PotterCast 226

The Secrets of Shell Cottage

Release Date: Sept 17, 2010
Record Date: Sept 9, 2010 @ 2:30pm EST

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This week’s PotterCast included: Harry Potter News Wrap, Deathly Hallows Bit by Bit, Final Films Forecast, and the Wrapup!

Pre-show notes included:

Chapter 25 – Shell Cottage.

Bill and Fleur’s cottage stood alone on a cliff overlooking the sea, its walls embedded with shells and whitewashed. It was a lonely and beautiful place. Wherever Harry went inside the tiny cottage or its garden, he could hear the constant ebb and flow of the sea, like the breathing of some great, slumbering creature…

Listeners say…

…[T]his chapter represents a true turning point for Harry’s character. We see him evolve throughout the 7th book, but it is here in this chapter where we see him take an independent role in determining his future as well as the future of the wizarding world. He insists on speaking with the injured, despite Fleur’s remonstrations. And he – independently from Hermione and Ron and the adults – determines what needs to be done, which course he needs to take (i.e. the Horcruxes)… (Lissa)

…Lupin comes to deliver the news of Teddy Lupin’s birth and that Harry will be godfather, and I think this is a moment people often overlook. As far as we know Pettigrew never had kids and Sirius certainly didn’t so the only two Mauraders kids are Harry and Teddy… (Sam)

…In many ways this is the most important chapter in the series, both for the plot and Harry’s character. Harry realizes that the Horcruxes are more important than the Hallows. The[y] allowed Voldemort to return and take away the most important people in his life [and] Harry decides he must confront Voldemort and even if he had the Hallows it would be all for-not. And really this chapter set up Harry’s choices in the final chapters…(Bryan)

4. Final Films Forecast – OK that was a lame title, but this is the new segment we’ll do to talk about the upcoming Deathly Hallows films, starting at the beginning!

What’s the earliest scenes you’ve noticed from the trailers and/or photos that have been released?

Listeners Say…

…In recent pics, it looks like the very first chapter, “The Dark Lord Ascending” will be in the film, which is great because it is such an ominous scene and they cut the first chapter of Half-Blood Prince in the film version… (Oliver)

…[L]oads of miniature calendar pictures were leaked a while ago which show loads of scenes from Deathly Hallows Part.1, such as Fred and George taking Polyjuice from MadEye, Snape in Malfoy Manor and Xeno Lovegood… (Lee)

…Earliest scene I saw was Harry letting Hedwig fly around Privet Drive…(Clare)

5. Wrapup –

What do YOU want us to mention about the Potter fandom this week? Let us know!

Listeners say…

Callout for New Image Galleries handlers, particular in international timezones

— A Very Potter Sequel: Listeners want more of the hosts’ thoughts and favorite moments

— ABC family sneak peeks

— Will you answer the pleas to bring back Cannon Conundrums and Are You Smarter Than John Noe???

Transcript for PC226

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100 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 226: The Secrets of Shell Cottage”

  1. Helen Says:

    HEYY Pottercast!!
    Love the show! I always listening to it when I’m down and it cheers me up! Hope it never ends for a long time!! (or at least til I’m 20). Thanks for all the information!! I am going to Universal Studios just to see the Harry Potter theme park 🙂 luv ya!!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Hey PotterCasters 🙂
    Just wanted to say I love the new look of the site. I love the show it keeps me entertained on my long bus rides home from school.
    Keep up the awesome work! 😀

  3. Katie Says:

    Thanks so much for coming back! I just listened to the newest episode and I got excited when you guys were talking about having a segment talking about the upcoming DH movie! I’m looking forward to that!

  4. Katie *from chicago* Says:

    Yay pottercast! I love the show and the new website! I love listening! I’m listening right now as I’m filling out my applications for college! The podcasts make the process so much more enjoyable =]

  5. Lee Says:

    Regarding the Deathly Hallows Bit by Bit on the Shell Cottage chapter. I always feel a special connection to this chapter. In the book, Shell Cottage is set in Cornwall, England. However, in the film the cottage is set on a beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Wales is next to England (still in the UK) and I live not far from where the film-makers filmed the scenes on the beach and at Shell Cottage. I’m planning on travelling down to the beach to reread Deathly Hallows and I’ll sit by the spot where they filmed Dobby’s death. 🙁 Anyway, I love the whole chapter, as it’s the final safe haven before the trio go off into danger again. It’s also the place where Harry leans towards the Horcruxes over Hallows, I think.

