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Deathly Hallows Part 1 Review

Release Date: Nov 22, 2010
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Hey everyone! Melissa John and Frankie had a chance to see the movie and sit down together to talk about what they loved and what they loved to nit pick about here on episode 229! Enjoy!

This episode was edited by Andrew Garner, Thanks Andrew!

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45 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 229: Deathly Hallows Part 1 Review”

  1. rick Says:

    Why Part 2? Did I miss something on iTunes?

  2. Monica Says:

    I was waiting for this! Can’t wait to hear your reactions ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Maggie Says:

    Uh…. you mean Part 1 right? Or have your really seen part 2 already?

  4. Kay Says:

    Part 2…….?

  5. Bellarin Slythertrix Says:

    I’ve been waiting for your review. I had to settle for that other podcast filled with Muggles to hold me over. I can’t wait to listen!!!

  6. Lewis M. Brooks, III Says:

    Awesome show guys, I just had one comment. Hermione is holding the beaded bag before they apparate out of Malfoy Manor, so they didnโ€™t lose anything. I was wondering about that too, but I noticed it the second time I saw it.

  7. jon Says:

    you guys were wondering about hermione’s bag at malfoy manor. i was wondering too after my first viewing so i watched very carefully the second time. ron and harry drop their bags to set up camp. they run away, leaving them on the ground. hermione has the beaded bag on like a backpack during the chase. the snatcher who is holding the sword tells bellatrix they found it in her bag. a snatcher had the snitch, so they either took that off harry or out of the beaded bag, no problem there. why harry was keeping the mirror in his sock is beyond me, he didn’t need to have it there before xeno’s and he didn’t have time before the chase. the only explanation i can think of is him stuffing it in his sock after hermione gives him the stinging jinx. so yes, hermione’s bag is gone i think and unless harry was keeping the phoenix wand in his other sock for no apparent reason, i think that may be gone too. perhaps he can do an unbeatable “accio” spell with the elder wand and get it back, haha. oh well, things that could have been solved with some mokeskin. the only other thing hermione had in the bag that she used was, well, clothes, and the polyjuice, but i sort of felt like they made it seem like they maxed out all the polyjuice they had at the ministry, since they suddenly didn’t know it lasts an hour, seems like they would have taken a lot. so they probably needed more anyway… but maybe bill has some in his cupboard??

  8. Randy Says:

    ok guys they messed up the title on itunes big deal… but overall I thought the film was amazing but there was some tiny moments that were so simple to do right that they messed up. Like Harry not explaining his love as brotherly towards Hermione. And for film-only people they probably are like who the hell is this gregorivitch guy? no explanation whatsoever. I missed seeing Krum even though he wasn’t really important. I really wanted to see what actually happened the night Harry’s parents were murdered. The beginning of the movie though is by far my favorite start of a movie ever! I thought it was amazing! I have so much more to say but I can’t say it all on here!

  9. Connor Says:

    The one thing that you guys didn’t mention that I really was dissapointed in was how in the movie they never mention Ron’s ghoul. They never show them inside Ron’s room having a conversation and talking over packing and how Ron’s mom is trying to stop them and separate them. They don’t show any of the struggle from Ron’s mother in the movie which dissapointed me a little bit. How bout you guys?

  10. jon Says:

    oh, also, harry didn’t take the eye from umbridge’s door. i looked for it the second time i watched, it was still there… ๐Ÿ™

  11. Randy Says:

    Also I really enjoyed the interview video, not a Steve Kloves fan but he seemed pretty genuine in this interview. I was thoroughly annoyed though at how rushed the trio was by I guess there public assistants. The fansites should be the priority press since we are the ones who actually care about the cast and film. But no they make time to give an interview to some corporate news media who asks them for the 100th time whats it like being done the films and how Rupert’s ice cream truck is.

  12. Lyndsey Says:

    I was really annoyed at the fact they didn’t pick up the portrait of Phineas Nigellus. How are they going to explain how Snape knew they where in the forest of dean? Makes absoloutely no sense what so ever, they will have to change it. And they wont be able to use the fact that Snapes Patronus is a doe, same as Lily’s because in the film it was only a ball of light. Therefor no explanation of how much Snape loved Lily. Also they should have told more about Dumbledores past with Gregorovitch, and they missed out the lovely part when Harry finds the letter from Lily to Sirius… HEARTBREAKING!! And also I dislike how they didn’t explore everything with Kreacher and R.A.B they didn’t explain that story AT ALL! Really really annoyed me. I did enjoy the film, but I just hate the way the miss out important things, but add in really stupid other moments. LOVED LOVED LOVED Hermione with her parents at the beginning, and the way the deathly hallows story was told!

