss this so much, but how about some filks? And anything Sue-related. And Melissa getting mad at John.

  74. Heather Says:

    Went to NJ with my 2 daughters just to see a live PC before book 7….still have the photo sitting on my nightstand to prove it! You guys are the greatest.

    Loved the interviews with the cast members – of course with Jo! Squee! Dobby is Free! Filks (we had to write ones of our own after that)! Moochka! Hott Cheryl!

    Really would LOVE to have Sue back…

    I especially loved how you all supported one another in the fandom – MuggleCast, SnapeCast and so on. HP is like a family and we all know that every family has it’s ringleaders…

    Thanks for being them πŸ™‚

  75. Olivia Says:

    PotterCast has meant so much to me over the years. Thank you so much for all each of you has put into it! Seriously, I don’t know who I would be without you.

    Even though this chapter is closing, I hope the three of you continue to do discussions of something! I’ll be here listening if you do.

    I have loved reading all of the jokes in the comments! Nostalgia. It hurts!


    I also loved the “time-travel theory” that became popular during your tour right before Book Seven came out. And all the speculation about the dragon and are-they-leaving-the-UK?! from the deluxe edition cover. Such an amazing time.

    I also love the saga of the “plus” before the UK call in phone number. Too funny! I still don’t think I understand it.

    I remember when the title “The Deathly Hallows” was first released and Melissa and Sue recorded a quick podcast. Lots of discussion of adverbs and just repeating the words “deathly hallows” over and over. It was so hard to say then.

    I also loved all of the coverart discussions. Are they falling forward or backward?! (the DH UK cover)

    One of my all time favorite moments was Sue telling her story of how she tracked down JKR in New York City and met her and her husband. Oh, and when she met Jason Isaacs!

    There have been too many funny and wonderful moments to name! It’s been fun! Thanks for everything! Love you all! And I hope to hear from you in the future.

  76. Nick Says:

    Dear Pottercast:
    Thank you for all your time you dedicated to this site/podcast. It has being a blast to listen to you all. I’m from Central America and I love episodes analyzing each movie and book. Of course, I love Jo Interview too.
    It’s sad we got to the end of this road or the Harry Potter adventure, thank you for sharing the love for the Harry Potter saga and not making so lonely adventure.
    Thank you,

  77. Jordan Says:

    It wouldn’t be a proper goodbye without Sue! Also, I always thought it would be funny to compile all the times Melissa says “John…” after John says something ridiculous or over the line! Although that would probably be like an hour long… Do some Quickfire Canon Conundrums!

  78. Cecilia Says:

    I’m really sad to see PotterCast go, but at least it’s not being forgotten. I will never forget those long hours that the podcast brought me through. I loved listening to all the fights about house elves and Dawlish and John’s nutty theories, half of which turned out to be true.

    t would be fantastic if you could bring Sue back (Hufflepuffs ftw!) and Are You Smarter Than John Noe. And would it be at all possible to have Jo?

    And best of luck to all of you in your years ahead πŸ™‚

  79. Elin Says:

    When I started reading the books not a single one of my friends had read them. As you know one needs to talk about this books, and there you were. Pottercast was my way of sharing theories with others. I used to take long walks and listen to the episodes and I sure miss them. As so many others I would love for Sue to come back for the final episode and more Ms Rowling ofcourse.

  80. Matt Smith Says:

    While I knew this day had to come eventually, and even though I haven’t been as faithful a listener as I once was, I’m still sad about this.
    Also, like others have said, I hope there is some way Sue can be a part of the end…
    one of my fave bits was from I think (just guessing from memory here) Ep 12, when Melissa “sent” John and Sue to the GoF premier, and Sue about Squee’d her pants πŸ™‚
    Oh, and Johns inappropriate comments throughout the run of the series…

  81. Joan Says:

    Love you guys!
    Listened from the first episode and loved it, loved going to the live shows, loved listening to all the theories, and loved the laughing.


    (the lapsed elf)

  82. Glenn J Says:

    I started listening to PotterCast at episode 40. I was a fan immediately. The chemistry of the cast and the intelligent way the discussions were handled was the hallmark of the show. Melissa trying to keep it all together, John and Sue going at it and later, Frak joining in with his insight was wonderful. I don’t think I have EVER laughed so hard than I did when John described how adult magazines would be enhanced in the magical world. I have missed PotterCast and was kinda hoping you’d do a Casual Vacancy episode. I sit here with my fake Gallion waiting for a message to appear and tell me of a new PotterCast. I can’t wait for the farewell show, and I will be sad at the same time.

  83. Shawn Says:

    Please bring Sue back for the final!

