PotterCast 233

What's the deal with Remus?

Release Date: Feb 7, 2011
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PotterCast is back with a smattering of Canon Conclumdrums and more with guest host, Andrew Slack of the Harry Potter Alliance, and performances from The Remus Lupins and The Whomping Willows!

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10 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast: 233: What’s the deal with Remus?”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    great show guys! i wanted to comment on the Remus thanking Harry thing. I think he did thank Harry but i think it was during potter watch. I think he said that Harry was nearly always right not sure don’t have my book on me at the moment. Anyways just thought i would mention it since i didn’t hear you guys mention it on the show. Keep up the great work

  2. Cheryl Wentz Says:

    Is Victorie the daughter of Bill and Flure?

  3. Mr. Harry Potter Says:

    Why didn’t you discuss the news?

    And PottCasts should be posted more frequently as I really love listening whenever you do post them, which is rare nowadays. 🙁

    We need more Pottrcast! We need to be together for the final film in July ! Part 2 ! The end of an era !

  4. Mr. Harry Potter Says:

    ^ Keyboard was playing up *PotterCast.

  5. Boo Reader Says:

    Hey guys I think that you should have another live show. Why don’t you anymore? I miss those shows. I only saw two and both were failcasts according to John. One had a rescheduling and the other had a no show with the guy who plays flitwick. Please do more!!!!

  6. David Beaton Says:

    This has been the best show in about 2 dozen episodes!

    All the shows are great, which is why I listen obviously, but the books are what I think we all like to talk and think about the most – and discussions like the ones you were having are the kind of things that I at least love to think about, and there were so many points in this episode which I’d never considered before.

    Andrew Slack was a great addition to the show, I think you should bring him back as a bi-monthly co-host or something like that? You guys carried on talking about topics you’d usually move away from much more quickly, but because there was another voice in there taking on a standpoint, it evolved and the opinions of all you came out much further.

    So, more shows with book discussions on lots of different topics like this… it’s not even Canon Colundrums, or whatever that name metamorphosed into, it’s like the “interesting questions which don’t necessarily have to reach a conclusion” segment! That doesn’t sound quite so grandiose, but makes for a hell of a good listen.

    Enough fawning from me, keep up the great work!

  7. David Beaton Says:

    (Also, the live wizard rock interludes are a nice addition)

  8. Pottershrink Says:

    Is this Pottercast, or the Frankie-Frak show? In kindness and love, please take one of a three-part seat (or four-part in this episode) and give Jon and Melissa a chance.

    Missing Suzie.

  9. Lila Catsfoot Says:

    Finally catching up on listening to PotterCast. Love you guys! Enjoying Andrew’s contributions.

    You all discussed poltergeists in this one. I remember Jo saying that Peeves was a result of all the crazy teenage anxiety and energy and rebellion and what not. He is all of that personified.

  10. Kate Ackerley Says:

    Pottercast!!! Great episode!! I loved the whole Remus discussion and how Melissa and John were just listening… haha 🙂 Just something that was said was that part of why Harry said no to Lupin going with them was because Dumbledore had said “just these two” and I do sort of remember Lupin suggesting he would just help them and that he didn’t need to know what was going on exactly.
    Anyway, something that wasn’t discussed was how it would have been if he had indeed stayed with them. How different would things have turned out to be? And how long could they have been able to hide the whole horcrux thing from him? How would he have helped? How would they have dealt with his werewolf transformations? None of them were animagus, and I don’t think they would’ve had enough ingredients or skills to brew the potion he used to drink. Just a few thoughts in there…

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