PotterCast 191

The Magic Castle

Release Date: April 12, 2009
Record Date:

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The 191st episode of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast, is online with the latest in Harry Potter and our first replacement Melissa! To start off the show, Sue gives us the latest in Harry Potter news including new Jason Isaacs interviews, Half-Blood Prince character posters, LeakyCon Keynote Speakers John and Hank Green (get your tickets here), TotalFilm feature on Half-Blood Prince, Jo Rowling attending the G20 Summit Dinner, some more Deathly Hallows casting news, and some possible rumors. Up next, a new round of listeners battle against our own John Noe in a new edition of Are You Smarter Than John Noe? Canon Conundrums is up next with a discussion on the pureblood in the other wizarding communities around the world. Finally, the drums bring the end of the show with round of applause for our first fake Melissa, talk of Mount Pelligrino, herds of cats, and much more. In this show:

Show Notes:

– Melis is in Italy, we have replacement Melissa!

– Jason Isaac is Lady Gaga.

– vs. Hagrid.

– Where have all the purebloods gone?

– Dawlish a pureblood or does he have some muggleblood in him?

– The Four Melissas.

– The drums are in our head.

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Transcript for PC191

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One Bit of Feedback for “PotterCast 191 – The Magic Castle”

  1. Alyssa Says:

    Which episode does the bit by bit for DH start on?

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