PotterCast 244

Happy Haunts of Hogwarts

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The PotterCast hosts have received your sympathetic vibrations and have materialized for an all new Halloween themed episode. This week in addition to the top 5 Potter news stories, we talk all about the many Halloween nights in the Potter series, including a blast from Canon Canondrums past and the mystery of the ‘Missing 24 Hours’ on the ill fated Halloween Night of 1984 and what really occurred in the day follow the deaths of Lily and James Potter.

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19 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 244: Happy Haunts of Hogwarts”

  1. Leah Says:

    Aaah! I did almost the exact same thing with Buffy. When I was 3-4 episodes from the end, I went back and caught up by watching Season 1.

  2. Derek Stauffer Says:

    I freaked out when you guys started talking about Buffy, I just started watching it a few months and went through all seven seasons. I’m pretty sure Frak and John being the only one who love season 6, but come on how did you guys not even mention season 5?! the Body? The Gift? Some of the best episodes of the show!

  3. Chris Says:

    Spooky! Sounded like Dobby got dragged to hell or something at the end there! Must have been John’s idea. Poor Dobby.

  4. DeAna Says:

    I am listening to this right now, and you guys are talking about religion in HP. You REALLY need to listen to the podcast The Secrets of Harry Potter. There is so much religion in this series. It blew my mind, and I’m not a religious person. PS. I’m SO glad you guys are back. I had actually gone through a modified mourning session and had come to terms with you never returning.

    Just got to the Godmother part. They answer that in the Secrets of Harry Potter.

  5. Rachel Says:

    I am also a major fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and pretty much anything Joss Whedon) so I was geeking out when you were talking about the show. Thanks to you guys, I bought that giant behind the scenes book that you guys were talking about during the podcast before. I had no clue how big it was until I got it in the mail. I got it on Amazon.com and got it cheaper for the prerelease, AND it came in the mail the day it came out in stores. Anywho, keep up the great work. I love listening to you guys! It’s funny listening to you guys in public, and have people look at me weird, because I’ll start laughing about something you guys said.

  6. Rachel Says:

    whoops, i forgot to say that it was the book that you guys were talking about.

  7. Gene Says:

    I was surprised when JK’s voice turn so deep that it sound scary (shaking my iPod thinking it’s broken). And that horse-sound in the end: genius!

    Looking forward for another episode!

    By the way, are we going to continue with “Bit by bit”? I also really want to hear discussions about Pottermore wand CORES, what you think about them and so on.

    Also, Canon Conundrums topic: “What IS a dragon heartstring exactly?” I mean out of all the wand cores we had never seen what it looks like and heard how is it obtained, a mystery really.

  8. Leah Says:

    Listening to your comments about the exclusive store editions of the DVDs, we don’t have anything like that in Australia either. We just have 1 or 2 disc editions (no idea what happens with Blu-Ray).

  9. Laurin Says:

    When it comes to Christmas in the wizarding world I sort of think the reason that holiday is so accepted in their society is because of “The Three Wise Men” who through out real life history have been know as “The Three Magi” as well. Maybe in the Harry Potter world these “Three Kings” were actually wizards. I don’t see the Messiah as a wizard but one could use the fictional excuse of the “Three Wise Men” to be wizard because they are also referred as “The Three Magi” in our normal muggle world. 😉

  10. Mason Says:

    Hey, gang! You guys are awesome! I live with my grandmother and she does NOT like Potter, so you guys are my favorite audio series to listen to. It makes me feel rebellious. Mwahaha! 😛 Anyways, loved the last episode! Keep ’em coming!

  11. Emma Says:

    I hope you guys are going to put out a Xmas show, I haven’t been able to listen to this one yet.

    Also I just picked up a Kindle and may get the Harry, A History e-book. I hope it’s still on Amazon.

  12. kate Says:


  13. Chris Says:

    November’s almost over and no Pottercast yet! One a month, remember? Gotta hurry! 😉

  14. Sarah Says:

    Hey PotterCast,

    Have you guys stopped putting up the “Upcoming Episodes”, or were those just for ones that we could tune into? Can’t wait for the next episode. =)

  15. Alex Says:

    I have a cannon question for you. If you were to view a memory in a pensive, would you now have the memory that you could put into a pensive?

  16. Emma Says:

    Yay! You guys are back.. I was wondering what happened to the site.

  17. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey guys,

    When will you be recording a new episode? I had hoped that things would be more regular now that Melissa’s back in the States. I hope it’s not too much to ask, but if we’re only getting 12 episodes per year from now on, it would be nice if we got them regularly.


  18. Mitchell Says:

    SUE!! :'(

  19. Lauren Says:

    Seriously! Almost March and no new show?! If you’re gonna stop making them then at least tell us.

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