  84. Mai Says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all the great episodes! I actually just started listening during November of last year (2012), even though I’ve been a big Harry Potter fan since I read the first book when I was 8 years old in 1998, and I marathoned all the episodes whenever I had a spare minute. Definitely got some weird looks on my commute to campus due to my Pottercast-induced goofy smile.

    Anyways, I’ve gotta say that one of my absolute favorite episodes was 239 with Alex Carpenter. It was so hilarious and just fun to listen to (even though I did miss Melissa). Another favorite was when Frak said, “Aaahaaahaa, I’m a snake.” It was so random and funny, and I still smile whenever I remember it. The Potter Pundits were also great! As a linguistics grad student, the episode devoted to names in the Potter!verse was incredibly insightful and really spurred on my own research into the subject. And, of course, there is the amazing episode with Jo. That was… just incredible to listen to, even years after the fact.

    Honestly, I have loved every episode, and I’m a little sad that Pottercast is coming to an end just as I am getting into it, but I understand why it is coming to a close. I really, really hope that you guys will someday get together for a reunion!podcast (Harry Potter-centric or not). John’s sense of humor, Sue’s sweetness, Melissa’s focus, and Frak’s even temperament and mediating presence blended together perfectly to create some really great hours of entertainment. Pottercast has been amazing, and I am wishing all of you the very best in the future. Thanks again for some pretty awesome times!


  85. Kumar Ramanathan Says:

    I distinctly remember listening to the first episode of Pottercast. It was during a trip to the library, when I was 12, on a Creative Zen Micro. It is hard to describe the kind of joy I felt that day. This was during a time in my life when I didn’t have any real friends in my community; it was a stifling culture from which I was alienated. The Harry Potter books were the bedrock of my life – they sustained me and constantly taught me and drove me to become a self-learner. Listening to Pottercast, though, gave me something new: the knowledge that there were other people out there like me, but older and smarter and all talking with each other on the internet. I grew into the online community, and I eventually spread my wings, took control of my own life, and carved myself communities where I could comfortably be a nerd, a person of color, and queer.

    Pottercast changed my life.

    Thank you Melissa, John, Sue, and Frak for a fantastic ride. I have struggled to think of a favourite moment, but ’tis all in vain. So this post, I am sorry to say, has ended up as somewhat of a waste of space. But tears are coming into my eyes as I read this post, and I really really want to say: thank you all so much for the joy you provided, for the community you built, and for helping us live better lives.

  86. Jeff Peterson Says:

    As sad as I am to hear the show will end. I have known this day would come. I have been with you guys from almost the beginning. I found you on show 3 or 4. You have brought so much more the whole Harry Potter experience, that thank you doesn’t seem like enough. You have helped so many people like me that would have quietly enjoyed the books and the movies. You brought all together and help us feel good about ourselves. Thank you to The Leaky Cauldron, Potter Cast, Leaky cons and so much more.

    Thank you for all your kindness over the years.

  87. Ioana Says:

    Hey! I am one of those who listened from the first podcast! When nobody new what a podcast was. But I did abandoned you somewhere in 2009 I think…. Some of my best memories ever are linked with the Pottercast. I remember weeping at the interview with Jo Rowling, so those moments should be in the final one, especially the beginning with the “to much bling on the Beedle the Bard book that she gave John”. πŸ˜€ Ah, the times πŸ™‚ Thank you guys for the awesome, extraordinary work πŸ™‚ I will listen to the 250th πŸ™‚

    Hugs from Italy (I work near Venice)!


  88. McChickie Says:

    i’m so sad πŸ™ i met some amazing friends in the chat when we were waiting for pottercast live, you guys got me through high school, and i still recall the night when i got on the show to prove that i’m smarter than john xD (i was actually up all night in order to study for my history test, ended up being in the pottercast chat and show and resulting in me falling asleep while taking the test, not one of my smartest moments xD)

    i would love it if sue came back for the last episode, and i’m pretty sure that if you’d inform jo that it will be the last one that she’ll be available as well

    i still have (probably idle) hope that there will be a pottercast at leakycon *keeps fingers crossed*

    thank you anyway for all of the hours of laughter you gave me when i needed it, thank you for making me part of a group and thank you for giving me my friends =D

  89. Paul Says:

    Well, will miss this format. But I’m sure we’ll get more of you guys in the future. And when the next book series or movie series reboot is announced, or when the Scottish Book is released, Pottercast will return.

  90. Melissa Says:

    I just want to thank you so much for Pottercast. I’ve been listening since episode 1 and have had endless laughs because of you. I was convinced to go to my first HP conference, Lumos, because you would be there. I have been to several conferences since and have made amazing friends and met my boyfriend through them. Pottercast has truly changed my life and made it better. I’m sad to say goodbye but it is time. Thank you for giving me so many wonderful friends and memories. I truly am grateful.

