PotterCast 230

Starkid Potter is Going to LeakyCon!

Release Date: December 27, 2010
Record Date: December 20, 2010

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This episode features an interview with Starkids Joe, Brian, and Dylan, talking about everything from their new upcoming Musical, Starship, as well as their big performance at this summer’s LeakyCon2011!

Transcript for PC230

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12 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 230: Starkid Potter is Going to LeakyCon!”

  1. Bri Says:

    Some problems with Audio around 41 minute mark and again at 51?

  2. Lunedi Says:

    I missed this one. Thanks for putting it up. It’s great to hear updates from the Starkids. Got to see Darren on the 22nd so it was a lot more fun too. Cheers all!

  3. Anurin Says:

    Yes! You’re back, thank heavens! You guys were gone for FAR too long… four weeks? I mean….

    Well, anyways, Merry belated xmas, or “Whatever holiday you’re keeping”, as Jo put it last year (or maybe the year before?)

    And… I’m glad you’re back! 😀

  4. Jamey Says:

    Is it just me or is the audio of the mp3 download terribly messed up from between 41 mins – 42 mins?

    I got such a freaking shock from the noise (I had the volume turned all the way up), my ears still hurt…..what’s up with that?

  5. Evealle Says:

    Hahah, love hearing Joe’s Umbridge voice again!

  6. DeAna Says:

    I LOVE that John’s video on youtube never matches what he is saying. I am dying laughing.

  7. Alanna Says:

    The dream someone (can’t remember who) mentioned….I laughed myself silly. Ralph Fiennes with braces and an eyepatch kills EVERYONE ! 🙂

  8. Bella Says:

    What happened to PotterCast? I was loving that PC kept up with more frequently recording and releasing podcasts than MuggleCast did, but now, even though they decided not to podcast as often anymore, MC is coming out more frequently than PC. And I don’t remember any sort of announcement from PC about any coming change. So, what’s the deal?

  9. Alex Says:


    As I’ve told a few people on here before, though I cannot speak for either Melissa, John or Frak, I think it’s all based on how busy all three are at any given time (with Sue around, I reckon this was much easier to organise) and once news about DH2 will come flowing, I’m sure they’ll record and release more episodes during that time.
    But Melissa has said that PotterCast won’t be as out as often (the same happened with MuggleCast a few years ago) after DH 2 is released.
    Other than that, you are going to have to talk to the PC trio directly, those are all the answers I have.

  10. Sarah Says:

    Hey guys, this episode was great. I laughed out loud several times while listening. A slightly random question, though:

    Does anyone know which episodes of PC the various Acting Troupe shows are on? I haven’t heard all of them since I was new to PotterCast while they were in the middle of playing them – can someone tell me the specific numbers of the episodes they’re on? I would be SO thankful.

  11. Cameryn Says:

    I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hayden Says:

    When will the transcript be available? I analysed this podcast for my Media course work 🙂

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