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Calls You Out

Release Date: April 08, 2007
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PotterCast Calling! It’s our special Deathly Hallows Call Out show where the trio calls you, the listeners with the great theories, for your reactions and insights about the newly released UK and US cover art of the last Harry Potter book.

Show Notes:

– Our call-out show was a big success (the second time around, anyway!), so it’s an hour full of YOUR theories and ideas about the Deathly Hallows cover art

– John is back, and weighs in, in his usual way. So does his brother-in-law.

– Voldy the Grinch

– The “Head Held High” Connection

– Episode II Battle Scenes, and why they should never be mentioned again

– Rachel from Rochester: It’s the opposite side of the veil

– Frak from Irvine: Wandless magic and artistic impressions

– House Elf Helping Hand

– Mario from Phoenix, AZ: Dragon in Harry’s glasses?

– Piper calls in about Dobby and house elves

– Teases for next week’s back-to-normal show

– Editors: Jeff Gregory, Stede Bonnett, Matt Kelliher

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