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Release Date: December 3, 2006
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Get your kicks on PotterCast 66 this week, as we hear part two of our exciting interview with the guys from EA, who bring us some great new hints about the upcoming “Order of the Phoenix” video game. Plus Percy Weasley – continuing git or future hero? Our Canon Conundrums this week tackles the question of “Will Percy be redeemed in Book Seven?”

Show Notes:

– The second and final part of our interview with the makers of the Harry Potter video game

– In Canon Conundrums: Will Percy Weasley redeem himself in book seven?

– Is he really that bad of a guy?

– Is he an Unmentionable?

– The Order of the Phoenix International Trailer of Mystery

– Totally fast MySpace shoutouts

– Totally fast MySpace shoutouts

– The interactive Cedric portrait

– Canon Conundrum Edit: Stede Bonnett

– Other edits: Jeff Gregory

Transcript for PC66

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