  6. Katie *from chicago* Says:

    For the Final Films Forecast segment: In the 2nd trailer they show what looks like Harry being attacked by Nagini in Godrics Hallow. But if you look closely the room they are in appears to be a child’s room. Could it be Harry’s bedroom as a kid in his parents house? Maybe they changed this scene to appear in in Harry’s old house rather than Bathilda’s. I’d love to hear what you guys thought about this! Thanks!

  7. Maria Says:

    The earliest scene that I’ve noticed is hagrid and harry in the motorbike, but even that’s for a split second, it’s even hard to distinguish the 2 of them. the next earliest was tottingham court road, where the trio rushes through the crowds in muggle london. i’m so glad that pottercast is back, it’s been a long summer without you guys 🙂

  8. Lee Says:

    I’m not sure if you know, but loads of miniature calendar pictures were leaked a while ago which show loads of scenes from Deathly Hallows Part.1, such as Fred and George taking Polyjuice from MadEye, Snape in Malfoy Manor and Xeno Lovegood.

    Here they are – http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/12700000/-Deathly-Hallows-calendar-harry-potter-12770826-900-1335.jpg


    You could mention them on the Final Films Forecast.

  9. Clare Says:

    Awesome to hear your voices again!

    Earliest scene I saw was Harry letting Hedwig fly around Privet Drive.

    Can you talk about AVPS in the drums? Favorite scenes/songs/characters?


  10. Josiah Says:

    Hello!!!! I think you guys should talk about A Very Potter Sequel in the drums!!You should also talk about some of the things that are going to be at LeakyCon2011 and stuff like that!!!! Cool!! Thanks!!

  11. Kailey Says:

    Hey Since you guys decided to get rid of the Half Blood Prince sagment, you should really release the commentary you did a couple months back that was never put on itunes.

  12. Susan Says:

    I have also been thinking that the scene with Nagini attacking Harry must be in his nursery, not in Bathilda’s house. I just rewatched SS and the nursery there looks very similar, if not identical, to the quick look we have in the trailer. If so, I really think that might be a poignant change from the books: Harry actually reenters his childhood home (instead of just standing at the front gate) and goes up to the room where his parents gave their lives defending his own. It would be a quiet, personal, moment – and Nagini’s attack therefore all the more shocking.

  13. Randy Says:

    Hey PotterCast,

    The new site is amazing and so easy to use and has great new features! I’m glad to see the effort to keep things fresh and exciting and I can’t wait to continue bit by bit!

    I’m not sure if this is the place to address this but maybe address like the hotels for leakycon. If you can’t get a room in one of the two places how inconvenient would it be to stay elsewhere.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  14. Lissa Says:

    Chapter 25 – Shell Cottage

    I think this chapter represents a true turning point for Harry’s character. We see him evolve throughout the 7th book, but it is here in this chapter where we see him take an independent role in determining his future as well as the future of the wizarding world. He insists on speaking with the injured, despite Fleur’s remonstrations. And he – independently from Hermione and Ron and the adults – determines what needs to be done, which course he needs to take (i.e. the Horcruxes). While reading the chapter, I was proud of how far Harry had come since book 1, and I enjoyed traveling the journey with him as HE made the decisions. In the past, it was often Dumbledore (or Hermione) who did the thinking.

  15. jessica Says:

    what’s up pottercasters?! it would be great if you guys could talk about the scene from one of the early trailers which shows hermione walking along some road in a neighborhood clutching the beaded bag. im not sure what that scene is about, and i would love to hear what you guys think. 🙂

  16. jessica Says:

    maybe you could also include the bit from some of the abc family sneak peeks, which show hermione running towards ron in malfoy manor. something sounding like glass exploded, right before she screamed. chandelier? i don’t know. they were supposed to apparate using the wand harry threw them. but there’s no sign of harry or griphook, just ron and hermione. thoughts?

