PotterCast 62

Get Well John

Release Date: November 5, 2006
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It’s PotterCast 62 with Melissa and Sue, as our John is off sick this week, alas. Canon Conundrums talks Dumbledore and his portrait; how will this help Harry in Book Seven? Sue issues a new Listener Protection Act, and promptly breaks it! Plus we issue a filker alert. Check the calendar, as the holidays are just around the corner… 🙂

Show Notes:

– This week’s Canon Conundrums: Will Dumbledore’s portrait help Harry in book seven?

– Don’t forget to sign up for Phoenix Rising to see PotterCast live!

– If Jo’s bad at math, we can be too.

– Did Voldemort have a Horcrux in the orphanage?

– Is the other OotP member Aberforth?

– Could Hermione die in book seven?

– The Listener Protection Act

– Voldemort has his special places

– Aberforth loves goats

– Kristin worries for Ginny

– Melissa the Seer

– More Equus discussion

– Post-it(r) Portraits

– Pirate!Dumbledore

– Morbid parrots

– Blog Challenge: Write get-well messages for John, make him feel better

– Layout-based blog challenge coming soon

– Filker alert! The holidays are coming!

– Editors:

– Canon Conundrums – Stede Bonnett

– Mailbag – Jeff Gregory

– Trio Segments and Final Edit – Mike Neighbors

Transcript for PC62

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