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Fantastic Beasts and When we Saw Them

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Fantastic Beasts is finally here! PotterCast meets to discuss the new film, our first chapter time turning into a mysterious era in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.

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| November 29th, 2016 | Posted in Episodes |

6 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 263: Fantastic Beasts and When We Saw Them”

  1. Caracticus Says:

    Breaking the Elder Wand at the end of the DH movie is a more sensible ending than Harry “hiding” the wand, and in the book he DECLARES to the entire wizarding world that he is the master of the elder wand: he wouldn’t get 10 feet out of Hogwarts before someone attacks Harry to obtain “the precious”.

    The “right” ending for the Elder Wand was for Harry to claim in IN FULL VIEW OF THE WIZARDING WORLD, then REPAIRING HIS PHOENIX WAND, AND BREAKING THE ELDER WAND RIGHT THEN AND THERE to show that the Elder Wand is destroyed, with lots of witnesses.

  2. Caracticus Says:

    Depp’s Grindelwald had one funny eye… a sure sign that he’s made a horcrux.

  3. Caracticus Says:

    The creature that bit Jacob inoculated him against being obliviated, a bit.

  4. Caracticus Says:

    When Newt uses “Revelio” on Grindelwald, he has the allegiance of the Elder Wand… so maybe his “Revelio” used on the defeated had the power to remove the Polyjuice potion, because that should be a standard defense in troubled times: use “Revelio” on anyone you encounter.

  5. Caracticus Says:

    Queenie is Tina’s sister: she loves Tina… when Tina was sentenced to death, Tina’s emotions would broadcast to Queenie across all of time and space. Queenie the powerful legillimens knew her sister was in danger.

    The execution scene: It was Grindelwald as Graves trying to protect his interests, without telling Serafina… and the two “attendants” were probably imperiused.

  6. Caracticus Says:

    Grindelwald as Graves unilaterally ordered the executions: I don’t know why, under observation from no one, he would bother pretending there was a “legal basis” for ordering the execution… there was no “due process” which made it exceptionally horrifying to both Tina and Newt.

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