  17. Alex Says:

    About the Deathly Hallows:

    Did you notice the manner in which the owners of each Deathly Hallow died? In the Tale of the Three Brothers, the brother who owned the wand was murdered, the brother who owned the resurrection stone killed himself, and the brother who owned the invisibility cloak accepted death when it was his time.

    Dumbledore owned the Elder Wand, and was murdered.

    Voldemort “owned” the resurrection stone, at least before Dumbledore stole it to get rid of the horcrux, and he technically killed himself since it was his AK that killed him.

    Harry owned the cloak and he walked toward death and accepted his fate when it was his time.

    More foreshadowing from Jo, that crafty woman. I just noticed all of that during another recent re-read in preparation for the upcoming films, and I was wondering if any of you had noticed it as well.

  18. TarsieS Says:

    I think the earliest bit I’ve seen in the trailers is Hedwig being released. But then Melissa saw the 7 Potters – roughly same bit.

    Shell cottage has always struck me as a breather. A chance to absorb everything that has happened so far and prepare for the one last push which will then take place within a 24 hour span. This breather is not only for the characters – but for the readers. A beautiful and well crafted chapter.

  19. Maggie Says:

    Hey Pottercast!
    As I was listening to some of the old pottercasts, a thought struck me. The bit of Voldemort’s soul that was in Harry was killed, so does this mean he can’t talk to snakes anymore, seeing as this was one of the traits that he picked up from the bit of soul? Just wondering.
    Glad you’re back!

  20. Lily Says:

    Hey Pottercast! Welcome back 🙂
    I noticed that in one of the trailers we see Ollivander telling Harry about the Hallows. Because of this I thought that the scene at the Lovegood’s house may not be included in the film. I’d love to hear what you guys think!

  21. JenPix Says:

    Hi Pottercasters, I adore the new site, it is superb and very easy to use.
    Shell Cottage was a lovely chaptor. The most beautiful image (second most after Lunas ‘friends’ artwork) was the idea of Luna arranging sea lavender in a jam jar by Dobbys headstone.
    At the begining of the chaptor as they discuss Harrys decision to go after Horcruxes instead of Hallows I actually felt a lot of sympathy for Ron . They are making a huge desision based on what Harry feels, and we know Harry is not always right. They are trying to second guess what Dumbledore planned for them to do months ago before his death. Its an amazing amount of faith in Dumbledore that he would have predicted every move they would make and that they would end up in this place making this choice.

    Anyway thats what stood out from the chaptor for me, just a feeling of holy cr*p I hope they chose the right thing!

    BTW I missed you guys 🙂

  22. Lee Says:

    Hey guys – please mention this on PotterCast! If not this one then the next one.

    Final Films Forecast – There is a picture of Snape. I believe that it’s his death scene. Here it is – http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk18/decarus427/DH/snape%20death/storyhigh24.png

    I think that it’s a shot from Nagini’s point of view. She’s kept in a bubble in the air, while Voldemort talks to Snape about the Elder Wand. Snape seems to be glancing at the snake as Voldemort speaks to him, before the Dark Lord orders her to kill him. Snape also looks a distressed.

    I also think it takes place in the Boathouse. If you look at the bottom of the picture, you can see water or a large lake with a hill in the background.

    The boathouse has also changed shape and design. We last saw it in Sorcerer’s Stone, but we saw it again in the Deathly Hallows Trailer and it has changed shape. The filmmakers must have done it for a reason.

    Here it is in Deathly Hallows – http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100810162945/harrypotter/images/thumb/e/ee/BOAT_HOUSE.jpg/250px-BOAT_HOUSE.jpg

    Please, please mention this 🙂

  23. Sam Says:

    Hey Pottercasters!

