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Release Date: April 2, 2011
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Well this is it, everyone. Leaky’s own “bootleg” Edward was in attendence today for a public screening of Deathly Hallows Part 2. The following show is a relatively unedited account of his conversation with Melissa and John with his thoughts and their reactions.

Spoiler ALERT! If you want to go into seeing this movie unspoiled and without other people’s commentary of a movie you won’t see for another 100 days, than this episode is not for you.
To everyone else, enjoy!

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46 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 237: The Final Spoiler Alert”

  1. Riley Says:

    Aw, there’s no John talking! Like, I can tell he’s there, but there isn’t his voice. So it’s kind of confusing.
    But other than that, it’s AMAZING! But I agree with Melissa, Harry and Voldemort falling off of a cliff is kinda ridiculous!

  2. Ronyn Says:

    When is this going to be uploaded?

  3. Avangelis Says:

    Voldemort falling off a cliff is not stupid. Really, think about it. If anyone, Harry knows that Voldemort fears death above all other things. Harry has some major balls to through himself off a a cliff with Voldemort. In order to do that he had to have know that this “thing” fears death. Voldemort is a coward and of course stopped the both of them from hitting the ground. he was testing Voldemort

  4. Avangelis Says:

    Also Ron has been given one of Hermiones lines. Go back to the battle of hogwarts chapter. It is Hermione that says ” we have to end this.

    They gave Ron her line this time

  5. jimj Says:

    “How romantic.”


  6. shana Says:

    Hi guys,

    Loved to hear all about the test screening, but you were bit negative…
    I kinda agreed with everything you said, but there were so many great things in there, you didn’t mention..

    I, for one, would have loved to hear more about the prince’s tale.. And the new scene where Snape goes to the potters house to find Lily..

    Anyway, thanks for the update!

  7. Paul Says:

    In the book, Snape does turn into an inky flying death eater and goes through a window, so this wasnt just some illogical change made by the movie. Perhaps, as Hogwarts is now essentially under Voldemorts control, encahntments have been changed which allow aparition within the grounds?

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    Without a doubt, this movie will be SPECTACULAR.
    However, that still doesn’t make me less ticked off about the Voldemort stuff.

    I honestly wouldn’t even mind the whole cliff thing if they’d make Voldemort die how he did in the book. In fact, if Voldemort could just fall over onto the ground dead instead of dissolving into black mist, I’d absolutely LOVE the cliff scene.

    Me being upset at the Voldemort falling apart is making it harder to accept the Harry pulling him off the tower thing.

    Other than that, the movie sounds great! Can’t wait! (:

    You guys weren’t too negative. I actually enjoy listening to critique.

  9. Avangelis Says:

    Harry and Voldemort don’t have an auidence because it doesn’t work film wise.
    Picture this- Harry and Voldemort are having this intense convo ( yrs of build up) and then the camera pans to the gasping auidence who are doing nothing but just standing there. One, it ruins the focus of their convo. Two- Will the auidence be silent while Harrys probably going to be killed? The answer is no. To a non book reader, this whole set up
    would look stupid.

    The crowd should be helping him kill Voldemort, not just standing there gasping espically when they don’t know that he is a horcrux yet.

  10. Gambit Says:

    Honestly, it sounds like the movie will correct what I consider to be a major weakness of the book – that Neville kills Nagini and Voldemort doesn’t even notice. It’s always bothered me, and the way it’s described for the movie makes a LOT more sense.

    It also explains *why* Voldemort would be chasing Harry all over Hogwarts – because Harry knows the snake isn’t dead yet, that he’s not ready to finish it. He turns to fight when he has no other choice, and thankfully Neville comes through for him in time.

  11. Oh Says:

    I thought I was gonna hear a review not 40 minutes of Melissa interrupting Edward and bitching about everything.

  12. Elizabeth Says:

    Avangelis!!!! That theory is BRILLIANT!!!! Never mind, I’m not that upset anymore if you look at it that way.

  13. Elizabeth Says:

    I have to say, now that all these geniuses posted all these reasons why Voldemort and Harry would have that chase scene, now I’m excited for it.

    Everyone brings up such great points.

    The only thing I’m still upset about is Voldemort not dying normally.

  14. Elizabeth Says:

    Avangelis brings up a REALLY good point. I was racking my brain for ideas on how they’d land safely on the gorund, but Avangelis is totally right. Voldemort has an intense fear of death, so he would have prevented them from hitting the ground.

    However, why he didn’t just let go of Harry, I don’t know.

  15. Elizabeth Says:

    @Gambit: Neville killed Nagini right in front of Voldemort, though. Remember? After Nagini is killed, that’s when things fall apart and they start battling and pushing into the Great Hall area.

