PotterCast 225

Bootleg Edward Spoils Deathly Hallows

Release Date: September, 3rd 2010
Record Date: Aug 26, 2010 @ 2:30pm EST

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1. Leaky has been counting down to Deathly Hallows with a daily quote! Rupert had a birthday August 24th, Happy Birthday to him! He was at the Regent Street Apple Store talking about, among several topics, crying at the end of filming “Deathly Hallows”. We play the audio clip of “Deathly Hallows” Footage from Comic-Con Released Online Spoiler Alert! Leaky’s Wizarding World of HP, iPhone and Android App! Have you downloaded it?

Bootleg Edward has seen Deathly Hallows as you all know by now and we ask him questions about the movie.

Listeners Ask…

– [C]an Edward talk about the scenes preceding the WB logo? (Skype: aoifefindlay1, pronounced Ee-fah)

– Please tell us about the Dursleys Departing. Do Harry and Dudley shake hands, or is there any dialogue there? (GinaC)

– What do y’all think about Hedwig’s death getting change[d]? (Michael)

– How true to the books were the scenes in Malfoy Manor? (Anastasia)

– How is Dobby (re)introduced? Where has he been? (KJRiddle)

– Please [talk] more about Hermione getting “Mudblood” carved into her arm. (Katie)

– Are [there] any scenes from Ron’s journey after he leaves? (sofia502)

– Will the Potter house be the same one as shown in Sorcerer’s Stone? Does Greyback get any lines ? (Lee)

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97 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 225: Bootleg Edward Spoils Deathly Hallows”

  1. adam Says:

    theo nly thing that confused me was no talk with ollivander before voldelmort takes the elder wand i heard in another review grendelwald says something aobut having it is that true? is it made clear dumbledores wand is the elder wand before voldelmort takes it?

    and im also redaign conflicitng reports regaruding how the dursles departing is handled could you enlighten us on both of these poitns please?

    thank you

  2. adam Says:

    only* reading*

  3. adam Says:

    dursleys* points* sorry i was doing many things at once when i posted this

  4. Micaela Says:

    It may be a dumb question, but I just want to know:
    Where Hermione’s hands bloody in the actual film?

  5. kat Says:

    Hey pottercast. I would love to hear more about the wedding! Also, this is just a comment, but by the way Edward described the way Dobby is reintroduced makes me so excited! Him being there in the movie before he dies will really make a much bigger impact.

  6. Leo Says:

    I have two if that’s alright.

    -I was wondering how the Death Eater and Voldemort’s overall presence in the wizarding world was in the film. Was there a sense that the trio could be caught and taken away at any moment and did it feel like the world really was taken over by Voldemort?

    -How do you think that regular movie-going audience will react to this film as opposed to the previous Potters.

  7. Aziz Says:

    Does Narcissa Malfoy get any lines? Do we see her looking out for Draco and Lucius?

    When Harry is being comforted by Hermione during the graveyard scene, is Bathilda shown after those two have their moment together or during?

    I’m sorry, but I’m dying dying dying for these questions to be answered. It would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Ana Says:

    1. How did the trio learned of Potterwatch? (From what I understand they were listening to it before Ron leaves).

    2. What is exactly is mentioned of the horcruxes? Does the trio discuss the probable items used as horcruxes? Is Hufflepuffs cup mentioned at all?

  9. Riley Says:

    Being a Remus fan, and hearing that the Grimmauld Place scene where he and Harry fight is not in the film, I was wondering how his character and the plot line with him and Tonks was handled. Was his character given some justice as compared to the past two films? I heard about a good scene between him and Harry after the Seven Potters; how was that? Basically, any info relating to Lupin would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Ana Says:

    Ooh almost forgot…

    3. Did Grindelwald really sell Dumbledore out by telling Voldemort the Elder’s wand location? (In the book Dumbledore and Harry discuss this in King’s Cross, as how maybe he had truly reformed…)

  11. Jackie Says:

    During Hermione’s torture in Malfoy Manor, do we see actually see her or is It more off screen
    And we just hear her screaming?

    I’ve been reading reports that the scenes at Godric’s Hollow and Malfoy Manor seemed rushed. What did you think about these scenes?