  91. Maureen Says:

    Knew this had to end, but sad nonetheless. I loved when you talked about the battle in book/movie 5 and comparing it to Pokemon (Madeye Moody Stick Attack! Deatheater Dead!) Would love hearing the early theories about book 7. I miss the whole phenomenon of Harry Potter, eagerly waiting for the next installment and making my own predictions about what would happen. Thanks for adding so much to my HP experience!

  92. Natalie Says:

    Aww! This is so sad to hear but inevitable I think! I started listening write from Episode 1 and have never looked back. I used to listen every week like clockwork when I was at Uni but the mad world of being a boring old adult means I only have time to listen occasionally now. I think I’ll have to second someone above who mentioned Mr. Blood. I almost forgot about that but I remember it making me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. Add to that Horcri, Squee and any of those hilarious heated discussions between John and Sue. Oh and don’t forget the filks! I was quite a prolific filker although only one ever got on PotterCast (on Episode 58, the filk to Popular from Wicked). That was a very proud moment. =D Thank you for keeping a rather isolated Brit Potter fan connected with the fandom all these years! There is no one around here who really shares my enthusiasm for Potter at the same level and so PotterCast helped me to feel like I was part of the family and kept me updated on all the latest theories and discussions. I don’t know what I’ll do when you’re gone! I hope I can find someone on this side of the Atlantic to discuss things with! Thank for everything guys! I’ll miss you.

  93. Sam Says:

    This podcast has been synonymous with being a Harry
    Potter fan for me and I’ve listened from day one to the end. What you guys have done has been absolutely incredible and I will dearly miss the show in the future.

    Some favourite memories have to be the nostalgic pre-DH moments.
    – Cedric’s Ghost
    – Dawlish
    – Mr. Blood

    Then of course the interview with Jo and the Hufflepuff enslavement issues πŸ™‚

    Congrats on what you all have achieved 250 episodes that kept all of us smiling, laughing, thinking and loving Harry Potter event more. You guys are awesome.

  94. Jessica Says:

    I was entering my freshman year of college back in 2005 when Pottercast started. That sense of community during a time of my life when I felt quite isolated is invaluable. The feeling of being a part of something truly BIG and special is what I cherish most. Thank you Pottercast for everything you have done for me and for all fans everywhere.

  95. Bethan Says:

    Wow. I sort of know this must be coming, but i still can’t believe it. I may not have been listening since the very beginning, but not far off. Your podcasts have been part of my life since 2006, and I am not really sure what to do with my iPod when you guys go…
    All four of you are amazing, and it would be amazing to hear Sue in the last one!
    Some of the best moments of the podcast came from your Snape debates, before DH came out, and the banter between Melissa and Jon has always been hilarious. It is hard to think of specific moments because there has never been a bad one! I occasionally catch myself singing ‘Pelegrino time’.
    Thank you all for what you have been to all of us, and for all you have done. I wont say goodbye because I will see you at Leakycon in London this summer! I cant think of much else to say than, Thank you <3 x

  96. Ali Says:

    I read this post about am hour after getting off the Forbidden Journey in Orlando for my first time ever. It was bittersweet, as I completed that part of my Potter journey to read about this part officially closing. I remember so many great things: John and Sue arguing about house elves, Frak losing it about British dogs with fuzzy hats, Dawlish, John and his Grawp sympathies, the unfinished chapter by chapter segments….can this final podcast be like a 7-parter?

  97. Azeezat Says:

    Pottercast has been invaluable since I started listening way back around episode 65. I’ve never met any of you, but you always felt like old friends whenever I listened. I miss the show and will continue to miss it!

    My favorite moments: anything will “horcri,” all the Dawlish stuff, the discussion of the time turner theory (should have happened), and countless others that aren’t coming to mind at the moment…

    Think you can get Sue to return for this finale?

    Thank you guys so much!

  98. jason u. Says:

    o one last thing i will miss u all. as always keep twiddling those dials. the next password will be ( POTTERCAST FOREVER) keep each other safe. keep faith good night.

  99. Lissa Says:

    I’m so sad Pottercast will be ending! =( I still check my Pottercast files on my iTunes everytime I open it, hoping that there will be a new episode! You are a great trio, and I hope you really will make a regular podcast for Leaky News. I think it would be equally loved by all of us. For the last episode, you should discuss your favorite memories, do a Canon Canundrums, play a “Are You Smarter Than Jon Noe?” game, and include any “lost” material from interviews and whatnot that you haven’t posted in the past. Also, make it a long last episode – maybe 2 hours? (including the “lost” content). Lastly, solicit fan questions via Twitter (and here) and answer some of them on the podcast.

