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Release Date: September 20, 2005
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Thank you: Streamload.com, Harry and the Potters, and Matt Lewis (Neville Longbottom).

Show Notes:

– The first part of our three-part interview with Matt Lewis, a.k.a Neville Longbottom. In this week’s segment we talk all about the books, book six, horcruxes, Snape, Dumbledore, R.A.B., and Neville’s future. We even find Neville’s future mate (Jo, take a note!).

– Harry and the Potters, the punk band who dress as Harry and sing about his book adventures, took time at one of their recent venues to chat with Lounge moderator Brooke about their recent successes, book six and more. Then we have a special broadcast of a new book six-themed song about Harry and Ginny.

– This week’s modcast: all about Godric’s Hollow, and what happened on the night Harry’s parents were killed and he was not. We find out quite a few of our mods are Death Eaters.

– John Noe comes out as a Harry/Hermione shipper

– On the mailbag: Sue, Kristin and Melissa answer your questions, this week on the similarities between Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (Sue does her best Gollum impression…), how many times we’ve read the books (six billion each!), and which of the trio is most likely to die (Kristin refuses to answer until forced, which is when she loses her Southern civility.

– John, Sue and Melissa answer some burning fan questions in the show’s wrapup. John explains why he’ll be so recognizable at the Goblet premiere.


Introduction: 0:00 [Melissa Anelli]

Leaky Lowdown: 1:40 [Sue Upton, John Noe and Melissa Anelli]

In the Fan Corner: 13:26 [Brooke Hendrickson and Harry and the Potters]

Modcast: 27:49 [Alex Robbin, Doris Herrmann, Michele Callahan, Lori Damerell and Erin Yezbick]

Extendable Ears: 39:33 [Matt Lewis and Melissa Anelli]

Mailbag: 55:18 [Sue Upton, Kristin Brown and Melissa Anelli]

Closing: 1:09:19 [Sue Upton, John Noe and Melissa Anelli]

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