PotterCast FAQ

What is PotterCast?
It’s the Harry Potter podcast, of course!

All right, smart alec, what’s a podcast?
Oh, that’s what you want to know. A podcast is a pre-taped radio show that you listen to at your leisure – whether at your desk, in your car, in your music player on a jog – whatever you like. We make it and upload it; you subscribe to a service that automatically downloads it onto your favorite or just on your computer, and listen whenever and wherever you want! (If you want to learn more, visit Wikipedia.)
For more information about the show, visit our “What is PotterCast” page.

How do I listen to or download PotterCast?
The very best way is to set up a service to automatically reap PotterCast for you each week as it becomes available. iTunes, iPodder and Odeo are great methods of doing this – we find iTunes the best and iPodder a close second.

I’ve tried everything and I can’t do it PLEASE HELP ME I hate technology OMG I can’t get it to download and I need PotterCast PLEEEEAAAAAAASE!
We hear you. Our ears hurt. 🙂 If you are having trouble getting this all to work please do not feal silly – there were times during the recording of our first show and especially during the creation of the feed that makes this all work, that we almost threw our computers against our respective walls. Technotrouble is natural, and skips over no-one – so we’re here to help.

Here is a step-by-step guide to subscribing to and listening to PotterCast on iTunes, created by Lounge moderator JackDoor. It assumes that you have downloaded and installed iTunes software, so if you haven’t yet, go here and get it.

Does this cost anything?
Nope! Free.

Will there be transcripts?
Our transcripts are done a few days after each podcast by our WONDERFUL team of Transcription Elves. If you want to join them, mail staff@pottercast.com.

What’s in PotterCast?
So much! We have several segments, including Modcast, where Leaky Lounge mods discuss all the latest speculation and theories; our Leaky Lowdown, where you get your wrapup of news; In the Know, where we interview someone with specialized knowledge of the books or films and who could give us an informed Potter opinion; Extendable Ears is our chance to share interview clips of people involved in making the films and books; and so, so, so much more! We’re going to keep things fluid, and do whatever sounds interesting as we think of it. Some elements are going to change every week!

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