    Just a comment on the Shell Cottage chapter. Lupin comes to deliver the news of Teddy Lupin’s birth and that Harry will be godfather, and I think this is a moment people often overlook. As far as we know Pettigrew never had kids and Sirius certainly didn’t so the only two Mauraders kids are Harry and Teddy.

    Which makes the Harry + Teddy relationship very interesting. In the epilogue it is mentioned that Teddy is almost like family. And considering the relationship between the Mauraders he almost is like family. And I imagine Teddy’s relationship with Harry to be similar to Harry’s with Sirius.

    Sirius was much less of a protective, fatherlike godfather than an older brother to Harry, a guiding figure no doubt, but still more like a close friend. Harry and Teddy have a lot in common, both orphans of war both children of Mauraders and I think that the relationship between the two would reflect that as more of a friendship than a godfather-son sort of deal.

    Anyways just some random thoughts. Looking forward to the discussion on the chapter.


  24. Jack Says:

    Hi Pottercast 🙂
    The new site is looking awesome and the new segments are already making me more overlly excited for Deathly Hallows 🙂 Thanks!!
    Do you think that the Carrow standing in front of the train in the trailer is when Luna gets captured??
    I was just wondering if it has been confirmed that we will see Ron and Hermione go into the Chamber of Secrets?
    Also can you please talk about AVPS in the drums.
    AND also have you been on the forbidden journey ride at WWOHP and if you have, how is it?
    Great to hear your voices again!! 🙂

  25. Micaela Says:

    Hi! I’m a new listener to Pottercast and I want to say I love the show. I’m so mad I didn’t get into Harry Potter earlier, life would be so much better.
    The new look for the site is also awesome. It’s easier for us noobs to navigate through. XD Me and technology are not always friends.

    I don’t have any ideas about the next episode, but
    I second the idea of talking about AVPS and the ABC family sneak peeks.

  26. Haley Says:

    Hi! I love this podcast, and i’m so excited for the new show. You should talk about the ABC family preview, the split, the new EW article, and all that good stuff. Also, I’d love to hear what you guys thought about Forbidden Journey (if you went on it), I personally loved it. Also, just a side note, please make commentaries for the HBP and POA movies, I love the movie commentaries and those are my two favorite movies. But yeah can’t wait for number 225! 😀

  27. jessica Says:

    sorry, im a little slow… what does AVPS stand for?

  28. Sam Says:

    Jessica – A Very Potter Sequel

    as in the sequel to A Very Potter Musical

  29. jessica Says:

    oh oops… and i thought i was up to date on my potter abbreviations! ah well! 🙂 and is it just me, or did pottercast change their recording date for 225 from today to august 18, or am i going crazy? did they change it because they need more time to talk about the split?

  30. Clare Says:

    Hey Pottercast!
    Love the new site! I was wondering if you could talk a bit more about Infinitus, because LeakyCon 2011 will be my first conference and I wanted to know more about what conferences are like. Thanks!

  31. Weston D Says:

    Please, Please don not cut down the episode length. I love getting as much Pottercast as I can, and would be very disappointed if the episodes were only 45 min.

  32. TheAnon Says:

    I think you should at least mention the fact that Harry and Voldemort are related. Nobody seems to have realized that, since Voldemort is a descendent of the second Peveral brother and Harry is a descendent of the third, that makes them great great great great great cuzins, or something.

  33. Akshay Says:

    Chapter 25 will actually be (supposedly, according to the brand new news about the split) the beginning of Part 2 of the Deathly Hallows film! So this is a very special and exciting Deathly Hallows Bit by Bit.

  34. Sam Says:

    I’d prefer weekly 45 minute episodes to biweekly/monthly 1hr + shows like we’ve had the last little while

  35. Oliver Says:

    I’m glad Pottercast is a dedicated fan following of Harry Potter and is still keeping the momentum going! In recent pics, it looks like the very first chapter, “The Dark Lord Ascending” will be in the film, which is great because it is such an ominous scene and they cut the first chapter of Half-Blood Prince in the film version.

    Has anybody ever seen a ballet version of Harry Potter? It would be awesome if a ballet company were to take on this task and a lot of kids would go see it.