    Does the movie show Harry’s obsession
    With the hallows?

    Are there any lines in the movie that were taken straight from the book?

  12. Tia Wilson Says:

    Were the deaths of Fred, Tonks and Lupin as powerful as they were in the book? And was Harry’s talk with Dumbledore while Harry was half dead as good as it was in the book?

  13. Tia Wilson Says:

    Is the Burro explained? In the 6th film it was burnt to the ground. How is it suddenly back and ready for the wedding?

  14. Mosaico Says:

    Umbridge has any dueling scene in the ministry infiltration?

  15. Brian Says:

    Was the power plant in the film? Also, how long were the Burrow scenes

  16. Ana Says:

    And another one…

    4) Does Harry find Lily’s letter in Sirius’ room?

  17. Luci Says:

    .. I been checking in all the reports and no one has really talked about this… Can you go into detail Ron’s departure and the Malfoy Manor? Moslty on how they acted, their emotionals reactions, like Is Ron and Harry’s fight intense? were they shouts? physical fighting? or was it toned down? In the Malfoy Manor, does Ron goes crazy like in the book where he is half sobbing? How was Harry’s reaction to Hermione’s screaming? Did Bellatrix put the “mudblood” word in Hermione’s arm with the wand or with the knife?THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  18. GinaC Says:

    Please tell us about the Dursleys Departing. Do Harry and Dudley shake hands, or is there any dialogue there?

  19. Adam Says:

    Is the cinematography good in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1? How does it compare to the cinematography in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?

  20. Martin Says:

    my skype name macedonianpotter

  21. Angela B Says:

    Does Harry remain as himself, cousin Barney or under the invisibility cloak for the wedding?

    And I have to ask, since she’s my favorite, how much do we see Luna (is she at the wedding, is she taken off the train, is she in the basement?).


  22. Brian Says:

    That shot of Ollivander we saw in the trailer. Was that at Malfoy Manor or was it when he was being tortured by Voldemort.

  23. Brian Says:

    Is there more dialogue to the Harry/Ron fight than we heard from the Comic Con audio?

  24. Brian Says:

    Do we see Dobby’s grave in the film?
    That shot of Filch in the official trailer. Was that in the film

  25. Brian Says:

    When do the titles appear? Does the dhot of Hermione pan up to reveal the titles? Or does the title appear in front of dark clouds

  26. Don Says:

    Was the harry/hermione locket scene CGI? Or did Dan and Emma really act it out?

  27. AlexKost Says:

    Do they cut the fight between Harry and Lupin?

  28. Aoife ('Ee-Fah') Says:

    I already sent this on Skype, but just in case that’s inappropriate :

    Hi PotterCast, can Edward talk about the scenes preceding the WB logo? I’ve read, in another report, that the scene where Hermione obliviates her parents’ memories is quite poignant.

    Also, does Harry lose / break his wand in the Bathilda Bagshot – Nagini  scene? If so, is it made clear that he’s really cut up about it?

    BTW,  I know my name is a HORROR to pronounce – it’s pronounced Ee-fah, but I’ll answer to Eva.

    Skype name : aoifefindlay1 / Aoife O’Donoghue Findlay

  29. vasia Says:

    how is the relationship of ron/hermione handeld in the movie?

  30. Jackie Says:

    I’ve read reports that say The Malfoy Manor and Godrics Hollow scenes are rushed. Do you think these scenes were given enough time?

  31. Mary Says:

    Did the movie feel as family friendly as the previous installments? Would it be suitable to take younger children to see?

  32. John Says:

    How did the movie opening started? was it like the opening for HBP and OOTP (clouds, WB logo and HP logo) or something creative like POA and GOF?

  33. John Says:

    sorry for this follow-up question, Was the powerplant/factory from the Deathly Hallows videogame in the movie?

  34. Scott Says:

    – Is there much blood in the film?

    – Does Dobbys grave have ‘Here lies Dobby, a free elf’

    – Was the arguement between Harry/Lupin in the movie?

    – Does the movie start with the WB logo?

  35. KJRiddle Says:

    • How is Dobby (re)introduced? Where has he been?
    • Did the flashbacks/memories regarding the Horcruxes contain any (new) exciting stuff, like unseen appearances of Slughorn, Dumbledore and Tom Riddle?