  100. Max Says:

    I’m so sad its ending. I started listening to PC right before DH Part II came out, after reading Melissa’s book. I started listening and finished all of the episodes within 3 months. I still listen to an episode every night before I go to bed. You guys have been a huge source of joy, and I thank you for all of the great memories.

    Favorite Parts:

    Jo Interview

    Mr. Blood


    Mr. Hammer


    Killing Frak


    Any episode with the Potters

    Hufflepuff Sue



    and many others


    SUE! Please!

    Like, a one hour drums


    And honestly, just be yourselves. I love you guys!

  101. Doug Says:

    It is great that everyone is finding new opportunities in life and careers. It is part of life. Everyone has done a great job and provided many good memories.

    The fan base has been loyal, dedicated and frankly has helped launch several of its principal’s careers. That said, the handwriting has been on the wall for several months with the inattention to the podcast. It would have better to have had an effort to have done some legacy planning by phasing in new people to carry things on. Or, as when Jo decided to end the series she gave the fan base a huge lead way and structured occasional channels for the future with a spectacular ending. Pottercast is ending with a poof.

  102. Loader Lady Says:

    I’ve listened to every episode in order and reverse order many times as I listen when I can’t fall asleep. I’ve heard all the commentaries this same way, while falling asleep and never while actually watching the movie.

    I’d like the hear a montage of all the off the wall Jon Noeisms that came true. I know someone somewhere put them all together on Leaky.

    A quick “where we are now”, “where we’re going” and what Pottercast will morph into now, maybe LeakyNewsCast or LeakyConCast, would be nice.

    Thank you for all the memories and the one last (several last?) wrap ups. Pottercast, I’ll miss you guys.

  103. Dana Says:

    so many wonderful memories with pottercast!!! i still listen to it today. it always without fails makes me smile. i have on my ipod my fave interviews from over the years, and it has been a dream of mine ever since i first listened to the first episode to be on pottercast. i really really want sue to come back and have the 4 amigos back together one last time!!
    i would love to see:
    Dobby is freeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Jo Rowling interview
    Three men and a dawlish
    the radio fanfiction the founders fountain!! i loved that!!
    john’s knights of armour theory
    tour in 2007 travelling to all the cities! loved that and enjoyed listening.
    An intro montage/mash-up of all the intro music used over the years
    do a where are you now, the future of leaky and leakycon, plans for the future, etc.
    hotttttt cheryl.
    call in shows
    are you smarter than john noe
    a “Best of” segment feat. all of the best moments

    i just want to say thank you to melissa, john, sue and frak, for making me smile every single day, curing me from boredom, giving me my harry potter fix when i feel sad, and all the silly little things you guys have done over the years, some of which i still joke about with my sisters today. i want to thank you for he journey, it has helped me to become who i am, and you all have inspired me in so many ways. i am so glad that i got the chance to listen to you guys, and i expect that i will one day look through my itunes, see an old episode of pottercast, smile to myself, and press play. i hope you guys have had as much fun making the show as much as we have had listening. I can’t wait for the final drums, and the last outro to play, because it will be a bittersweet moment. you guys are like friends to me, and it will be like seeing you leave for college. i know you will be there, but it will never be the same again. thank you for all the memories, words cannot express how much the show means to me, but just thank you. thank you so much.

  104. Jake Says:

    Bring Sue back for the final episode! I miss her so much! “They’re called Thestrals” should also be brought up.

  105. Carmel Says:

    I will miss you guys so much! As a huge Harry Potter fan I feel like I missed the boat on being part of the fandom while it was at it height with websites and discussion and conferences, etc. because of getting married and having kids, but I feel like I was able to be part of some of that through this podcast. Please please please make a commemorative Pottercast tshirt! Or tell me where I can still get one, neither John nor Melissa has responded to me about it, I want one for my visit to “The Wizarding World” this summer!!!

    “Dobby is FREE!!!!!!”
    and they’re called Horcrix!

  106. Loader Lady Says:

    How about the episode recorded at the Chicago LeakyCon.

  107. Lindsay Says:

    I’ve been listening to you guys for such a long time, possibly even since Ep. 1! (Not sure exactly lol) There are so many moments that will live on forever in my memory of PotterCast. I’ll do my best to name as many as possible!

