PotterCast 240

What is Pottermore?

Release Date: June, 19 2011
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What is Pottermore? Seriously, we want to know! We called many of you in this special call out episode episode and Frankie and John grilled everyone for their best guesses. We also talked a lot about the incredible Final Deathly Hallows Trailer!

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13 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 240: What is Pottermore?”

  1. Luke Says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to listen. I’ve only recently started listening to Pottercast after finishing all the Mugglecasts…been going through all the episodes. Great entertainment!

  2. Riley Says:

    John is completely aggravating me in this episode! Watch the trailer, Noe, you work for Leaky and you’ve read the book!

  3. CJW Says:

    I feel like a website encyclopedia is pretty cheesy. Jo should keep it traditional and have a big, thick leather bound book with everything we want to know and more. But either way this has got me pretty excited for more Potter.

  4. Anurin Says:

    Please, please, please, don’t be a game. I mean, I am a huge video game nerd, and would love an MMORPG or even a platform game for potter, but please, don’t let her ‘big announcement’ be a video game!

    If it is something that she has a small role in, but doesn’t create herself (i.e. video game, movie, online roleplay), then it seems to much like she is doing a press release for commercial purposes.

    -Movie, with her as screenwriter
    -Noe’s ever-possible Warner Brothers Jr. animated TV series
    -Theme park V2.0… California, mebbe?
    -Encyclopedia- maybe by ‘not a book’, she meant not fiction. The British can be funny like that. I doubt it will be online, though, as she’s made it clear she prefers analogue. Anyway, how can an online dictionary generate money for charity?

  5. Chris Says:

    Thanks for doing a trailer discussion but honestly it was bit disappointing. There was one thing missing. DISCUSSION!! You guys and the callers only mentioned about 15% of what’s in it. Where is the analysis? Where is the guessing of what’s going on in the quick shots?

  6. Brooke Says:

    So by now I’ve heard a lot of talk about what this Pottermore may be. Some people say encyclopedia, some say mmorpg, well I’m making my official guess and saying that it’s both. This means making your own character and being able to interact with others on the website with some little games hidden around the magical world but then you can also click on things and get more detailed information about the world that we didn’t recieve in the books. Or maybe the games will somehow unlock that encyclopedia type information. I’m probably way off but it would still be cool.

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    If it’s a dumb MMORPG as tons of people think it is, I think I might bang my head against a wall. Why? Just why??? That’s one of the most boring things it could possibly be. I mean, we already have enough HP GAMES. Electronic Arts’ versions, Lego Harry Potter….please don’t be a game.

    This trailer was amazing. The part where Harry says “You’ll stay with me?” Then Sirius says “To the end”….it made me want to cry.

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    I know it probably won’t be, but I’m still crossing my fingers that there was some ambiguity in her words and it will magically end up being the long-awaited encyclopedia.

  9. Veronica Campos Says:

    I’m kind of disappointed on your comments about the trailer, there was no analysis, you didn’t mention a lot of things that happen, like the resurrection stone, Harry confronting Snape, the unknown patronus. On the other hand, I hope Pottermore is an encyclopedia, we all are expecting that.

  10. Caitlin Says:

    OMG! I’m so excited to find out what pottermore is… I don’t really think it will be an encyclopedia, but that would be great if it was. Also, I can’t get the owl to poop on http://bit.ly/WByoutube HAHAHA
    The movie is going to be so amazing! I’ve watched the trailer, and I don’t think it was very plotty. And besides, it’s not like we all have not read the books. We know what’s going to happen. For Merlin’s sake, John, just watch it already!

  11. Yerdif Gryffindor Says:

    Hey guys. The link isn’t working. When I try to download it, it only downloads a couple of second before stopping. Please try to fix this. Thanks.

  12. Althea Says:

    Hi Pottercast!
    I love the show, but am pretty new to it. I was wondering how to download past episodes, because when I do it the way I know how to, all it does it take me to a page where I can listen to it.
    On another note, I have some canon conclundrums for you: In GOF, if the cup had not been a portkey, what would have happened if you touched the cup- would you have been transported to outside the maze, would the maze disappear ?
    What do you think Hagrid would see in the mirror of erised? Luna? Cho?
    What(if it’s not too personal) would you see if you looked in the mirror? How about a boggart?
    Why do you think Lupin fell for Tonks, and Tonks for Lupin?
    Weird question, but whatever happened to Sue?
    Also, how soon do you think the podcasts from Leaky con will be released, for those of us not going?:(
    Thanks, and lots of love,

  13. Alex Says:

    Pottermore is up!
    I hope you guys do another show about it.

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