  36. KJRiddle Says:

    • Does some kind of deserted industrial park with cooling towers makes an appearance?
    • Why were the Trio hiding from dogs?

  37. abandonedboyjon Says:

    Edward, you mentioned the items from dumbledore’s will have a presence before they come into play, but it was reported that there is a big reveal for Ron in the silver doe scene. my question is this: do we see what happened to Ron and how exactly the deluminator aided his return?

  38. Jackie Says:

    During the Ministry infiltration do the trio keep their own voices when they polyjuice into the 3 Ministry workers?

  39. rachel Says:

    how do y’all think the bagshot scene is gonna go?!?!
    i saw pic of how batty gonna look, but she isnt the way i imagined….

    TIA, -rachel (a dedicated listener from the holy land of israel.)

  40. Brian Says:

    Do we see that shot of Filch locking kids up in the film?

  41. Brian Says:

    At Malfoy Manor, is Hermione tortured in the same room as the room in the opening scene?

  42. Brian Says:

    Does Xeno tell Harry about the Deathly Hallows and the significance of the Elder Wand?

  43. Brian Says:

    What sparks the argument between Harry and Ron? I heard it’s different from the book because Ron mentions the radio? Could you go into detail?

  44. Brian Says:

    Can you describe the Godric’s Hollow scene with Nagini? Also the two Malfoy Manor scenes?

  45. Brian Says:

    How many people attended the screening?

  46. Brian Says:

    Do we see Young Grindelwald and Dumbledore?
    Also what about that shot of Filch in the trailer? Is it included?

  47. Derrick Says:

    I 2nd the question Jackie had: During the Ministry infiltration do the trio keep their own voices when they polyjuice into the 3 Ministry workers?

  48. Emily Says:

    -Do Ron and Hermione dance in the wedding?
    -Do Ron and Hermione sleep with the hands too close like in the book?
    -Do Harry and Hermione read the Rita Skeeter’s book?
    -Has Ron the book that Fred and George give him for his birtday?

  49. Andy Matner Says:

    Is Neville in the scene on the train? Do you we see him much & with Ginny & Luna?

  50. Eszti Says:

    I’ve just remembered a report from a while ago,it mentioned something about a trailer park where the trio goes camping but the DEs burn it down.Was that actually in the movie?

  51. Brian Says:

    Can you describe Hermione’s torture scene? What does Bellatrix torture Hermione with? Please go into detail.

  52. Brian Says:

    How long would you say the camping scenes were? Also, please describe the Godric’s Hollow scene?

  53. Brian Says:

    For Hermione’s torture, does a whip sprout out of Bellatrix’s wand? Then does she grab a knife and give’s Hermione her cut on her throat abd arm?

  54. Lee Says:

    I am so looking forward to this show! Can’t wait to hear the questions answered! 😀

  55. Emily Says:

    Could you describe a scene between Ron and Hermione?

  56. Lee Says:

    Can you tell us how many scenes Tonks has in the film ? Does she have much dialogue ?

    I know it’s hard to tell, but when completed, would you say that this film is Oscar worthy ?

    Also, how are Riddle-Harry and Riddle-Hermione’s arms and hands positioned with the evil kiss?

  57. Caroline Says:

    How was Evanna Lynch’s performance in the film/ what scenes was she in?

  58. Brian Says:

    Does Bellatrix attack the Snatchers after the trio escape?

  59. Lee Says:

    Sorry for all of these questions, but one more thing:

    Do the Death Eaters in the 7 Potters scene fly on brooms AND in black smoke or just on brooms ?


  60. Brian Says:

    Do we see Voldemort at Malfoy Manor when Bella attacks the Snatchers?

  61. Brian Says:

    Is the fight between Harry and Ron drawn-out, or rushed?

  62. Brian Says:

    Can you go into detail the opening scene of Scrimgeour? Do you see his eyes then that shot if him in front of reporters? Is there more dialogue then the ones heard feom Comic con audio?

  63. Brian Says:

    Can you go into detail about the Nagini attack in Gidric’s Hollow?