  13. Lyndsey Says:

    ALSO Lupin and Harry – no argument….

  14. Lyndsey Says:

    Sorry keep forgetting things here!! Also Harry has no disguise at the wedding, and the deatheaters don’t know the real Harry because of his use of expelliarmus rather than them spotting Hedwig. AND no potter watch!! AND WORMTAIL IS STILL ALIVE, Dobbie only stunned him… seriously WHAT!?

  15. Lisa Says:

    I enjoyed your podcast and agreed with just about everything. My husband, who never read the books, loved the Ministry of Magic scene and loved the animated interpretation of the Three Brothers story. I loved Emma’s acting when Ron was splinched, and loved the scene where Ron destroyed the horcrux. One thing you guys didn’t mention was the opening scene at Malfoy Manor. I thought it was so true to the book, from the muggle studies teacher hanging upside to Voldemort’s sinister demeanor. As far as nitpicks, here’s 2
    1. When they arrived at Shell Cottage, I would have like to have seen Bill and Fluer. Those who read the books knew where they were, but for those who didn’t, by not showing Bill and Fluer, there was no context, they could have been at anyone’s cottage by the beach
    2. I don’t think it was conveyed enough the amount of anguish that Harry went through when he lost his wand. In the book, he had a hard time using the new wand that Ron gave him, this wasn’t the case in the movie.
    But overall, loved the movie and can’t wait to see it a 2nd time!

  16. David Says:

    Hey I just listened to the latest podcast and when you guys were wondering why the death-eaters blew up Xeno’s house instead of getting Harry. Well you guys forgot about the horn that blows up in the book! And it was in the movie I noticed it right before Xeno said Voldemort, Hermione also notices it she stares at it for a while with a face of confusion and nervousness. I think it was in the middle floor of the house and that’s where the house blows up too. But i didn’t like how Hermione didn’t bring it up, but the movie was still great.

  17. Hannah Says:

    I was SO glad when they put in the scene when Harry wakes up at Grimwuald Place and sees Ron and Hermione’s hands close together. I absolutely loved that part in the book and loved it even more in the movie because it starts to show the love relationship between Ron and Hermione!

  18. alex_m.โ„ข Says:

    they shouldve stuck w/ the book version because its the last 1 and they shouldve given the readers what they wanted

  19. Bryan Says:

    The best thing about this movie was I felt like I was reading the book again. I laughed at the same parts of the book, cried at the same parts and every emotion in between.

  20. jon Says:

    okay, had another viewing, looks like hermione is holding the beaded bag right before they apparate from malfoy manor…haha, how the heck did she get that after they searched her???? well, that’ll at least explain how they got more clothes…

  21. Alix Says:

    About the mirror and the silver doe. If you listen REALLY carefully when Harry pulls out the mirror and looks at it you can hear snape whisper “Trust me.” Which makes me believe he was in cahoots with aberforth.

  22. Stink Says:

    If Hermione snatched Harry’s glasses off of his face after she stung him, and put them in her pocket, or bag, how did Harry get them back on his face in the cellar?

  23. Sarah Says:

    LOVED this Pottercast. It’s the best one in a while! And I agree with all of your nitpicks. I hadn’t thought about a lot of what you said because, to be honest, I didn’t notice! I’ve read the book so many times that I didn’t have any trouble understanding the movie, so I didn’t notice when they left some things out. Anyway, thanks again for the awesome PotterCast!

  24. April Says:

    Great Pottercast! I loved what you guys said about this being more of a re-boot than a continuation of the other movies – fantastic explanation!

    I’ve seen the movie twice, first time at the midnight premiere with loads of book fans, and second time with people who didn’t seem to have read the books. Here’s what I thought was interesting/funny:
    At the midnight premiere, everyone in the theatre laughed when Ron commented on the jar of flames that Hermione conjured – which is such a loved thing from the books that I am so delighted they included! No one at the second showing laughed at that part.
    Next, when I was at the second showing, and it was the Silver Doe scene, there was a collective gasp as Harry wiped off the snow and the audience could see the sword. One guy behind me even yelled out “The sword!”. It was so cute how they didn’t know it was there ๐Ÿ™‚

    Another great Pottercast! Thank you very much!!
    Keep each other safe, Keep faith, DFTBA

  25. Billy Latta Says:

    Phenomenal podcast! Nevertheless, I still think there is so much more to discuss! Would you consider doing another podcast dedicated to reviewing the Deathly Hallows. Thanks so much. Cheers to PotterCast!

