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Release Date: September 04, 2006
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Sue is away this episode, but we talk upcoming Phoenix Video Games and more on PC 54. In this show:
Show Notes:
– Our Extendable Ears this week is with Danny Bilson, one of the original creators of the Harry Potter video game, who shares with us all sorts of details about how the games get made and the level of Jo Rowling’s involvement.
– The top secret “lateral fiction” document that Jo wrote to flesh out the Potter world for the vidgame makers
– Everything in the games – the spells, the creatures, everything – that isn’t in the books comes straight from Jo. It’s canon.
– How will the relationship between a wand and a wizard become more important in book seven, as Jo said it would? We talk all about it in Canon Conundrums.
– In our fan interview: About reading groups, and whether they’re a good place to start before heading out into the larger forum
– Was Dumbledore nuts to keep sending all those letters to Harry in book one?
– Sue’s off having dinner with Jason this week
– John wants to kick Michael Gambon in the shins – which we’re pretty sure is going to get him arrested
– This month’s Order of the Phoenix set visit and what it means for Leaky, PotterCast and LeakyMug
– Love your wand, people.
– Phoenix feathers, dragon toenails, same things, really
– Filkers get ready: The Broadway Filk Contest is coming!
– Live pocast in Cali info!

Opening: 0:00 [John Noe, Melissa Anelii]
Leaky Lowdown: 3:34 [John Noe, Melissa Anelli]
Fan Interview: 20:39 [Kimberly Blair, Petra (Miss Talons)]
Fan Reponses: 32:52 [Callers]
Cannon Conundrum: 36:04 [John Noe, Jason Edwards, Melissa Anelli]
Extendable Ears: 1:03:10 [Melissa Anelli, Danny Bilson]
Closing: 1:28:11 [Melissa Anelli, John Noe]

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