    1. All of the LeakyMugs & Memerson : )
    2. Sue’s “SQUEEEE!!”-ing : )
    3. John and all his mentions of Chipotle
    4. One word: Moochka!
    5. Holiday Filk Casts (I REALLY want you guys to do another) and Jingle Spells
    6. The Jo Interview (Duh!)
    7. Frak’s amazing arty-ness must be incorporated somehow lol
    8. Johns “Horcrii” being totally pwned by Jo
    9. Dawlish!!!
    10. “Dobby is… freeee!”
    11. Bits and pieces from the best celeb interviews maybe?
    12. Canon Conclundrums and theories leading up to Book 7

    …. the list can go on for days. Peoples will remember other amazing things too, I’m sure. I trust that you guys will make an amazing show. Even so, we know that “a good book never dies”… : )

    Thanks for all the fun times, you guys are awesome!


  108. Bill Says:

    I cannot express how much I have enjoyed Pottercast. It made the books and movies that much more fun as well. My favorite parts always seemed to be the way John would get Sue tickled and neither could stop laughing. Then Melissa would try to get them back on track. And occasionally Melissa would lose it too. We have never met, but I have always considered you 4 to be some of my favorite people. If I could have one wish about episode 250, it would be to have Sue back.

  109. David Says:

    It’s a real shame that this had to happen. Pottercast has been a massive part of growing up for me. From being 15 in school to moving away from home to study to finding my own place and starting a career you guys have always been an awesome way to connect with Potter but also just be some friendly voices that can take me into another place. I still love re-listening to old episodes and that wont change. I never really got involved in forums or fanfic or anything like that and conventions aren’t really an option from the other side of the world so thank you for making this fandom accessible to so many people from all walks of life. the best moments are littered all the way through. Episode 50 which was a recap is awesome! The Jo interview. The early battles with the mugglecast boys right through to bringing in Frak and everything that has come since then. It would be awesome to get Sue back for one last episode.

    Thank you John, Melissa, Frak and Sue for everything you have done with Pottercast, I look forward to seeing where your futures take you and I hope I can follow and take as much enjoyment as PC has given me!

  110. Richard Says:

    To begin I want to say thank you to Melissa, John, Frak, Sue and all the Elves that have worked on Pottercast. I was sad when Sue signed off and missed her effervescence; but not having a Pottercast in some time has allowed me to come to terms with its winding down. I hope to still be able to follow how you three remaining hosts journey through life whether by Twitter, Facebook or your blogs.
    The excitement of seeing Melissa’s book published was a high point as well as going to opening night for “Rise of the Guardians” to see Frak’s hard work pay off. As for John, well what can I say, your sarcastic wit was always a high point. Good luck to all of you who have worked so tirelessly to provide accurate news, thought provoking commentary and quite a lot of levity. Thanks again for sharing. I’m looking forward to 250.

  111. Lindsey Says:

    Hey Pottercast!! Here’s my little suggestions πŸ™‚ I completely understand that the Pottercast format you have now (and have had since the beginning) will no longer work due to the reasons you listed. However!! I don’t think you guys need to end it entirely! I love hearing Melissa, John and Frak discuss non-related HP things as well as Leaky News articles. You guys could go over big News points and then maybe just discuss the latest book or movie fad. And then, every now and then, maybe you can have a Canon Conundrum, just so we can have something to reminisce on πŸ™‚ It doesn’t have to be nearly as long as the episodes have usually been (maybe even just 30 minute segments?) nor do they have to come on a weekly basis. But I think there are definitely ways to keep this up, because we would all miss you terribly!!

    Now, a brief history…I started listening to Pottercast on a regular basis during the Summer of 2007 (ironically, about two weeks after I missed you guys doing a show in a Borders in San Diego about 5 minutes away from me!). I have been listening ever since. My favorite episodes were the reviews of the movies as well as the first show you did after the release of the 7th book.

    Thank you so much for all your years of dedication. We have loved every minute!

  112. Christine Says:

    Thank you SO much for putting all the shows up on iTunes! I had only discovered Pottercast at about episode 230, and hadn’t been able to download the rest. Best of luck to you, and thank you for all of the wonderful shows!

  113. Bailey Stevenson Says:

    Hey pottercast… I started listening around the time that Frak started… I’ve since listened to all the episodes from the very beginning and I just want to say that you guys got me through high school. I’ve had no friends because people see me as weird (most of that is actually Harry Potter related) and it definitely helped me to be able to come home, turn on my computer and listen to you guys talk about something that I’m passionate about and still be so silly and fun and things for an hour or so. I don’t know what I would do without you guys. I’ve really missed listening to pottercast because I know there are lots of things you haven’t yet talked about. I just wish… it didn’t have to end. I don’t quite understand why it has, because I know there are soooo many things you haven’t discussed and analyzed and joked about and… I really miss you guys. I know its kinda late but. Please don’t go! I’m actually crying writing this right now… I’ve felt like you guys have been my family for the past 4 years and… I don’t even know what to say now… I really hope you guys read this as it would mean the world to me.

