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So THIS is Pottermore

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The day of the big announcement, we now know what Pottermore is!.. Right? The PotterCasters got together today live on Livestream (http://livestream.com/pottercast) with Ben Schoen of Mugglecast to talk about what today’s announcement means for Harry Potter fans and what all we know now!

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35 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 241: So THIS is Pottermore”

  1. Alex Says:

    Is Melissa really living in London now or was she just there for the whole Pottermore press conference?
    I wasn’t at the live show, so I’m really confused.

  2. Alex Says:

    Will you also put up the video version of this on Youtube too? I really wished I hadn’t missed this show. πŸ™

  3. Riley Says:

    Yes, Melissa has been living in London for a year to work on Pottermore, and there is no video on this episode, the shot was just black with “#Pottermore” across the screen.

  4. Alex Says:


    So she has been commuting between NY and London this whole time?
    Sony, JKR, WB and the CLLA must’ve been paying her heaps to do so. At least Melissa should be back in the Big Apple now after all that hard work.

  5. Adriene Says:

    Question on Pottermore… The website comes on in October starting with Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets will be starting in 2012, right? So does that mean that once the second book comes out, you won’t be able to start with Sorcerer’s Stone or can you open an account any time? In other words, is each book on the website only for a limited amount of time?


    PS Pottercast 241 was the best ever!

  6. Deathly Hallows Part 2 Featurette + New Pottercast! Says:

    […] brand spanking new Pottermore-themed episode ofΒ PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast, is now available for your listening pleasure. The day of the big […]

  7. Julia Says:

    How do you know when there’s going to be a new episode? How far ahead are they planned?

  8. PersianMuggle Says:

    I was disappointed by the noise in this episode. Who would chew!!! chips or whatever during a podcast where there is only voices that one can focus on.

    I got so annoyed that I stopped at 36 minutes.
    PS. The talk dialogue wasn’t interesting enough for me to continue either. I’m sorry guys but I was really looking forward to this episode. But I’m really disappointed. Catch you guys in the next episode:(

  9. Riley Says:


    Yeah, she said on the episode that the reason there’s been a lack of PotterCasts is because of the time differences and her time shortage.

  10. Alex Says:


    Wow! Melissa has been very busy over the last year then.
    No wonder there have been so few PotterCasts and her vlogging had tapered off(sneaky sneaky about why she couldn’t do Life Changes Everything anymore. it wasn’t just LeakyCon, it was Pottermore too).
    I just hope she’ll be around a lot more after LeakyCon(maybe to give us a sneak peek at Pottermore come October), I miss Melissa terribly and hope she can recover from the stress and sleep deprivation these two events(and something else I feel extremely bad about, which Melissa is very much aware of and hates me for)have caused her.

  11. Alex (different one) Says:

    I have a question, will both the American and the British version of the audio books be available? I am dying to know this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Stephen Fry!!!

  12. Clark Says:

    great show PotterCast. Was wondering, could you please post ALL previous PotterCast episodes on iTunes and make them available for download? Thanks. Keep it up!

  13. Audrey Says:

    Just something I wanted to point out (maybe it was pointed out in the episode and I missed it; haven’t had time to listen to it again) but the Lord of the Rings is available in ebook format, both as a trilogy and each as individual books (I know the individual books are about $10 each). I know they’re available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, at least, so I imagine they are in other ebook places as well. Fairly certain The Hobbit and The Silmarillion are also available. I think they’ve been out for a year by now? Maybe two. But yes, they are available as ebooks and have been for a bit. πŸ™‚ The fact that they got released was what had me so eager for Harry Potter ebooks; can’t wait until October!

  14. brian Says:

    So, here is my question….

    Will they add to the wizarding world of harry potter in orlando to accomodate the new material. For instance, would they add a hufflepuff common room? Or, will they have 33,000 wand choices so you can get the same wand that you have online?

  15. Leanne Says:

    You wondered if Tolkien’s books are in ebook format – they are! I have Lord of the Rings on my, wait for it, Sony eReader. I had to hunt for a source that had them at the time, IIRC. eBooks.com , kobobooks.com and so on. Looking forward to October, but first there’s July!

  16. anthony Says:

    Hey this is a canon question, i think, but anyway, in DH when Harry dies, does the power of the elder wand temporarily transfer to Voldemort when he kills him, because you have to overpower the current owner, which technically Voldemort did? Then does the fact that Harry comes back to life undermine and in a way overthrow Voldemort’s power over the wand which would allow Harry to be the true owner of the elder wand?