  26. nancy Says:

    Bonnie Wright was great considering the creative people decided to tap into the love that is Harry’s for a milisecond. She did brilliant.

    I think you answered your own question when you said direction. The actors standing around that is exactly how I would say Yates & Kloves cared about the other characters. Horrible direction. I stand by my statement that they directed Bonnie & Dan that way as well.

    Ginny/Bonnie fans didnt expect much since Kloves has been rewriting this story as the Hermione Granger story.

    I do agree that it is a tad too late to finally recognize that Ron, as Melissa said, has wisdom. Isnt it a shame that Kloves waited so long to recognize how instrumental Ron is? Cmon, he plays chess for goodness sakes! Ron is a tactician and very aware of his surroundings. He is very important to Harry and the fact that, to Ron, the ultimate betrayal Harry could ever do is to hook up with Hermione.

    Poor Ginny! Poor Bonnie to take a beating for doing nothing more than following direction from Yates and bad writing from Kloves for the last but important three movies.
    Ginny/Bonnie was wonderful (considering the crappy time given).
    I think this movie was a little to late with the character development. Ron was always important as hermione when it came to Harry.

    It was Ron’s movie!

    Didnt need the dance scene. Pointless. No one cared. If you didnt know they were friends already why imply something else? The kiss scene in the nude, didnt need it. Apparently a desperation attempt by Yates to prove his worth. Looked like two pigeons pecking one another. Didnt need it.

    Maybe they could have used the time to talk about Remus, Tonks and Ginny & Neville.

  27. nancy Says:

    Hey was no one else bothered that Harry was not disguised as a Weasley? Wasnt the purpose of it was to score information while in disguise?
    No one gives out information to harry just on a whim. Why all of a sudden to they tell him?

  28. loony Says:

    wow this is so cool and you are right a five year old should NOT see harry potter7 p1 I saw 2 at the theater I went to :O

  29. Susie Says:

    I can’t beleive that harry didn’t take the polyjuice potion for the wedding or that him and hermione walk into Godric’s Hallow undisguised!!!!

  30. Christina Says:

    I agree with everything that Nancy said. Rupert/Ron was always used as comic relief and never given the proper due in the movies. Kloves has always made it clear that he was a Harry/Hermione fan and he played up that relationship in the movies and while I love their friendship I never wanted them romantic.
    Rupert/Ron owned this movie he had me from the beginning. And as a Hermione/Ron fan I am very happy with what we did get.

  31. Lily Says:

    Overall, the movie was great. I agree that I wouldn’t take my 5 year old. He might not find it scary, but might find the camping scenes slow. My 7 year old would have been afraid. Did any of you wish that the scene with Kreacher hitting Mundungus with a saucepan could have been in? I thought that they would include it for sure. It seemed like a fan favourite.

  32. alex Says:

    I love PotterCast, but honestly, it was somewhat frustrating at times to listen to this episode.

    Look, we all have been begging, pleading, perhaps even praying that they finally make one of the films geared toward the hardcore fans of the books. I believe that they did that this time. Of course, they had to do some little things (like added exposition) to try to keep the movie-only fans understanding some parts of the movie, but that is always to be expected from the Harry Potter films.

    I love the fact that they just threw in the mirror with no explanation, and I think that’s the best proof that they were finally thinking of us. Honestly, who cares if those who don’t read the books don’t understand it?

    I could watch this film and pretend that they hadn’t majorly screwed up the films that came before it, and that’s saying a lot. I’ve been hypercritical of the previous films, starting with PoA. I always enjoyed the films fo entertainment value, but was always frustrated with the mistakes and changes they made. I can honestly say that not one of the changes they made to part 1 of DH bothered me whatsoever. None of them were improtant.

    Of course, there were some things that I was really looking forward to seeing in the film (like Kreacher’s tale and his turn around) that weren’t put in, but still that didn’t bother me because it wasn’t important, and I can always read the book to see those scenes in my mind.

    I hope you guys release another PC soon. Love the show.

  33. Peeves Says:

    Can you please explain your discussion of Ariana being violated? What is the source of this speculation- from books or from an interview with Rowling? Did she hint at that? Is there speculation that that was the reason Dumbledore’s father attacked the muggles? Because they were responsible for the attack on Ariana? Or that that is why she was sick/ill etc? You can’t just bring that up out of nowhere and then drop it. I’m still scratching my head over here. I’ve never heard this speculation anywhere else! Please let us know where that is coming from.
    Otherwise, great podcast! Keep up the good work!

