PotterCast 133

The Bard's Tale

Release Date: January 7, 2008
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PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast is here for our first regular show of 2008!  Sue and John are your  hosts this week and are joined by two of our Leaky Senior Staffers, Super!Alex and Nick R., for a discussion of some of the latest  happenings in the fandom including: the auction of the Beedle the Bard  as well as the recently aired ITV documentary on J. K. Rowling.  In addition to this, comments made by director Guillermo del Toro about his taking the helm of the final Potter film and updates on the “Half-Blood  Prince” filming are on our minds as well.  We also have updates on our  PotterCast acting troupe and the Jo Outtake of the Week.  To listen,  just hit the “Play” button on the right side of the page (—>), or  use iTunes, or direct download. “The Bard’s Tale”

Show Notes:
– No Melissa, but Nick R. and Super!Alex join us for our 133rd episode.
– What have we learned about the ‘Potter Park’ from Jo’s ITV documentary?
– Does the wizarding world wait in line at midnight for new Beedle stories?
– What about the other 25 Beedle the Bard stories?
– Get your wand at Ollivander’s?

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4 Bits of Feedback for “Wrap Up – PC159”

  1. Amy Says:


  2. Rebecca Says:

    I miss Frakky…. : ( sadness

  3. Evealle Says:

    Whoa, why was the Arrested Development music playing right before the Bit by Bit?
    (Frak’s Robot Bit by Bit was priceless XD)

  4. Andy Schoonover Says:

    This is Awesome 🙂

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