  114. Mitchell Says:

    I was actually just lying in bed now watching Prisoner of Azkaban and Dumbledore walked up to the podium and said “Welcome Welcome to another” and I was like “OMG I miss PotterCast” so I came on the site to look for updates. Instead, my heart got broken. Pottercast helped me escaped from some very dark days in my life. I found it back in ’07 and it brought comfort to me in the evenings after horrible horrible days. I remember having to “steal” internet from the video store (over wifi) just to listen to you guys. Internet was hard to come by affordably in my country in 2007. You guys brought a smile to my face every time I listened and when things got bad I would just think about my favourite episodes. I would like to thank you guys so much. You really brought joy to my heart. I was so sad when Sue left but I knew that PotterCast would have end eventually. Maybe go out with a bang and do another interview with Jo, she said she would love to do it again. I would really like to hear Sue one last time too. You guys and PotterCast will always be in my memories for the rest of my life because you were such a big part of it.

  115. Stephanie Says:

    I’ve been listening since Pottercast since the beginning. I’m going to miss all of you πŸ™
    Sad Squee.

  116. Lottie Says:

    Thank you all so much for the wonderful hours of listening and giggles you have given us. There are no words to express the joy and support your podcasts have given me in the past and still do today. We all knew they had to come to an end but I am so happy you are doing one last episode. I have you guys to thank for being into Castle and also for now hating papyrus! Some of my favourite moments include pretty much all of Johns inappropriate jokes, all the times when Frak couldn’t breathe from laughing, when Melissa used to sit there and hum to herself because the others were arguing or being silly and when Sue used to shout at John for saying that Helga enslaved the house elves. More specifically, the british dogs in fluffy hats, do house elves lay eggs, the giant stay puffed marshmallow, when John played taylor swift instead of one of the Christmas songs and when Melissa found Mount Pelligrino!

    Thank you so much guys for being fabulous over the years. I wish you all the very best of luck for the future and I hope you know that you will always be in our hearts and minds as people who influenced us an incredible amount. <3

  117. Bruce Says:

    Sad to see that you’re really going to end the show. There is so much more to talk about than just HP news. But I guess your hearts just aren’t in it anymore. To be honest, it’s been painful watching this show die it’s slow death. At it’s height, it was easily my most favorite podcast – fun, wacky and informative. I’ll cherish those memories and shows for a long long time. In fact, PotterCast is woven into my entire HP experience. It was a great ride with many, many wondrous moments along the way. Sorry to see it all ending officially, but it’s better than than just stopping with no word at all.

    I’ll continue to fill the void of PotterCast with other great shows (Mugglenet Academia) but PotterCast will always be special for being a close friend in the midst of all the mania.

    Please bring back Sue for the final show if at all possible. It just won’t feel right without her.

  118. Hollie Says:

    Dear Leaky & PotterCast:

    Thank you for everything! You’ve created something tremendous, and although we are all sad to say goodbye, we can move forward with great memories and an anticipation for whatever comes next.

    Really excited to know you’ll be sticking together to embark on something new. Your online presence isn’t just about Harry – it’s about what all of you have to offer, and mainly, that’s been passion for something – or a mix of things. It’s contagious! You’ve given so much joy, fun and laughter; you’ve offered a place where we can congregate (in whatever fashion) to experience our magical world together.

    PotterCast in particular really has been a sort of ‘Potterwatch’ that we can all tune in to. Every time I listened, I felt I was part of a big happy secret society (yes, I am a grown woman). Haha! I was just pumped that there were so many nerds like me, tuning in and taking part. Thanks to you all, I’ve met some great people along the way.

    Anyway, if you are to do one last hurrah, please make it Jo-ish and very longish! Promised JKR interview outtakes? My fingers are crossed…

    My favorites have always been anything canon: Bit-by-Bit, ‘Conclundrums’, modcasts, shipping convos and the character name analyses lead by John Granger were all brilliant. The coverage of the trial was deliciously awkward, and you pulled it off with class. I’ll never forget that (who could?)! Speaking of headline news, saying goodbye to Sue was so sad. I miss her! I know a lot of us do. I’d love if she came back for the last ep., if that’s possible. Even hearing a message from her would be great.

    Most of all, I love your personalities and humour. I always laughed and geekishly partook in all of your conversations. Frak has the best laugh ever, and John’s dry silliness made me smirk and shake my head one too many times. Melissa, you’ve always done a great job of keeping everyone in line. What a headmistress you’ve been!

    Whatever you all decide to compose, it’s going to be amazing, and I just hope it comes out soon! You truly made the wizarding world come to life.