  34. Hillary Says:

    Great Pottercast… Did anyone catch the Twilight reference? I am not a Twilight person, but it totally made me giggle. Right when Hermione starts reading the Tale of the 3 Brothers she says they were walking at twilight and Ron says something like “no, midnight – Mum always said midnight”. Hermione gives him the look and Ron says “right, twilight is fine – better even”. Hehehe.
    I loved the movie and agree with your assessment of the “problem areas” but I was bummed that there was absolutely no mention or use of Harry’s invisibility cloak (hello – it’s a Hallow!). I was also hoping for some info about wand lore that will help explain things in the end. Maybe in part 2. Overall I was completely happy with the film. The trio were finally the people I imaigned in the books.

  35. Spenser Says:

    Aberforth could not be in cahoots with Snape, because Snape is a “bad guy” in the eyes of everyone but Dumbledore, and Dumbledore is dead
    :(. So I still can’t wait to see how the heck Snape knew where they were. Also Runcorn (Harry polyjuised) didn’t take the eye of the door (97.1% sure that he didn’t). I did miss the anger and frustration that should have been there when his wand was broken and it reminded me of the time his nimbus 2000 was smashed, not much of a reaction. but over all I liked it, and can’t wait for part two of both the podcast and the movie.
    Thanks for the great podcast.

    P.S. This is the first time listening to your podcast and loved it, and will continue to listen.

  36. Erica Jean Says:

    This one is by far my favorite HP film! It was so emotional right from the get-go. Hermione obliviating her parents is heart-wrenching! I know they changed alot of polyjuice potions scenes, like at the wedding and Godrics Hollow, but did anyone really think that they would cut Dan, Emma, and Ruperts star time like that? I saw that coming! Also, can we talk about how flippin’ scary Nangini is in this film? Can wait to see her in her floating bubble next film! Oh! and when Dobby says, “Dobby has no master, Dobby is a free elf!” I just started crying right then because that’s what Harry carves on his grave. Also the only thing that was cut, that I would have liked to have seen, was the death of Peter Pettigrew. Although, honestly, I kinda knew they would cut it cause it’s a really dark scene.

  37. Natalia Says:

    random question; quite unrelated buuut here i go: I used to be a regular listener and then took a bit off… now i am back and i was wondering, did u ever release the full story about the trio’s kids? i remember i quit listening about half way through the story and i would love to hear the whole thing put together and i am sure other fans agree! thanks!

  38. Sarah Says:

    How come you guys don’t record every week like you used to?

  39. Alex Says:

    @ Sarah,

    I can’t speak for either Melissa, John or Frak, but I think it all depends on how busy they are.
    Melissa is apparently working on a new book as well as organising LeakyCon ’11, John is probably busy being a web designer and Frak works.
    So there isn’t a lot of time for them to get on Skype and record as much as they used to a few years ago, especially when Sue was on board(I wonder if they still talk to her at all).
    But they have recorded a new show over the weekend via Livestream and Skype.

  40. Reneรฉ Says:

    DH1 was awesome! But I did have some comments to make about it after listening to your review.

    Good things: We hear Hermione do the protective spells around the camp, and they’re exactly the right spells from the book. And Luna is awesome. I love her line at the wedding, “Let’s go Daddy. Harry doesn’t want to talk to us right now. He’s just too polite to say so.” And the moment with Luna & Dobby was really cool.


    -In his speech at the Ministry, Scrimgeour calls himself the “Minister FOR Magic” (the British term) instead of “Minister OF Magic” (the American term).

    -In the scene at the graveyard in Godric’s Hollow, Harry says “Merry Christmas, Hermione.” But in the other films, they always said “Happy Christmas” instead of “Merry Christmas” (since they say “Happy Christmas” in Britain).

    -Even though they already established some rapport between Luna and Dobby, they cut Luna’s speech at Dobby’s grave! Why??

    Keep up the good work!

  41. Sarah Says:

    Thanks Alex! I figured it was probably that they were busier, it’s just been so long since we’ve had another PotterCast, and the enthusiasm doesn’t seem to be there anymore. If they recorded another show recently, then hopefully we’ll be getting it soon.

    I wonder if they still talk to Sue as well?


  42. Alex Says:

    That’s ok, Sarah.

    230 is up now anyway and yeah, someone should ask them if they do talk to Sue at all.

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