  64. gerold Says:

    skype name= kalps.patel

  65. Brian Says:

    In the official trailer we see three people on brooms chasing a fireball. Is Hedwig on fire or is the motorbike?

  66. Brian Says:

    Were the completed effects we saw in the trailer (for example Nagini jumping at Harry) in the film?

  67. Brian Says:

    Does Bellatrix kill Death Eaters after the trio escape from Malfoy Manor? And if so, is Voldemort there? It was saud that we see dead bodies at the Manor?

  68. Brian Says:

    D’you think Hermione’s torture will make some people cry?

  69. Brian Says:

    Who gets hit by the chandalier in Malfoy Manor?Can you describe the escape scene and Dobby’s burial?

  70. Brian Says:

    Please describe Dobby’s burial and Voldemirt/DD

  71. Brian Says:

    Does Luna appear at the wedding?

  72. Brian Says:

    Can you give a detailed description of the wedding (before the Patronus)?

  73. Brian Says:

    Does Krum talk about Grindelwald to Harry when he gets angry at Xeno?

  74. Brian Says:

    When will this episode show up on iTunes?

  75. Yerko Difonis Says:

    Hey guys! I’d really like it if you could talk about how the missing information about the horcruxes (the info that should have been given in HBP) was learned by Harry and company. Thanks!

  76. Paul Says:

    WAS CHARLIE AT THE WEDDING?? DID THey CAst HIm?? How could they let a weasley die at the end without having THE ENTIRE FAMILY TOGETHER???
    Is anyone else disturbed by this????

  77. Brian Says:

    When is this episode available?

  78. SuperEgz Says:

    please upload it now!

  79. Yerko Difonis Says:

    Here here! Please upload the show! Pleaasee!

  80. Yerko Difonis Says:

    Come ooon guys! Put it up already! :wavesarms:

  81. TheAnon Says:

    Anytime you’re ready, guys…

  82. Derrick Says:

    Does it usually take this long for the podcasts to be uploaded after they are recorded, even live episodes?

  83. Yerko Difonis Says:

    I don’t know, but it’s really getting annoying! Maybe we should organize a protest for making us wait an inordinate amount of time for the freaking show!

  84. Yerko Difonis Says:

    Comon guys! (pleading) We’re still waiting here! Please put up the show!

  85. Derrick Says:

    Yeah this has been waaay too long of a wait. Especially for a live show. Is there even any editing needed on a live one? hehe.

  86. TheAnon Says:

    Yerko, Derek, everyone, just wait! They don’t get paid for doing this, and we’re lucky they’re doing it in the first place! If you’re bored, read a book.

  87. YERKO Difonis Says:

    Accio PotterCast 225!

  88. admin Says:

    Hey dudes! About to put the show up now! Sorry about the wait, had some weird audio issues and had to rely on our group recording from skype, and with having Edward AND frankie AND melissa on the call remotely (usually its just melissa on the call) the quality was reduced significantly. I tried to improve it best I could, and its not bad now.

    Anyhow, high hopes that next week will go a lot better. We are going to start recording our own video for each host AND make the whole thing widescreen – I redid the graphics and everything 🙂 It’ll be awesome, trust me 🙂

  89. Emily Says:

    After the return of Ron, does Ron say to Harry if he remembers when Hermione sent the birds to him?

  90. YERKO Difonis Says:

    FINALLY! (jumps up and down)

  91. Brian Says:


  92. abandonedboyjon Says:

    okay, I hate to criticize because i know you guys work really hard on the show, but I have to be honest and say that I concur with Melissa’s notion of having Edward on again. I was kinda disappointed because many of the subjects have already been discussed all over the Internet, and presumably that’s because these are notable attributes of the film, but I wanted some new stuff, you know? I mean it’s 2 and a 1/2 hours of new footage, I HOPae there’s more discuss than this!

  93. abandonedboyjon Says:

    and when I say HOPae I mean hope*

  94. Sean Says:

    What if Hedwig is killed by Snape thinking: “Voldemort will know which Potter is real if the owl is flying around him, so to protect him I need to kill the owl.”

  95. Ben Says:

    I can’t get the newest podcast from my iPad

  96. Kirsten Says:

    Where did they split Part 1 and Part 2??!!

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