  36. Enya Says:

    Hi Pottercast!
    Just noticed on iTunes that I downloaded your first episode 5 years ago this Saturday, CRAZY RIGHT?!? I love the show, and can’t wait for new episodes! If you guys ever stop making Pottercasts I don’t know what I would do! For almost the last five years Pottercast is what I listen to when I am going to sleep! (No wonder I often dream about Harry Potter!) I am a huge fan of both you guys and the Harry Potter saga, and I got my first Harry Potter book in a school book order in FIRST grade! I was so proud and brought it home and was done within the week (I was gifted even then!) (With that said, I am sad that I have never been on Skype during a live recording and been able to be on “Are You Smarter than John Noe?”) I have since become a regular HP anonymous frequenter. 🙂

  37. Alex Says:

    Oh do talk about the split and the misinformation we had just recently about the supposed new footage that was shown in Japan.

    Also, will either this or 226 be the 5th anniversary podcast?

  38. Kate Says:

    Hi pottercast!
    I’ve been listening since ep. 17 and you guys never fail to entertain and keep the laughs coming. Thanks for posting all the past episodes!
    In regards to the shell cottage chapter, looking back this is the chapter when we really see Harry become a Man, make logical decisions and become the chosen one he was destined to be. I hope you will discuss this in the recording.
    Also, please please PLEASE bring back cannon connundrums! revisit the past ones or address lingering questions. By far the best segment ever, but of course the whole show is great 🙂

  39. Steve Says:

    I loved the split at first, thinking how awesome Deathly Hallows: Part I will be. However…
    Now, Deathly Hallows: Part II mostly takes place within 24 hours and doesn’t have the plot arcs that a good movie needs. It’s all battles and busy concluding different plotlines, I’m concerned that the movie will feel stretched out and just feel like a loooong conclusion.
    Let me know what you think!

  40. Bryan Says:

    Shell Cottage:

    In many ways this is the most important chapter in the series, both for the plot and Harry’s character. Harry realizes that the Horcruxes are more important than the Hallows. The Horcruxes allowed Voldemort to return and take away the most important people in his life – Sirius, Dumbledore, Hedwig, Mad-Eye, Dobby and countless nameless, faceless innocnets along the way. Harry decides he must confront Voldemort and even if he had the Hallows it would be all for-not. And really this chapter set up Harry’s choices in the final chapters: to go and face death at Voldemort’s hand and then to return and face Voldemort once and for all.

  41. Chris Says:

    I’ll join the chorus of a few other posters and agree that you guys should talk about AVPS…there was a small mention of it in the last podcast (and some pretty funny Umbridge impressions) but I’d like to hear a little bit more, since I personally loved it to bits.

  42. Wyn Says:

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to say that something which stood out to me in the “Shell Cottage” chapter was the fact that because Shell Cottage was away from all the action of the war, Harry felt as restless and angry as usual.

    However, this time, instead of rushing blindly into the action, he chose to stay put and figure out his next move.

    I think this shows that over the years, he learned that by planning out his actions, he would be able to achieve better results.

    An example of when he did not do this was when he went to the Ministry in book five after seeing his vision of Sirius. He rushed into the action without a plan and Sirius ended up getting killed.

    Now at Shell Cottage, he chooses to make a plan and by doing so, manages to break into Gringotts and escapes, for the most part, sucessful.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  43. Sarah Says:

    Hi PotterCast! I love the new website AND the podcast in general. One thing that might be helpful to add also is instructions on how to be a part of future episodes, just to verify for those of us who aren’t sure.

    Also, what happened to Are You Smarter Than John Noe? Canon conundrums aren’t happening as often as they used to either. I enjoyed both of those very much.

    One more question – I’ve found that the podcasts come every OTHER week even though it says they are recorded every week. Which is the correct interval for the podcasts to arrive??

    Thx. 🙂

  44. Oliver Says:

    Can you please discuss whether or not you know if Jo Rowling has been approached by illustrators to do the Harry Potter graphic novel? It’s only natural that there should be a Harry potter graphic novel.

