PotterCast 104

New York City

Release Date: July 13, 2007
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Show Notes:

– New York answers the Big 5: we WILL go behind the veil, Harry won’t attend Hogwarts, Harry is NOT a Horcrux, Snape is on Harry’s side, Harry will LIVE

– Canon Conundrums: What role will the Order of the Phoenix play in Book 7?

– Who would lead the Order? Moody? Snape? Lupin? McGonagall?

– A pair of International Duelers duke it out in the longest version of the dueling game!

– Fan Reactions from the movie and the books: are there 7 tunnels leading to Hogsmeade? Does the AK of Sirius in the movie mean its the end for him? What is it that Lucious pawns off in Borgin and Burkes? How much does Hermione tell her parents? And lots more!

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