PotterCast 20

Part 2 of the Live Call-In Show

Release Date: January 05, 2006
Record Date:

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Show Notes:

– When/how do the cast get to screen the films?

– Who could be the second hero of Harry Potter?

– The real Marty stands up

– What spell killed 12 Muggles?

– Dumbledore’s greatest fears

– ‘I’m safe, I’m with you – wait, let me dry you off first. OK, now I’m safe.’

– What’s important to keep in the ‘Order of the Phoenix’ film?

– A listener’s mom vouches for Melissa’s driving

– How we all found Harry Potter

– Normal Harry vs. Superhero Harry – which is better?

– Neville and Ollivander

– Baby Nora, our youngest guest yet, has her say

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