PotterCast 35

Call-in v.2.2

Release Date: April 17, 2006
Record Date:

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The second part of our call-in show. Nominated for a Webby award, the trio faces other challenges with the new Leaky Quiz! Chris Rankin returns to answer more of your questions, but doesn’t fall for John’s tricks on revealing the final battle scene details of OotP. In this show:

Show Notes:

– A quick news discussion with the PC trio precedes the call-in show, in which we discuss:

– Emma’s not a pink power ranger

– Jo Rowlng’s recent site updates

– The pressure to be thin and Melissa’s upcoming reality podcast

– One more Chipotle card and John dances

– Have you sent your RSVP (how many people, are you registered for Lumos) to hplive@gmail.com yet?

– See Chris Rankin in Wuthering Heights

– The early bird movie countdown

– The Webbys (thank you for your support, guys! We’re verclemped)

– Dan’s new portrait

– Canon Conundrums, a new PotterCast segment coming next week! (Have you sent in your voicemail on the chess match?)

– The Leaky Quiz section

– -And on the call-in portion:

– Chris Rankin returns to answer people’s questions

– PotterCast nearly gets someone committed (literally)

– What Luna may do as a career

– ‘She lies’ returns

– Luna as Tonks’s secret daughter

– Nevillenevillenevillenevillenevillenevillenevilleneville

– Chris wonders about Aberforth’s loyalty

– John tries to trick Chris into giving up details about Dumbledore vs. Voldemort

– Voldemort as Myrtle

– Wizards dying by non-magical means?

– The Dawlish rap

– What to keep in the fifth movie

Transcript for PC35

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