    Keep it real, but most of all:

    Keep each other safe, keep faith…GOODNIGHT! πŸ™ / πŸ™‚

  119. olivia Says:

    hey guys – loved the episode with moody’s magic staff! i think you guys talked about it in the battle scene of phoenix files! i found this show around pottercast #60 and have found so much joy from listening to it. melissa, john, sue, frak, and moochka: thanks so much for all the laughs. love to know the wonder and excitement these books have brought in other people like me! you guys have given so much to the fandom – we love you!

  120. Nicole Says:

    Very sad to see Pottercast go, but looking forward very much to the last two episodes. I think I started listening around episode 30 or so, in my Junior year of high school, surreptitiously downloading them off of my school’s computers because we had dial-up at home. Desperate to know what other people though about HBP, I discovered the online fandom, though I had been reading the books since I was ten. HP fandom was my first major foray into the internet. Now I’m about to head off to grad school.

    I loved how Pottercast could always make me laugh, but also never hesitated to delve into the nerdy, nitty gritty of analyzing the books. My favorite episode is of course the interview with Jo, I got up early to download that one as soon as it was available, and listened to it over and over again. My favorite part of Pottercast was always the Canon conundrums/conclundrums. The summer before DH came out I would take walks and listen to your theories about what would happen, and would keep up my own commentary as I went along (hmm . . . thats a promising idea, noooo . . . that will never happen, wow . . . I never thought of that, and hey . . . you forgot about x teeny tiny detail).

    I agree with others that it would be awesome if Sue could come back, even if just for a short cameo appearance.

  121. Steve Says:

    Hey, greetings from your Canadian neighbors up north, eh?

    Wow, it’s so sad to see Pottercast go. I only discovered it in 2009 though I’d been reading HP since 2000 when I bought Philosopher’s Stone – yes, here in Canada we read the British edition. While waiting for Half-Blood Prince I must’ve reread the series 3 or 4 times from start to finish. It was such a relief to have such an immersive world to lose yourself in before resurfacing to attend classes in high school (That and Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events).

    When Deathly Hallows was delivered to our house in 2007 we practically pounced on the postman to get it (I guess he’d seen it all, considering the massive number of online pre-orders of the book from Amazon). We went on vacation that summer and I only got to read it one dark night in a hotel somewhere – obviously I couldn’t go to bed till I finished it from beginning to end – about 5 am.

    I’ve always been a bit behind on forums and social media so when I listened to my first Pottercast episode – I think it was 194:Precious with Frak’s hilarious impersonations of Smeagol, I was laughing so hard. I slowly began to go through previous episodes and loved it – the camaraderie between the Pottercasters and the fans, the in-depth analysis of the books, and the cool connections with the publishers, actors and, of course, Jo herself!

    I’ve actually been to New York quite a bit (Brooklyn and Manhattan) and I’ve visited London twice so that was pretty cool – to see the Thames where they did those fly-throughs in the movies.

    Some of my favourite Pottercast moments are:

    1. Smeagol
    2. John vs Evanna on “They’re called Thestrals” (sorry John but I think she does it better)
    3. John’s Chipotle obsession
    4. Moochka attacks (was it on John or Frak?)
    5. Jo’s Harvard speech and her joke about being at the largest Gryffindor reunion and the subsequent cheering from the graduates
    6. Pottercast Lost in NY
    7. Jo’s nod to John about Horcri and John Dawlish
    8. Melissa and the Mafia
    9. John’s moldy hotdog he found in the fridge and ate (why oh why?)
    10. How can you leave out Sue’s squeeeee!

    I got sorted on Pottermore as a Hufflepuff but I think I’m more of a Hermione (Gryffindor or Ravenclaw). It doesn’t make much of a difference, though, right? Hogwarts has to unite from within.

    Thank you Melissa, John, Sue and Frak for all the hours of hard work you put in over these past 8 years (whoa!) – you really added a whole new dimension to the Harry Potter series.

    P.S. Melissa – loved your fascinating book, can’t wait to see Finding Hogwarts

  122. Isa Says:

    Hi there!
    I always listened to Pottercast and I’m so sad to know that I will never hear it again!
    I really understand your reasons for doing it, though.
    I just wanted to thank you guys for all the effort you put in this amazing podcast. I really enjoyed these years of comments and predictions and also always felt like I had some friends that loved the books and movies just as much as I did.
    Thanks so much, for everything!
    Oh, for the final episode I would love to hear about John’s predictions and also the Jo interview episode!

