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John Noe is the Executive Producer of PotterCast and has also co-hosted the show since Episode 3. He is a 25 year old Potter fan who’s been with Leaky since 2003. Keeping up with Leaky life can be a little crazy, not to mention the weekly PotterCasts, of which he is the main producer and mindless co-host. How did he ever get into this “Potter stuff?” The thanks/blame lay with his sisters: Anna and Allison, who found Harry first.

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3 Bits of Feedback for “John Noe”

  1. Ken Says:

    Hi, I have been listening to your show for five years and would love to participate – but, being an old man and not as adept as you at twitter, facebook, etc., HAVE NO IDEA how your podcast works. I have NO IDEA when you do it, NO IDEA how to find out you are doing it, NO IDEA how to use Skype to call in, etc., etc. I understand you use livecast now to broadcast, but I have no idea when you are casting and when you are live when you are livecasting. (incidently, I understand from many comments that I have read that many people share this problem.) Please treat me as a child and explain to me in simple terms how to reach you and when I can participate in the next pottercast,

  2. Melaine Says:

    Is it possible to get a list of the Pottercast episodes that have the Potter Pundits in them? Also, can you tell me more about the book they’re doing? I LOVE them! Looking forward to having them on more and included in the Conundrums. I know everything that happened w/Steve was such a mess but I did love those old segments you had with him. Sigh…

    Thanks for all you do to make Leaky & PC so great!


  3. Alex Says:

    You all should post your Pottermore names somewhere on here.

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