  16. Ryan Says:

    I gotta say, I enjoy Pottercast quite a bit, but all the negativity ruined this one for me.

  17. Rachel Says:

    @Riley are you not listening to it with both headphones or not in stereo? When I listened to it, John was in the right ear while Edward and Melissa were in the left. Hope this helps!

  18. david Says:

    sirius’ mirror- dumbledore saying “i’ll make it easy for you” and giving draco the wand- (which totally wrecks the whole story line of the elder wand)- harry/hermione dancing- (although touching that’s a mute point compared to understanding the story where horcrux info is vital)- wormtail not even dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- bellatrix and voldy turning into dust like some hocus pocus crap! – i love magic- (head in hands over that one)-bellatrix hittng sirius with the AK- harry having a bowl cut in movie 1- harry and vold duelling in the courtyard whilst nagini gets slayed- harry and voldemort ON A CLIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!

    on the plus side – harry and the dragon GOF- harry riding on buckbeak- emma watson (mmmm)- ralph fiennes vs michael gambon- alan rickman- richard harris-

    pretty much sums up 8 films and 10 years, quite a dissapointment really.

    and p.s melissa i like you but you totally ruined that episode. ssssh

  19. Elizabeth Says:

    Pottercast, could you possibly do another episode with Edward? I don’t feel like I learned that many “spoilers” from this one.

  20. Christian Says:

    Aww, my left speaker is broken so all I heard was John’s breathing! 🙁

  21. Nancy Says:

    I am sooo not surprised that things were not going to go as planned. Yes, it will be a spectacular looking movie. And yes, I have always said that this movie will not be recognized for OSCARs because it deviates from the main story each and every time. For a group that was stuck on a British production they sure went by way of Hollywood.
    I am not surprised that they continue to change and tweak.
    If I never read the books I too would think it is GREAT. But alas, not everyone can capture the essence like LOTR or STAR WARS. Shame..It could have been if only…
    Looking forward to the made for TV production where they will follow the book. Yay! I hope that they do it in my life..
    Yates – shame on you.
    Kloves – shame on you
    Heyman & Barron – shame on you
    WB cannot be held responsible for such decision making from this lot.
    I am surprised that Hermione did not kill Voldemort.
    Harry was a stand in all along.

  22. Nancy Says:

    I have to say that I am surprised that both John & Melissa finally admit a lot of what fans have said all along.
    I feel vindicated.

  23. Paula Says:

    I think everyone is passionate about this upcoming movie….and the negativity is in POSITIVE support of the magical and beautiful story written by JKR.
    It’s kind of our Potter “last stand” if you will and we all were hoping for specific scenes and lines being literal to the book…and have to remind ourselves that the movie will be different…and just celebrate with our fellow Potter fandom friends in the culmination of a series that will, I feel stand the test of time…….

  24. Paul Says:

    I love the books as much as the next person and I hate cheesy “Hollywoodness” too, but John and Melissa take it a bit far. The movies are not the books. If you want the story from the books, then you should read the books again. These two are so in love with the books that they cannot take a step back and see the bigger picture.

    As others have said, there are aspects of the book that really would not translate to film. And in some cases, the changes are better than how a scene was described in the book. (I agree that Harry and Voldy fighting in front of everyone is a bit silly. Everyone just stands there and no one tries to help him? That seems a bit more Hollywood than the change made in the film. We all know Harry has to be the one to end it, but do you really think Ron or McGonagall wouldn’t let him a hand if they thought he was in trouble?)

    Melissa is going to be happy and enjoy the film, but that isn’t enough her? Reread The Deathly Hallows then.

    I know how difficult it is to reconcile your love for the source material with theatrical or television interpretations of the books. The important question is whether or not the writers and directors created a good final product, independent of deviations from the story. LOTR was quite successful. Legend of the Seeker was not. I think overall the Harry Potter series has produced several very good films.

    And as a side note, even if they had followed the book to the letter, I still do not think the film would win an Oscar.

  25. Chris Says:

    Can we expect a Pottercast commentary for Part 1 soon? Hope so!

  26. Laine Says:

    Pottercast DVD commentary of DH part 1 please? Pretty please?

  27. Louise Says:

    When some of us argue against bizarre changes in the movies, it is not because we are asking for strict adherence to the books. Changes to the basic story themes that have been beautifully defines in the books are, however, both insulting and disconcerting. A good filmmaker could make the final duel scene between Harry and Voldemort brilliant and if he can, with but a few exact words, convince the book bystanders to let him have a go at Voldemort himself then he could easily do the same in the movie. That final duel is not between two individuals, it is between a man who has a community on his side and another man who is all alone in the world. This bizarre reinterpretation of hand-to-hand combat make this a personal thing and that could never be the right solution for the wizarding world. It is, I believe, wrong to change the basic concept of the story just to make it more action-oriented.

