PotterCast 26

Green as a fresh-pickled toad

Release Date: February 14, 2006
Record Date:

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There’s Love in the Cauldron as the Valentine’s Filks fill the air. There’s ships everywhere, just make sure they don’t melt. Highlights include: John and Kelazma sing Wicked, Guru as Gilderoy, and Sue and Guru are 64. In this show:

Show Notes:

– It’s our Valentine’s FilkCast

– John corrects Sue and Melissa in HP trivia

– The world therefore ends

– John and Kelazma sing from ‘Wicked,’ Sue and Guru as Arthur and Molly, Guru of Sloth as Gilderoy Lockhart with ‘It Has to Be Me,’ and many more!

– Activity on the Galleries forum (finally!)

– Melissa’s still giddy over the upcoming Goldenberg panel

– Shipping in the modcast: rabid shipping, canon shipping, shipping in the forum, shipping after book six, shipping brawls, moving on from shipping, shipping shipping shipping shipping

– (Don’t worry. We’ll explain what a ship is.)

– John-John

– Melissa’s lack of mic windscreen makes for some breathing. Sorry, guys, will be fixed next week.

– John says sink, Sue says melt…

– Coming on PotterCast: Movie Audio Commentaries – if WB won’t do it, we will!

– Six months of podcasting!

Introduction: 0:00 [Melissa Anelli]

Leaky Lowdown: 1:25 [Sue Upton, Melissa Anelli, and John Noe]

Shipper Shout-outs: 27:03 []

Valentine Filks (Part 1): 31:01 []

Modcast: 40:28 [Kim M. Parker, Gina Anstey, and Stacy Thomas]

Valentine Filks (Part 2): 53:05 []

Closing: 1:04:38 [Sue Upton, Melissa Anelli, Chris Rankin, and John Noe]

Transcript for PC26

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