PotterCast 238

Second Sight

Release Date: May 11, 2010
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PotterCast is back with an all new episode featuring the return of Hottttt Cheryl (or Cheryl Klein, editor of the Harry Potter books for Scholastic, for all you noobz out there.)

In addition to an interview with Cheryl about her new book “Second Sight” we also have a Bit by Bit with Deathly Hallows, and more of the latest Harry Potter news. Enjoy!

Transcript for PC238

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32 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 238: Second Sight”

  1. Dana Says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HOTTTTT CHERYL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):) 1st!
    best pottercast yet put it iup on itunes!!!

  2. Alex Says:

    Where is the link to download it?
    I don’t see the link at all!

  3. Shirley Says:

    Is there a link to download somewhere?

  4. I Says:

    I can’t download it at itunes

  5. Dani Says:

    Gahhhhh! Need to listen! Where is it?? x.x

  6. Tanesha Says:

    Will the episode be up soon? I don’t see it on the Itunes feed and there’s no link here yet either.

  7. Anurin Says:

    Um, I would just like to point out that Mugglecast is now saying that they are the only Harry Potter Podcast playing on a regular schedule… suggesting that this one is not.

    Prove ’em wrong, guys!

  8. Isa Says:

    Where is it! Why isn’t it on iTunes?!

  9. Elizabeth Says:

    It’s not on iTunes. No hurry or anything, but just thought I’d point that out.

  10. ER Says:

    Hayden Christensen – Ha Ha, Awesome John!

  11. Elizabeth Says:

    Now it is. I’m listening to it tonight.

  12. Anna Says:

    It’s on my iTunes player if I refresh the feed, but it’s not showing up on my iPhone iTunes and there’s no refresh button. Anyone else having this problem?

    Oh, and the most current ep that’s on the feed is the one from Feb. 14.


  13. Nerdnuts Says:

    You just have to scroll down. On my iTunes(iPhone/iPad), the episodes are not in order. I scrolled down till I found it.

  14. Debbie Says:

    Thanks so much for the interview with Cheryl! I told a friend of mine who has just had his first picture book accepted for publication about Second Sight. He ordered a copy right away! 🙂

  15. Anna Says:

    Hm, weird how the newer ones are on the bottom…anyway, thanks nerdnuts!

  16. Paula Says:

    In Deathly Hallows – when Harry is heading to the forest to meet Voldemort and is ready to die….he thinks about Nagini and figures it may be easier for someone to kill the snake if Voldemort is dead….that’s why he asked Neville to kill the snake…when he meets Voldemort in the forest the snake is there and Harry knows if he tries for the snake first it’ll be all over….then he and Voldemort duel and then we go to Kings Cross….but Harry does draw his wand on Voldemort knowing full well that Nagini is STILL alive….

  17. Elizabeth Says:

    Paula: Quick clarification: After Harry comes back from King’s Cross, they carry his body out of the forest and all that. THEN, the students and Order members rush out of the castle while Harry’s still playing dead. Neville defies Voldemort, says “for Dumbledore’s Army!” and chops off Nagini’s head right in front of Voldemort.

    After this, they push into the Great Hall and start fighting and Harry grabs his invisibility cloak and disappears in the tumult.

    So, he does indeed know that Nagini is dead before Voldemort and him have their final confrontation.

    However, in the movie, they decided to change all this around.

  18. Rachel Says:

    Dude i am so upset about the the confrontation….

    I camnot wait to get second sight!

  19. Paula Says:

    Thanks Elizabeth!!
    I need to reread!! I remember now that in the forest he sees Nagini when he faces Voldemort but doesn’t draw his wand until after Kings Cross and they are back at the school….after Neville kills Nagini……thanks for the clarification!!

  20. Andrew Says:

    MuggleCast is the only podcast on a regular schedule. PotterCast feels like they don’t care anymore. When a new episode does come out its either just everyone joking around and not having a meaningful conversation or there are spoilers that nobody can listen to if they care about the movie.

    Will listen to this episode soon.

  21. Elizabeth Says:

    I agree with you a little bit, Andrew. I don’t want to hate on them because they probably have busy lives, but they need to get back into the swing of releasing an episode every two weeks. I’ve kind of dropped out of the Mugglecast fandom.

  22. Alex Says:

    Andrew and Elizabeth,

    I don’t like to speculate, but apparently there is something else going on in Melissa’s life other than family stuff, her second book and LeakyCon, that is keeping her away.
    I hope it doesn’t hinge so much on her colleagues and PotterCast so much.

  23. Elizabeth Says:


    Thanks for clarifying that. I bet that does keep her away since she’s the one that usually organizes the podcasts. I didn’t know she was writing a book. That’s exciting. I really enjoyed “Harry, A History”.

  24. Alex Says:


    Yeah, I believe Melissa has made mention of it on her blog.
    Hopefully LeakyCon and other things won’t keep her busy for too much longer, I miss Mellie and PotterCast.

  25. Alex Says:

    It’s very quiet around here.
    Me thinks it’s LeakyCon taking up everyone’s time. *cries*

  26. marit Says:

    when comes a new pottercast?

  27. Kate Ackerley Says:

    I listen to pottercast regularly… and finally, after a year or so of listening to pottercasts 7 months after they come out…. I have been able to hear them all!!! and it’s taken them quite a while to do a new one (which is probably the reason why I have been able to catch up)…. If I were on Hogwarts right now, sitting in the Great Hall on a regular Saturday afternoon breakfast, I would just stand up in the table (Gryffindor’s of course) shout at the top of my lungs while banging my foot on the table and raising my fist to the air: we want a new PC episode!!! we want a new PC episode!! we want a new PC episode!! ……(and so forth)…..

  28. Kate Ackerley Says:

    wait… just realized I said “Saturday afternoon breakfast”…. lol :D…. I meant “Saturday morning breakfast”

  29. Alex Says:

    Kate and marit:

    They have recorded a new episode, have to check on Itunes or something. Dunno when they will put it up on here though.

  30. Kate Ackerley Says:

    Alex: I can’t see it on my itunes feed! How do you know that?

  31. Alex Says:


    They tweeted about it on the 6th of June.
    I just checked on my Itunes, it’s not there yet. 🙁
    Hopefully it will be this week.

  32. Rhiannon Williams Says:

    please please please please put it on iTunes-its the only way I can listen!!!!!!!!!!

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