  17. anthony Says:

    sorry this is a bit late, but you guys were discussing why and how Voldemort went bad and i think its almost very much the same reason Harry went good because they both react to loosing their families in almost the same way, Voldemort having been abandonded by his muggle father sets out to purge the world of muggles all due to a personal vendetta and Harry, having lost his parents to Voldemort, seeks out to kill him also. The only difference being that Voldemort, having been weak and unloved his whole life, now searches for any means necessary to be strong by overcoming death and being super scary, ultimately coming to the conclusion that it is better to be feared than loved, while Harry on the otherhand never gave up on love or the idea of a family and so sought that out his whole life.

  18. anthony Says:

    A couple episodes ago you guys talked about portraits and i was just wondering if the moving portraits and photographs, also having the characteristics of the people they portray, are J.K’s take on the old myth that cameras and such suck your soul?

  19. anthony Says:

    In regards to the portraits you guys were talking about a couple episodes ago and in combination with Voldemort’s ridiculous will to live/ fear of death, do you think that Voldemort ever had a portait done?

  20. Angie Says:

    Hey is it just me or does the audio skip past a lot of discussion at around 28:45?

  21. Kate A. Says:

    Hi!! I actually do enjoy bit by bit being chapter by chapter… maybe not vowel by vowel… hahaha lol πŸ˜€
    Maybe after October you guys could start the books all over and go bit by bit discussing the additional info from Pottermore and surely there will be more cannon conclundrums with that!!
    I don’t know if anyone has said anything about this before and I didn’t pay attention (or just forgot) but, wouldn’t it be cool as well if Jo developed for Pottermore a way of knowing what your patronus would be like and maybe the animagi form you would adopt? That would be awesome!!
    Angie, I know! It did skip in mine too! although I don’t think it skipped more than 15 seconds of discussion…

  22. Laine Says:

    Good episode! I am chomping at the bit for a DH Part 1 commentary. Perhaps dig up Sue I miss her so much and would to have her around for the ending of the movies

  23. Sarah Says:

    Can you confirm on the next show that Melissa actually has been working on Pottermore? I know that many people have said this (and it’s not that I don’t believe them) but it would be great to hear it from Melissa herself. You may have said it some time during recording but it got edited out, and it would be helpful to get some background to make sure that people who couldn’t listen to the live show are on the same page as everyone else.

    Thank you!

  24. Amber Says:

    hey I loved the show, waiting for the next one. Can’t wait to see DH part 2!

  25. Vero Says:

    Are you going to invite Sue after DH2? It would be awesome.

  26. Katelyn Says:

    Hi guys,

    I agree with Laine. For old times sake, would you please rescue Sue from the “normal” world and have her give her thoughts on DH: Part II when you guys talk about your thoughts on the movie?

    Also, I loved the bit by bit… I was listening to some old episodes this week and I realized that you guys started that section in 2007. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long!

    I can’t wait until Pottermore is officially up, or at least until we get more info. about it. I think someone mentioned earlier about new canonconclundrums poping up once we get new material. I’m excited to hear what you’ll come up with.

  27. Susan Says:

    Did I read correctly? That the Harry Potter series will be out in ebook format in October?

  28. Ela Says:

    Where are all the transcripts? What happened to the Elves? I’ll transcribe them all if I have to, but you used to have them up to a certain point! They were so useful!

  29. Will S Says:

    John said on Andrew Sims media podcast, HYPE!, that Pottercast aren’t doing transcriptions anymore, and won’t be again.

  30. Rose Says:

    Okay, I’m dying here…where is the new pottercast????? Its been almost a week since the movie came out! Pleaaaaase put one out soon, I would love to hear what you guys thought!

  31. Justin Says:

    I’m with Katelyn. Rescue Sue! Rescue Sue! πŸ˜€

  32. Debbi Says:

    Couple of things re ebooks – the Sony reader does not have flash. It’s an e-ink reader. It’s not a multi-media player. And will the ebooks sold on the site have the UK & the US versions and if so, will the buyer be able to choose which one they want to buy or will there be geo-restrictions as with other current ebooks?

    Thanks & keep up the awesome work!! πŸ˜€

  33. nikki Says:

    will we know our patronus from pottermore when PoA comes out?

  34. Redwolf Says:

    That bit about the wands knowing how much money a person has was both funny and interesting. Because…. does that mean that poor wizards end up with lower quality wands? And because of that cannot perform as well as rich wizards with good wands? This must be explored!!!!

  35. Caleb Says:


    You’re not Alex Carpentar are you?

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