PotterCast 239

The Calm Before

Release Date: June 15, 2011
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Alex Carpenter of the Wizard Rock band The Remus Lupins fills in for Melissa this week, with a new chapter Bit by Bit of Deathly Hallows, some Canon Conclumdrums, and the latest in Harry Potter news!

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16 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 239: The Calm Before”

  1. Allie Says:

    You do not understand how happy Pottercast makes me. It cannot be described in words. I just was in such a bad mood and now I am so happy.

  2. Ceolan Says:

    Yeah! First comment, can we see some episodes in upcoming episodes and some live stream shows, I miss them real bad

  3. Ben Says:

    I may have an answer for the portkey question. I think the reason that in Goblet of Fire that the the cup had to be the portkey was because to make a portkey special permission is needed from the Ministry. The cup was going to be made into a portkey to bring the winner back to the beginning of the maze, but Mad-Eye made it take the winner to the graveyard and then the beginning of the maze.

  4. green-eyed-girl Says:

    So happy for another Pottercast – thank you! I just happened to check the site tonight!

  5. Alex Says:

    Oh oh yay!
    New one, I’m sad that Melissa wasn’t around to do this one.
    Will you guys do one about Pottermore?

  6. Amber Says:

    Recently discovered PotterCast and I love it ! !

  7. Katharine Says:

    Such a good episode! Laughed so hard at the Aberforth impressions! I’m really excited about JK’s announcement, because I was feeling sad that soon it would be over – well not really because harry potter will live on forever – but then I heard about this and I’m too excited for words!!! Also, I thought the new trailer was really good!

  8. Alex Says:

    They have one about the trailer and Pottermore!
    Can’t wait to hear it.

  9. Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks for the new episode! I’m gonna listen to it as soon as I get back to my house tonight.

  10. Chris Says:

    Sweet Alex!
    I love the pottercast trailer reaction/analyze podcasts! How do you know they did one?

  11. StarKidMegan Says:

    Recently decided to take up listening, because I enjoy podcasts, and I absolutely love Harry Potter.
    Four days until Pottermore’s announcement!
    LeakyCon… Sold OUT? That’s awful! I was going to go!

  12. Alex Says:


    They tweeted about it yesterday. Hopefully it will be up soon.

  13. Karissa Says:

    Were all of you intoxicated for this episode?

    If so…you should consider always doing that. Because I laughed through this entire episode.


  14. Sarah Says:

    Hey Pottercast,

    For the question “Why didn’t Moody just make anything a Portkey?”, I have another answer other than “There would be no book.” I don’t think J.K. Rowling would write like that. I’m pretty sure that Voldemort had to be nursed back to health in his small babyish form before he was ready to undergo the ritual that would get his body back. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that’s a more in-depth, story-related explanation, though yours obviously makes a lot of sense.

    thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Natalia Says:

    By the way, I just wanted to point out that Sasha is a male and female name (nickname for Alexander or Alexandra). My sister’s name is Alexandra but my whole family and all of her friends call her Sasha, it most certainly can be a female name ๐Ÿ™‚

    Trivial topic to write in about, I know. Anyways, I love Pottercast, look forward to seeing you all at LeakyCon!

    P.S. About the triwizard cup portkey – doing that would be the best way to ensure Harry was alone at the time of teleportation (even though that failed with Cedric) as well as make sure no one else touched it on accident. Plus, this way Harry would be in a weakened state because of “OH CRAP I’M IN A GIANT MAZE FULL OF DEADLY CREATURES OH WAIT NO NOW I’M IN A GRAVEYARD WHAT?”

    ^that quote should totally have been in the books.

    I’m done now, thanks again for the great podcast!

  16. Alexandra Says:

    Thank you guys for the “portkey answers”. They all make sense (even โ€œthere would be no bookโ€). And I’m definitely female ๐Ÿ™‚ In Russian Sasha is typical short version for Alexandra.

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