PotterCast 232

A little bit smaller then the other one

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PotterCast 232 – A little bit smaller then the other one – PotterCast returns with the latest Harry Potter news and an extended e-Mailbag segment! Willy the Wizard gets tossed out of court, and a new attraction at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Join Melissa John and Frak for PotterCast 232

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| January 14th, 2011 | Posted in Episodes, Feed |

17 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 232: A Little Bit Smaller Than The Other One”

  1. Anurin Says:

    Hey guys! No Pottercast for weeks, and then two in one day! It’s like Christmas or something! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Carol Says:

    Awesome Pottercast guys, as always! Part 2 should definitely open at Hogwarts :O

    In reference to the whole Snape saying “Trust Me”, I’ve heard some people say that it CLEARLY is Snape. I didn’t hear it so, who knows :/

  3. Alex Says:


    I always miss the show when it’s been a long time, thank goodness you guys are back.

    However, the LeakyMug site hasn’t been going for the longest time(I want to see everything from the 06 April Fools joke again, the whole Memerson wedding and the site union was the best joke that year)and I’d love to see that come back one day. *sad panda*

  4. Rumbleroar Says:

    Great Pottercast!

    Just wanted to leave a comment in regards to Snape saying “Trust Me” in the Forest of Dean.

    I have watched DH Part 1 several times in the theater, including once in imax and I NEVER remember hearing it, but I had to find out and as Carol mentioned she’d heard others say, you can CLEARLY hear him whisper it. Chilling. Made my night!

  5. Rumbleroar Says:

    Just to add to my earlier post: Here is a link of the clip where you can hear it for yourself ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Sam Says:

    I’ve seen the movie 5 times and have listened for this several times. I can guarantee that Snape does indeed say “trust me”


  7. DeAna Says:

    I loved this Pottercast. It was like the old Pottercast making a comeback. Are segments like Princely Pieces and Bit by Bit gone forever?

  8. Monica Says:

    We missed you guys!

  9. mawhi Says:

    i’ll have to see the film again (or watch that clip that was posted), but maybe the “trust me” is actually the end part of “expecto patronus”…

  10. Henry Says:

    It should be ‘smarter than’, not “smarter then”.
    Otherwise it would be ‘smarter followed by the other one.’


  11. Addie N. Says:

    Hi guys.
    Just a little info..

    The Death Eaters put the taboo on Voldemorts name to catch his enemies, and therefore when Xeno said his name, they just attacked because they thought he was an enemy. He also yells “I’ve got him!”. They don’t know that, when they start attacking.

  12. chris Says:

    I think John is right about X. Lovegood. I think he did know about crumpled hornsacks. I just happened to read the end of book five. In the hospital wing, Luna tells everyone that she and her dad are going to use the money from Harry’s article to hunt for hornsacks. it is possible that X. did not know what they looked like but mabye this is another hint.

  13. Dana Says:

    hey guys!!! this is awesome!!! i have missed the pottercasts so much and then we get like 3 in a month!!!!

  14. Lyndsey Says:

    I also heard “Trust me” when Harry is looking at the mirror right before the Silver Doe scene.
    But I thought it was Harry remembering Dumbledore saying it in the last movie before he died. It would make sense as its right after he finds out about Dumbledore and Grindelwald, and he’s losing his trust in him, then he throws it down…

    Ive seen it 3 times and only heard this on the third time. I wasnt sure of it till I heard it on here.

  15. Alex Says:

    Isn’t there meant to be a new episode coming soon?
    They tweeted about it and all.
    I hope it will be up this week.

  16. Bella Says:

    The title should say “than” rather than “Then”. That is driving me nuts!

  17. Alex Brenda Says:

    Its Definetly Snape he’s the one who conjured the patronus it makes sense he made his voice a little low so harry wont recognise him and the director might have changed a little of his voice so people wont know its snape

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