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Road Trip!

Release Date: May 07, 2007
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Route 66 for the Summer of 07 baby! Yes that’s right, in this episode the trio announces they will hit the road to see YOU this summer, as there is no better way than spending this special time before the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with as many fellow fans as possible. London, La, even Santa Fe we will be there. Plus we hear from a person who wrote a fanfic which is now unfortunately being circulated as a leaked copy of Book Seven and in Canon Conundrum there is more talk on that mysterious symbol on the spine of the UK Children’s cover for Deathly Hallows.

Show Notes:

– This week’s fan interview is with Melinda, a fanfic author whose work is being mistakenly circulated as a leaked copy of DH! Yikes!

– Canon Conundrums: The symbol on the UK DH cover. Doris makes a discovery about somewhere we may have seen it before…

– The trinity, masonic influence, “Hermione’s thing,” the Indiana Jones Book, and more.

– Our tour with a twist – talking, rocking, cross country bloggin’

– Your trailer responses!

– John and Sue are obsessed with house-elf lodging

– Not that we’re not worried about lodging, ourselves. Tons of tour talk!

– Dancing like Peanuts!

– John has a brand new fan challenge, DDR-video style. This time it’s your choice.

– Help Melissa keep the PDA at bay! tour@pottercast.com!

– Filk the RENT “Santa Fe” song for us!

– Would Jo rock out to “Save Ginny”?

– Would Jo rock out to “Save Ginny”?

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