PotterCast 38

Dobby is Freeeee

Release Date: May 08, 2006
Record Date:

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Impersonations,2.2! Let’s play Quidditch with the modcasters, and those Green eyes of Harry cause our casters to ponder. In this show:

Show Notes:

– The second part of your Harry Potter impersonations!

– Leave your voicemail for next week’s Canon Conundrum now: Who else in the canon made a horcrux?

– HP movie season has officially begun: Terry Gilliam falsely rumored as director

– It’s now the Driving Lessons Cauldron

– John and Sue try and start Leaky Mug 2007 rumors

– Melissa announces that Harry’s eyes are green

– John announces that Harry has eyes

– Dobby is FREEeeee

– Seekers don’t die; they just go away for awhile

– In Canon Conundrums: What’s important about Harry’s eyes?

– Steve smacks John down: ‘You’re wrong, but I like listening.’

– An impersonation that is hard to discern from the movie

– DAWWWWWWWWWLISH calls in. He doesn’t like being liked.

– Vernon Dursley insists we shut down the Leaky Cauldron

– Stede calls in! And we all notice this time!

– ‘Thump’

– Voting for the Impersonations contest soon!

– Melissa has a rock band

– Dobby likes his socks and his horcrux

Opening: o:oo [Melissa Anelli]

Leaky Lowdown: 1:08 [Sue Upton, Melissa Anelli, John Noe]

Modcast: 14:44 [Jason Edwards, Doris Hermann, Lori Damerell ]

Canon Conundrum Call In: 25:09 [Callers]

Canon Conundrum: 29:04 [John Noe, Melissa Anelli, Sue Upton, Steve Vander Ark]

Mailbag: 43:55 [Melissa Anelli, John Noe, Sue Upton]

Closing: 1:04:19 [John Noe, Melissa Anelli, Sue Upton]

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