  45. Chris Says:

    Just wanted to third the request for you guys to talk about the ABC Family sneak peaks. Specifically for “The Story” one. Would be fun to do a frame by frame!

  46. jessica Says:

    you should talk more about the comic con footage, considering that the audio has been leaked online. that would be amazing! thanks much.

  47. emily c Says:

    this relates to both chapter 24 and the movie- has anyone heard if dobby’s funeral will be included in the movie? dobby’s death and burial was, for me, the most emotional scene of the book and i will be extremely angry if it’s cut. it sums up so much of the main messages of the series, mainly that every life is to be valued and everyone can contribute to the fight against evil. dobby has been sadly missing from all of the books except CoS, and i’ve been ok with it, but if this is missing too…will be so angry with kloves!

  48. Lydia Says:

    hi guys i thought it would be cool if you could talk about a very potter sequel as i thought it was awesome (especially lauren lopez) and i would just like to hear your views on it because i really think it was a credit to the fandom of harry potter as a whole 🙂

  49. Georgia Says:

    Hey dudes!
    It says August 18, but it also says not yet recorded… whats up?
    i loved Luna talking when they buried Dobby. Luna is my favorite character, and Dobby is defiantly up there too. When he dies, i slowly slipped my bookmark in, put it down, and cried. This was one of the parts that makes you want to stop reading it (Ron leaving was another). But after 3 days you go “What happened next?! How is it possible I put that down?!” and you race up to your room and read it until your mother screams at you that you don’t get enough fresh air, go play with the next door neighbors before they leave for canada.
    AVPS in drums would be cool!

  50. Becky_staff Says:

    Scheduling got in the way this week, Georgia, but the Melissa, John and Frak are on top of it. The next show should be recorded this week. Keep an eye out for announcements here, on facebook or twitter!

  51. Phoenix Says:

    Hey Pottercast! My favorite part is when Luna said that it was really unfair that Dobby died because it is and it’s just SO horrible how Bellatrix has to kill Sirius and then Dobby! And his last words: “Harry Potter” that made me so sad and I miss Dobby so much! It would also be cool if the people on Pottercast doing the recording each dedicated something to Dobby.

  52. Lily Says:

    Why does the date keep getting pushed back? Originally it was supposed to be recorded a week ago and now it says next week. I’m losing faith, Pottercast.

  53. Ali Says:

    Hello PotterCast!

    I’m so glad that you guys are back! And I love the new website… I, for one, and not too disappointed about the recording date being pushed back because it is now being recorded on my birthday 🙂 (I’m going to assume you are doing this as a person birthday present for me). In addition, I’m going to WWoHP on Thursday so I will be ready and excited for some Harry Potter discussion!

    As previously pointed out, the Shell Cottage chapter is a turning point in DH because it is where Harry makes his final decision to go after Horcruxes instead of Hallows. This chapter is the calm before the storm of craziness that is the Final Battle. I also love the when Remus comes to announce Teddy’s birth. You can really tell that he took Harry’s advice (or whatever it was) to heart!

    I also agree with everyone who suggested that you talk about AVPS in the drums!

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  54. TheAnon Says:

    I also have an idea for a canon conundrum; what house would Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Monica from friends be in? =3

  55. Alex Says:

    Now it’s pushed back to the 26th.
    It was the 25th last time I checked, I guess its the amount of new stuff from DH1 that has come out which needs to be read through and talked about hopefully with this call out show they may doing as PC225.

  56. Ceolan Says:

    Whats happened to Ustream, could you publish the dates you go live on ustream and the times

  57. Kyle Says:

    I just have a question. Were there ever any other actors who were considered for the role of Voldemort?

  58. Mosaico Says:

    Hey Pottercast! Guys i just want to know if Umbridge have a dueling scene with harry or hermione. Or she is just stunned.

    Really looking for this episode.

  59. adam Says:

    the only thing that confused me was there was no talk with ollivander b4 voldelmort took the elder wand i heard grendelwald says something about dumbledore having it is this true does it seem clear (to non readers of course) that dumbledore’s wand is the elder wand before voldelmort takes it?

