PotterCast 234

Good Ship Bad Ship

Release Date: Feb 14, 2011
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Happy Valentines Day! Love is in the air this week on PotterCast. In addition to the latest HP news we talk a lot about the canon (and non-canon) romances in the Potter books, as well the the world of Fan Fiction. We have some Romantic Conclumdrums as well as a new bit called Good Ship Bad Ship. Enjoy it!

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13 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 234: Good Ship Bad Ship”

  1. Dana Says:

    hey pottercast. can you put up the upcoming episodes so we know what’s going on please?????? ily xoxox

  2. Dana Says:

    also you are the BEST ever podcast. love John the best and Melissa and Frankie Franko 2nd. EQUAL 2nd

  3. Yinka Says:

    Great podcast guys but I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Fred George Angelina triangle. Fred went with Angelina to the Yule Ball but George ends up marrying her in the end and have a kid named Fred. What do u think about that?

  4. Eva Says:

    WOW! back to the good times on Pottercast!
    I’m not sure “Good Ship / Bad Ship” has legs for a frequent segment but there is room for more ‘ship discussion.

    Apart from still missing Sue *sigh* , this felt like a return to the kind of Pottercast that made me a fan in the first place. Not so much a fan of the live shows unless I can listen live.
    Good work guys, I have listened twice already – haven’t listened more than once to any of your other recent ones.
    And the Amortentia discussion? Genius – food for thought there.
    Thanks guys!

  5. Anurin Says:

    Yinka: Err… The Yule Ball wasn’t really much to go on for future love affairs; Harry and Parvati, and Viktor and Hermione?

    I wouldn’t take anything too seriously.

  6. Paula Says:

    I guess my thoughts are on Harry and Ginny….although their story wasn’t on the front burner for me it was a wonderful relationship…Ginny is strong and fierce and in the books, beautiful..half the boys at Hogwarts went out with her….Harry and Ginny’s time together was brief but for Harry it was a break from the craziness of his life, a respite to just “be”. He loved the fact that Ginny was strong and not weeply when he told her he was leaving….and it was her quiet strength that helped him through…I loved that during the battle at the end, Harry passed Ginny wearing the invisibilty cloak and Ginny knew he was there…..that feeling could only come from a strong bond….

  7. ...... Says:

    It was great I still miss having a Hufflepuff around…

  8. Dana Says:

    I MISS YOU SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will squee for you!!!!!! xoxo also i heart pottercast!!!!!!!
    can you guys do a live podcast in australia? i would super love you guys 4 that!

  9. Paula Says:

    Jon’s mentioned a few times about “movie” Harry and Sirius…..I think they ‘winks’ etc…were there to kind of give Harry and Sirius a sense of having a familial bond….the winks usually came after Molly was trying to get the kids away from their “Order” talk…..I felt he was conveying to Harry “don’t worry, we’ll discuss this when Molly isn’t around”…..not “Hey Cutie…what are doing later?” :o)

  10. Claudia Says:

    Hi All —
    Is there anywhere I can find out which podcasts have the episodes of “Albus Potter and the Founders’ Fountain”? Or – are they all inn one place somewhere?

  11. Jim Says:

    Late to the party on this one. Only been listening to Pottercast for about half a year. I’ve been alternating catching up on old episodes while listening to the new ones. The Sirius wink was Gary Oldman’s spectacular acting which eliminated pages of dialogue from Harry’s “I want to fight” speech. That little wink from Sirius is his approval of Harry’s desire to join the adults. All of the emotion conveyed in the dialogue was expressed in Oldman’s exasperated shrug and wink to Dan. Also thanks to Frak for making me look like an idiot on the train to work this morning. I’ve got the headphones on and we get to the 30 minute mark were Frak lets out that huge laugh. How can you not laugh when Frak is laughing?? I miss Sue too!!!

  12. Elizabeth Says:

    No one mentioned the puke-worthy Harry/Voldemort ship. When I looked at a list of pairings on Fanfiction, I actually felt ill when I saw how many stories about Harry and Voldemort slash pairings were out there.

    Does no one find this gross?

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