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Release Date: December 10, 2006
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Attend the Tale of PotterCast as our 67th show is ready to enjoy. This episode we discuss the amazing screencaps from all the new OotP Previews, the Harry Potter and his Rudolph Patronus (well not really but sorta), as well as Snape and Capn Jack Sparrow sing a duet-yes really! Canon Conundrums takes on that mysterious locked room in the department of mysteries, plus its begining to look alot like Filk time as you can begin to send in those filks for our Holiday filkcast; the deadline is December 15.

Show Notes:

– Extensive discussion of the “locked room” in the Department of Mysteries

– Arrr, we’ve been outsold

– Is there an opposite spell to the Cruciatus Curse?

– Harry and Rudolph the Patronus

– How to trick kids into reading Harry Potter

– The competition for the best male Hermione

– Proof the books are better than the movies

– Taste the filky goodness

– John has no pants

– Canon Conundrum Edit: Mike Neighbors

– Other edits: Stede Bonnett

Transcript for PC67

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