  123. Willie Melendez Says:

    I hope that all of the previous recorded material will be available. I know that i followed every week for years and towards the end life and work got in the way and after the last movie things slowed down for me….but I can only imagine that there will always be new readers and new movie watchers who will gain from having these original episodes available to them….I sure hope they will be…And if it ever gets to the point whirr it becomes too much finically to do so….Email me and I will help with funds to keep it alive.

    Thank you for all the years. its sad….but I guess we all knew it had to happen

  124. Kincaid Says:

    I don’t know what to say, so I guess I’ll just say how much PotterCast has meant to me.

    PotterCast has saved my life several times. I could always make a safe place when I listened, and that place was safer than actually reading the Potter books. I always knew that there was someone out there who loved it just as me, and that was always a really cool feeling. Heck, I can’t even go to sleep at night without PotterCast in my headphones, listening to an episode from 6ish years ago. PotterCast has helped me become a part of a larger community, and I love and cherish everyone who’s helped bring it to us because of the paramount effect it has had on my life.

    Some of my favorite memories include Mr. Blood, Hor[crash], the interview with Voldemort, Phoenix Rising Live (“It’s Draco and Harry, sitting in a tree, s-n-o-g-g-i-n-g…”), Stamp Collecting, the Jo Interview, Rawffle, J. K. Rowling is not for Porn, British Dogs and Fuzzy Hats, Lisa Degroodt, Accio Nerdfighters, Mr. Hammer, The PotterCast Acting Troupe, Pundits Play the Name Game, Second Sight (an obscene amount of t’s), LeakyCon 2011, and Good Ship Bad Ship.

    Thank you PotterCast for everything you have done and all the way you have inspired me to keep going. I hope you are happy wherever you go from here, and I wish you luck in all your future endeavors!

    Thanks. For everything.

    Kincaid Rabb

  125. Olivia Says:

    Hey Pottercast,

    I’ve already commented, but for some reason I can’t find your contact info and I have no idea if staff@pottercast.com still works. Anyway, this summer I’ve been rereading all the books and rewatching all the movies with your fabulous commentary – until I got to Deathly Hallows Part 1 and realized you haven’t made one!

    I know you all are terrifically busy but asking as a true fan of you guys: I was wondering if, before you close the Pottercast door forever, you guys would be willing or wanting to do a DH Part 1 commentary. All your other ones have been so insightful and fun, and I think it would be great. Obviously you probably have better things to do, but I thought I’d ask anyway.

    Love the show, love you guys, love all the wonderful moments. I hope you continue to do wonderful things – to Melissa, in particular, I’ve read your wonderful book, and I really hope you keep writing. Your insights are superb. Good luck in all your endeavors, and thank you for everything you’ve done for the fandom! XX

  126. Erica L. Says:

    I can’t tell you how much this show has made me laugh, not to mention think even more about Harry Potter than I already was. I’ve read most of the comments above, and I’d like to second a few things I saw:
    1. Sue! Please come back! (I very distinctly remember listing to the episode where she announced she was leaving. I was eating breakfast and was crying in my cereal.)
    2. DVD commentary for 7 Part 1 if possible; the other DVD commentaries are one of my favorite parts of all that Pottercast has done.
    3. Compilation of all of John’s book 7 theories (again, if possible; i know that would be really hard to compile)

    Also, one of my favorite moments was when you left that voice mail with Snape saying “Expelliarmus” on Paul DeGeorge’s phone, and then Frak said “I bet he dropped his phone.” (episode 168)

  127. Cathal Says:

    My favourite thing about Pottercast is how much you guys made me laugh. During the Summer of 2011 I listened to every single podcast. No shame. Thanks so much!

    Top 2 favourite moments:

    1.The last Phoenix Files ‘Kingsley, I choose you!!’

    2.Melissa mentioning Luna ‘mooning’ and the hilarious reaction that got from John and Sue

  128. Ching McColligan Says:

    I always loved the Leaky discussions, especially when John and Frak starts throwing Mushka into the discussion! I love it when you guys did the “are you smarter than John Noe?” Sections. Would love to hear that again in the final episode

  129. Kirsten Says:

    This is so sad! I’ve greatly enjoyed Pottercast – it’s strange that I can still listen to the Potter discussions for hours even after all the questions have – basically – been answered. πŸ˜‰

    I don’t know what I would want the last episode to be like! Favorite episodes are the one with JK Rowling as a guest speaker, and the episodes leading up to and immediately following the seventh book release. I think hearing stories of people’s experiences and memories from book releases would be fun. πŸ™‚ I am forever grateful to “Harry, A History” for capturing the essence of fandom, and would love to hear even more perspectives on people’s lives mixed with the books.

    That’s all I can think of. Ooh, to get an H/H and R/H shipping debate would be nice! πŸ˜‰

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