  28. Julie Says:

    When is the next Pottercast! I’m frantic, withdrawing etc

  29. Peter Says:


    I have to respectfully disagree with you. I do think you want a stricter adherence to the book than you claim based on your comments. The films have captured the spirit of the books, which is really all I look for in book to movie adaptations.

    They are only insulting if you walk into the theater expecting to see the exact same themes from the books. These movies are not the books. You haven’t seen the final product yet to know whether or not the scene is successful or how it relates to the rest of the film(s). If the scene works, then how it played out in the book is irrelevant. If the script was terrible, then would be the time to point to the vast resource that is the source material for ways the film could have been better.

    And for all of this negativity the one person who actually saw the movie said that he really enjoyed it. Isn’t that all that matters?

  30. Alex Says:

    When are you guys going to put up a show about the trailer?
    I’m quite looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it and maybe a little about the royal wedding too(though not related to HP at all).

    Congrats HRH William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
    May their lives together be totally awesome!

  31. MikeMagpuyo Says:

    @Paul – It’s not about everyone just standing there and watching the defeat of Voldemort unfold. It’s about Harry, confidently and calmly walking to finally end this guy because he figured out that he can do it. It’s about his choice this time NOT to ask for anyone’s help when that’s what other people have been doing for him for the last seven years. It’s about him making the decision to kill Voldemort on his own.

    “Neither can live while the other survives.”

    That’s what Melissa and John have been arguing for in the podcast – Harry finally realizing his destiny, himself, and acting on it. I really hope everybody understood the point of this when they read the books; it’s why I’ve been holding for this detail to be translated on the final film. Because this is the final HP film and things, details that matter should really be there.

  32. Mariah Says:

    For everyone who’s saying that Harry dragging Voldemort was alright, it’s completely ridiculous.

    It’s not just that the scene is totally off the book – we’re used to that by now. It simply looks stupid. I think the look they were going for was “dramatic” but none of it makes sense – why are they that close and yet none of them are dead? Is it really realistic for Voldemort to let Harry say “Let’s end this the way it started – together” while being right up in his face without doing ANYTHING? And it’s way out of character. Would the Harry we know from the books grab Voldemort by the neck and throw him – AND HIMSELF – off a cliff? What, was Harry thinking that somehow Voldemort will crash and die, and that Harry would somehow survive? It’s a good idea for an action movie where magic does NOT exist, but to put up a scene like that when most of the second part in Deathly Hallows is stuffed with intense duels… Does not work.
    And yes, while the rest of the trailer remains mainly true to the book, I really think this will be a scene that will be heavily criticized. Although I have not seen the whole movie, I don’t feel that a scene like this would be necessary, because even in the trailer it looks stupid. I’m not saying that every bit of the movie should be page-by-page to the book, but that was one hell of a turn-off.

  33. Elizabeth Says:

    @Mariah: Jeez, crush my dreams of this scene being cool, why don’t you…..just kidding. (:

    I agree with you 100%. I watched the trailer a few days ago and I can’t stop thinking about this scene. Was Harry expecting Voldemort to fly and save them both? Also, one question that came to mind was: Is Voldemort really that stupid not to just let go of Harry? Surely a man that’s got to be a foot taller than Harry can fight him off……The logic is really screwy with this scene. Cool, but screwy.

    And you’re absolutely right. Why didn’t Voldemort just kill him? It’s so out of character for Voldemort to grab Harry’s face and all that garbage. I just don’t understand it. I was hoping it would take place inside Harry’s head. But, now that it actually happens real-time, I’m confused at what they’re trying to get at with this scene.

    Also, I think Voldemort touches people too much. I was listening to an episode of Mugglecast and they went to see the screening in Chicago and said that there’s a scene where Voldemort hugs Draco…..not a full-on hug, but Voldemort pulls Draco in toward him when he decides to stick with the Death Eaters in the battle…

    I don’t know…I just think it’s a violation of Voldemort’s character to add all these ridiculous scenes in. They’ve done bizarre things in the past with added scenes, but the tower tumble takes the gold medal.

    I didn’t like the trailer that much either. I thought the one for both part 1 and 2 was WAY more epic. This one just made me annoyed at Voldemort.

  34. Elizabeth Says:

    Other than that, I’m really excited for this movie. The Prince’s Tale is going to be amazing…!

  35. Ben Says:

    Hey, just thought I’d post here that Leaky Mug Episode 11 – Live from Vegas! and Pottercast: 233 – What’s the deal with Remus? won’t download on iTunes.

