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Jingle Spells

Release Date: October 14, 2007
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Ho Ho Happy Halloween Everyone! No we haven’t lost our calender, rather we are in most festive mood as we announce our sixth annual Get A  Clue charity drive: Jingle Spells! This week, there is news that “Half-Blood Prince” is filming in the Highlands of Scotland (and John  makes another attempt at his Scottish/Irish accent). Also, five fans  join our Fan Thoughts this week with their take on moments from “Deathly  Hallows,” while the Bit by Bit segment focuses on Big D and the Dursleys Departing. Good news as Canon Conclusions returns asking where  exactly were those other Magical governments during Book Seven, and  Snape is on the minds of our Scribby team. Plus we talk Umbridge and crafting for Halloween.

Show Notes:

– Jingle Spells Wizard Rock CD available for pre-order now!

– Movie Six Filming in Scotland

– An emotional connection with Dudley?

– Expectations of Petunia and her back story.

– Is Irma Pince really Eileen Prince?

– Umbridge’s first class.

– Where were the other country’s Ministries to help in the war?

– Should we be crafty this Halloween?

– Maybe a call out show…

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4 Bits of Feedback for “Wrap Up – PC159”

  1. Amy Says:


  2. Rebecca Says:

    I miss Frakky…. : ( sadness

  3. Evealle Says:

    Whoa, why was the Arrested Development music playing right before the Bit by Bit?
    (Frak’s Robot Bit by Bit was priceless XD)

  4. Andy Schoonover Says:

    This is Awesome 🙂

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