  60. Michael Says:

    I’m actually to lazy to read all of the above comments, but a quick ctrl+f suggests that his hasn’t been brought up yet. What do y’all think about Hedwig’s death getting changes – even though she still dies, I’m kinda mad about it being messed with at all.

    Also, there were several mentions of the Shell Cottage chapter being a turning point in Harry’s life – the whole Hedwig’s death thing was supposed to be a similar symbolic “Harry’s not a child anymore” moment. At least they left one alone.

  61. Katie Tellez Says:

    He guys! This has been killing me since i’ve heard it. Please tell more about Hermione getting “Mudblood” carved into her arm! Please! Also the Ron/Hermione scenes! Love the show! Thank you so much!

  62. Lee Says:

    In the Test Screening cut of the film, does Greyback get any lines ? Please answer! 🙂

  63. Don Says:

    Was the locket scene where harry/hermione are topless and kissing, CGI? Or were actors actually acting out using motion capture? please answer!!!

  64. FilmGirl27 Says:

    Hi Pottercast! 🙂

    Just a few questions that I and some other fans have about the test screening version of Deathly Hallows Part 1.

    1) Could you give us more details about the train scene? We know that the Death Eater is looking for Harry and that Neville stands up to him, but more info would be appreciated.

    2) Was the scene from the trailer where Filch has students locked up featured in the film? Also, the scene where Ron or Harry (I can’t remember) chases a rabbit?

    3)Could you give us more detail on the Ministry scene? Does Hermione go to the court room, does Ron go to stop the raining in the guys office, etc?

    4)What about the scene where Snape spoke in front of 300 kids, was it in there?

    Lol, I’m totally aware I ask a lot of questions. If you can answer, thanks so much! 🙂

  65. sofia502 Says:

    could you mention if they are any scenes from ron’s journey after he leaves? do harry and hermione talk during their dance? when is ron mentioned so that he hears hermione’s voice through the deluminator?
    thank you so much!!

  66. Lee Says:

    Oh and if Edward could answer this in regards to the test screening:

    Will the Potter house be the same one as shown in Sorcerer’s Stone ?

    Please wanswer 🙂

  67. Jessie Walz Says:

    Hey Melissa, John(I hope i spelt that right! there might not be an h in your name) and Frack!(again spelling) i just wanted to say thati love the show! listen to it all the time and am itching for a new one! i have a quick harry potter question that dspratly needs awensering: what house was moaning myrtle in during her time at Hogwarts? Thanks!

  68. Kieran Says:

    I really like the Shell Cottage chapter, it’s really calming and emotional after the whole ordeal of Malfoy Manor and the Snachers. Also, I really wanna see “Are you Smarter” and “Canon Conclusions/Coclundrums” back. I will most likely be watching (it’s on Thursday night right?) and I hope to see you there.

    Thanks for reading ^_^.

  69. Isabel Says:

    Hey PotterCast!!
    The Shell Cottage chapter is one of my favorites, because it takes a break from all the action. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE action, but it was nice to take a break. Also, this is a real turning point for Harry!! Thanks for reading!! 🙂

  70. FilmGirl27 Says:

    Oh dear, LOL more questions from fans about the test screening! 😛

    1) Was the 1980 flashback shown?

    2) Was there a flashback to the cave during Kreacher’s tale?

    Again thanks for your time, it’s much appreciated 🙂

  71. Zach francis Says:

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    The turning point in Deathly Hallows comes when Harry realizes, while digging a grave for poor Dobby, that he needs to go after the Horcruxes. Voldemort and his Death Eaters are responsible for the deaths of so many, including Harry’s parents and Dobby. The Hallows have become less important to Harry than ridding the world of Voldemort and his minions, so Harry chooses to destroy the horcruxes, and trust Dumbledore after all .

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    I am still waiting for the Half-Blood Prince commentary from PotterCast.

    At least the last episode wasn’t just all goofy. Its nice to see them talk about it like its not a big joke like they usually do. I miss Sue. She kept it about Harry Potter and not their dumb jokes.

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