  36. I Says:

    when comes the new pottercast? it is longer than one month ago:(

  37. Person Says:

    People!!! Think about this!!!
    These are the most critisized parts of the movie:
    Cliff: Harry is smart enough to no that Voldy isn’t going to waste his time getting Harry off of him when he’s falling off a cliff, Voldemort is going to react by saving himself. And Voldemort is stupid, harry knew that too, he would be focused on hating, not killing, he wants to GLOAT! It happened in the book just before Mr. Voldy died.
    Dust: Just think – if you had never read the books, and you knew Voldemort was powerful (and some non-book worms think he is smart) some might think he faked his death! Plus, they wouldn’t have time for the whole ‘place the body next to the others’ it would be simpler just to make the bad guys turn into dust so no one would have to move them!
    Nagini: Voldemort has been chasing harry everywhere!!! Harry is annoyed and tired and confident. He has to fight back! I mean seriously people!
    I personally can’t stop thinking about the AMAZING aspects of the movie! I can’t wait untill Molly kills Bellatrix, Princes tale, Ron and Hermione get together, Nagini dead, the trio being burned (so intense), and good people doing some unforgivable curses! Imperio!!!! Man, this will be an AMAZING FILMMMMMM!

  38. Jared Says:

    @Ben Thank you for saying that. I have been bummed too that those too episodes won’t download on my Itunes either.

  39. Elizabeth Says:

    @Person: The only issue with the dust thing is that it doesn’t make sense. We’ve seen bad people’s dead bodies..esp. in the new trailer. Why would Bellatrix and Voldemort be any different? It would make a lot more sense if they’d introduced evil people exploding into magic dust early in the films to be consistent. It doesn’t make much sense that some people die by falling over dead and then suddenly some people turn into magic dust. They need to be a bit more consistent for non-book readers.

    This is the only change I’m actually bothered by.

  40. Elizabeth Says:

    Is Pottercast getting busier and busier as the years go on? I know they have jobs, lives, and families, but sometimes we go for a month or more without a new podcast.

    When does the next one come out? They use to release one every week or every other week.

  41. Avangelis Says:

    Guys it’s obvious that voldemorts going to apparate before they hit the ground, because he fears death.Because Harry is holding on to him Harry will be apparated as well. Why Voldemort let harry get so close to him you ask? Well, the books and movies are proof enough that Voldemort likes to give monologues before he does something bad. It took him like 3 minutes to touch Harry in GOF. He has the characteristics of the typical cartoon villian. And he likes toying with Harry. Surely he will have his great speech before he kills the boy.

    And the battle is extended because filmwise them just having a convo and them BAM would seem lackluster to non book readers. We have to remember that these films really aren’t made for us fans. They tweak the story for those who don’t read the books

    And now since the trailer has come out I don’t think this magic dust thing will be so bad. In the trailer we can clearly see death eaters bursting into pieces/ melting when they try to run through the Hogwarts protections. I’m hoping that the difference in the spell is whta causes the difference in the death.

  42. Beks Says:

    Mariah is absolutely right! That is not the real Harry. He was not afraid to die. What gives? There is no valid reason to make such altercations! The movie is split more than half way through so there should be nothing that is changed that much! Come on =p

  43. Elizabeth Says:

    @Avangelis: But, Voldemort still had a Horcrux lying around, remember? That was one of the other infuriating changes Pottercast talked about in this episode. Neville kills Nagini during the final spell with Voldemort. Therefore, why was Harry trying to kill Voldemort when there was still a Horcrux? This is the part that makes no sense.
    I guess I’ll just have to wait until July, because right now, there’s no logic whatsoever behind this scene.

  44. Raacchhii Says:

    It could have been one of those dreams harry has?

  45. Zoe Says:

    Wow. I feel really bummed. I was actually wishing that the cliff scene would be part of some dream harry has. And then to hear about Nagini etc, it all seems to distort the idea of the story so much.
    The part that made me love the book so much was the story all coming together perfectly, (especially with the elder wand and how Voldemort ends up dying), and I have always imagined it in my head as if it were a movie… so perfect… so tragic.
    I really wish with all my heart that the finale of the legend could end just the way it is supposed to. Stuff all those people who think that it needs changing to translate into a good movie. I don’t care if the movie wins an oscar or not..
    I guess I just think that to so many people Harry Potter is so much more than a movie, it is a reality in their minds – in my mind it is like another world and it is seamless. The last movie you have all described is now ripping apart the seams in my head.
    I wish the movie could just be dedicated to all those who love the intricate world of the story, not needing to be edited for movie buffs and those who don’t bother reading.

  46. Beezlebub Says:

    The real harry . . . . I was talking about Voldemort. VODLEMORt is afraid of dying. Harry is not, that is why Harry threw himself and Voldemort off of a cliff.

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